Tito Jackson Album

Tito Jackson Album

Tito Jackson…..Tracy Morgan

Announcer: You remember him from such groups as The Jackson Five, and The Jacksons! But now, look out, America, ’cause he’s on his own!

[ dissolve to Tito Jackson strumming his guitar ]

Tito Jackson: Hi! I’m Tito Jackson! You know, the heavyset fellow from The Jackson Fives? I played bass and didn’t sing much, and I know what you’re thinking – he’s just another jealous, disgruntled older brother who wants some of his younger brother’s money. [ abruptly stops strumming ] You damn right! That’s why I put together my own CD: “I Gotta Eat, Too!”

Announcer: Written, produced, and performed by Tito Jackson. “I Gotta Eat, Too” offers up all of Tito’s famous bass lines. Like..

[ Tito strums a familiar Jackson Five bass line ]

Tito Jackson: [ singing ] “I want you back!”

Announcer: You’ll also get this classic from Tito:

[ Tito strums a riff that’s not quite recognizable, until: ]

Announcer: Yeees! “Benny & The Jets”! And what about this bass line favorite:

[ Tito strums another unfamiliar bass riff ]

Announcer: That’s right, it’s “The Theme From Barney Miller”! And if you act now, you’ll receive not only the new CD “I Gotta Eat, Too”, but you’ll also get Tito’s new video: “I Told You I Need To Eat, Fool!” Where you can see all the famous dance moves Michael Jackson stole from Tito. Performed by the master himself – Tito!

[ Tito dances to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, until he’s forced to take a seat and catch his breath with help from an oxygen mask ]

Announcer: Send $19.95 to Tito Jackson, I Gotta Eat Too, P.O. Box 12000, Empire Station, New York New York.

Tito Jackson: Hey..! What’s y’all waiting on..? I gotta eat, too!

[ fade ]

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