Death Row Bloopers & Practical Jokes


Death Row Bloopers & Practical Jokes

Priest…..David Alan Grier
Warden…..Chris Kattan
First Prisoner…..Will Ferrell
Second Prisoner…..Tracy Morgan
Guard…..Jim Breuer

Announcer: And now, from the creaters at Fox comes a hilarious new video – “Death Row Bloopers & Practical Jokes”. This laugh-packed tape includes actual incidents from real-life death rows. Like this one from the Huntsville Correctional Facility:

[ prisoner is led to the electric chair. When he sits down, the chair collapses underneath him, as the room laughs. ]

Announcer: And this tape, sent to us from the Raleigh State Prison from Raleigh, New Jersey:

[ Priest reads finla rites to Second Prisoner ]

Priest: “God, our father.. look upon us with love.. You remede us..” uh.. excuse me. “You.. remede us..” [ tries to control his laughter ] Sorry! [ clears throat ] “God, our fogger..” [ can no longer control his laughter ] Did I just say “fogger”? [ still laughing ] I know this is a difficult time!

Announcer: You’ll be laughing as hard as Sgt. Carl Mueller, when he sent us this clip from Marion Federal Penitentiary:

[ Warden stands over First Prisoner, who is not breathing ]

Warden: He’s not breathing. [ checks closer ] Yeah.. he’s dead.

First Prisoner: [ releases breath and starts to pant, with a smile on his face ]

Warden: Oh.. [ starts laughing ]

First Prisoner: [ laughing ] I almost had you!

Warden: [ laughing ] You dog, you! How long were you holding your breath!

First Prisoner: [ laughing ] It felt like ten minutes!

Warden: [ laughing ] Okay, let’s zap him again!

First Prisoner: What?! [ jumps from the sudden surge of electricity ]

Announcer: And you’ll also see this clip, where a condemend murderer enjoys his last meal:

[ Guard enters cell with trayful of food, then trips and spills the food all over the prisoner ]

Priest: [ laughing uproariously, as Second Prisoner fumes angrily ]

Announcer: You’ll never look at Death Row the same way again, after you’ve seen this tape.

[ a prisoner sits in an electric chair, as the switch is pulled. Water splashes the prisoner from above, as the room laughs at him. ]

Announcer: Send only $9.95. Order today.

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Author: Don Roy King

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