Rain – the Miniseries

Rain – the Miniseries

Dad…..Will Ferrell
Mom…..Cheri Oteri

(still picture of a tornado)

VO: You were blown away by “Twister”

(shot of molten lava)

VO: You were devistated by “Dante’s Peak”

(shot of meteor)

VO: You were annihilated by “Asteroid”…

This May–nature unleashes her ultimate fury–right in your own backyard!

(cut to family in living room, as the Dad tries in vain to get the TV to work)

: That’s funny–the cable’s out!

Mom: Guess we’ll have to call the company…(thunderclap) what’s that noise?

(Dad goes to the window to investigate)

Dad: Oh, God no…

Daughter: (frightened) Daddy?

Mom: Hank, what is it?

Dad: It’s everywhere…

Mom: What is it?

Dad: Carol–get the kids into the closet! (family remains rooted to the floor) Do it–NOW!

Mom: Oh, my God! It’s…IT’S….

VO: …RAIN (shot of titlecard)–they said it would never happen—“never” is NOW!

(cut to Mom and Dad, as their ceiling starts to leak)


Mom: (hysterical) It’s in the HOUSE!!!!!


(Mom grabs a bucket and holds it under the leak. Dad rushes to grab a pot, the kids–still in the closet–grab cereal bowls and hold them under the leaks. A leak springs right over the cat’s head)

VO: Imagine, billions of droplets of pure water–and scream! (cut to “Rain” titlecard) RAIN–The Sky is Falling–On You!

(house is now dark–the power has gone out. Mom, who seems to be in shock, is rocking back and forth, singing to herself in a baby voice:)

Mom: “Rain, rain..go away…..”

VO: RAIN (thunderclap) this May, there’s a 50 to 60% chance–of TERROR

(cut to mom and dad at the window)

Dad: Oh, my God!

Mom: (crying) Whaaat?

Dad: Grandpa’s still out there–he’s got a suede suit on!!!

Mom: Nnnnoooooooooooo!!!!!!

VO: Rain–the Miniseries, coming in May to NBC

Thanks to Shawn for this transcript!

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