SNL Transcripts: Rob Lowe: 04/12/97: Perspectives


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 22: Episode 17

96q: Rob Lowe / Spice Girls


Lionel Osbourne…..Tim Meadows
Jermaine Allensworth…..Tracy Morgan

[ an American flag is shown announcing the end of the broadcast day ]

[ WNBC Channel official title card appear ]

V/O: That concludes our broadcast day, but first stay tuned for “Perspectives”.

[ Shot of “Perspectives” set. SUPER: Perspectives ]

V/O: Fulfilling WNBC’s community programming requirements: “Perspectives”, with your host, Lionel Osbourne.

Lionel Osbourne: Good morning! It’s Sunday, 4:52 in the A.M, and that means it’s time for “Perspectives”! I’m your host, Lionel Osbourne. We have a very special guest on our show today. He is basball rookie Jermaine Allensworth, and he’s here to talk about the 50th anniversary celebration of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. Welcome, Jermaine!

Jermaine Allensworth: It’s good to be here, Lionel.

Lionel Osbourne: Alright. Now, you are a major league baseball player.

Jermaine Allensworth: Yes. This is my first year in the big leagues, and I thank Jackie robinson for that opportunity. I mean, without him I’d probably be pumping gas somewhere.

Lionel Osbourne: Mmm-hmm! And you play for which team?

Jermaine Allensworth: The Pittsburgh Pirates.

Lionel Osbourne: I see. [ to the camera ] If you’re just joining us, it’s 4:54 in the A.M., and you’re watching “Perspectives.” With us is Jermaine Allenswoeth, who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. [ to Jermaine ] Now, that’s in Pennsylvania, right?

Jermaine Allensworth: Yes.

Lionel Osbourne: Mmm-hmm. P.A.!

Jermaine Allensworth: Yeah.

Lionel Osbourne: Now, I understand you were personally affected by Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier?

Jermaine Allensworth: Yes, Lionel. Me, and every other African-American player, coach, and manager. Jackie Robinson forced us and society to judge an athlete by his ability rather than the color of his skin.

Lionel Osbourne: Absolutely! So, what was it like to play with a great outfielder like Jackie Robinson?

Jermaine Allensworth: Uh, I-I never played with Jackie Robinson. He died before I was even born.

Lionel Osbourne: Ter-rif-ic! Now, I understand that, uh, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Were there are black ball players in the major leagues before Jackie Robinson?

Jermaine Allensworth: No. Uh-uh, he was the first. That’s why we say he broke the color barrier.

Lionel Osbourne: I see. So, since Jackie Robinson, have there been any other ball players to break the color barrier?

Jermaine Allensworth: No! You can only break the barrir once, Lionel! I mean, once the barrier has been broken, there’s no longer a barrier!

Lionel Osbourne: Touche! [ to camera ] If you’re just joining us, it’s 4:56 in the A.M., and this is “Perspectives.” I’m your host, Lionel Osbourne. With us today is baseball rookie Jermaine Allensworth, who will be pumping gas if he doesn’t have a good season. [ to Jermaine ] Now, Jermaine, uh – I am not a, uh – I am not a big baseball fan. But, aside from Jackie Robinson, has there been, uh, any other black ball players in the major leagues?

Jermaine Allensworth: Yeah! Yeah, man, there’s been thousands! I mean, I’m black! I mean, so was Willie Mays, and Cecil ?? and Ken Griffey, Jr. I mean, that’s why Jackie Robinson’s fifthieth anniversary is such an important milestone!

Lionel Osbourne: Mmm-hmm. Now, when did. Jackie Robinson break the color barrier?

Jermaine Allensworth: April 15th, 1947!

Lionel Osbourne: And about how many years ago was that?

Jermaine Allensworth: Fifty years! I mean, that’s why we’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Lionel!

Lionel Osbourne: Double touche! So, when Jackie Robinson was fnally allowed to play, this must have been a pretty happy experience for him.

Jermaine Allensworth: Actually, no, it wasn’t, Lionel. I mean, every day that Jackie stepped out onto the field – I mean, he was called racist names, and he had things thrown at him while he was out on the field, and some fans even spit on him.

Lionel Osbourne: That is fan-tas-tic!

Jermaine Allensworth: N-no, it’s not fantastic! It was horrible! I mean, some of Jackie’s teammates wouldn’t even talk to him! I mean, they wouldn’t even share a room with him!

Lionel Osbourne: Outta sight!

Jermaine Allensworth: No, it’s not outta sight, it’s tragic! I mean,not only was his own life threatened, I mean, he had family members that were sent death threats on a daily basis!

Lionel Osbourne: Baseball fever – catch it! [ to camera ] Well, that’s all the time we have this morning, and this has been “Perspectives”. I am Lionel Osbourne. I’d like to thank my guest, Jermain Allensworth from the Pittsburgh Pirates, for joining me. Next week on “Perspectives”, my guest will be Jesse Jackson. [ a card is handed to him ] I’m sorry – my guest will be Jermaine Allensworth. Can you come back and do the show?

Jermaine Allensworth: No!

Lionel Osbourne: Outstanding! This has been “Perspectives.”

[ fade ]

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