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  Season 23: Episode 2

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October 4th, 1997

Matthew Perry



Spartan CheerleadersSummary: Craig (Will Ferrell) and Arianna (Cheri Oteri) break into the school gym to practice their cheers for the morning cheerleading tryouts.

Recurring Characters: Craig, Arianna.



Matthew Perry’s MonologueSummary: In a pre-taped sequence, Matthew Perry looks for a New Yorker who will jump into a fountain with him like in the “Friends” title sequence.

Bio: Matthew Perry (1969-). Actor; played Chandler Bing on sitcom “Friends” (1994-2004); also starred in the short-lived drama series, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (2006-07).

Cookie Dough SportSummary: The cookie-coated sports drink that keeps your energy going


Celebrity JeopardySummary: Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald) competes against John Travolta (Darrell Hammond) and Michael Keaton (Matthew Perry).

Recurring Characters: Alex Trebek, Burt Reynolds, John Travolta.


Sarcasm 101Summary: New student Marissa (Ana Gasteyer) is offended by the sarcastic comments of the teacher (Matthew Perry) and her classmates.


The Ladies ManSummary: Ladies man Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) takes calls and answers romantic queries.

Recurring Characters: Leon Phelps.


Space, The Infinite FrontierRecurring Characters: Harry Caray.


Oasis performs “Don’t Go Away”Bio: English rock band; members: Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, Alan White.

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldNote: Norm MacDonald delivers the fake news solo, with no guest commentators.


M-TV NewsRecurring Characters: Goat Boy, Juio Iglesius.

The Kevin Franklin ShowSummary: Kevin Franklin’s (Tim Meadows) new late-night talk show will be just like the rest of the talk shows currently on the airwaves.

Recurring Characters: Kevin Franklin.

FriendsSummary: SNL’s mundane “Friends” parody is interrupted when Matthew Perry objects to Colin Quinn’s gay portrayal of Chandler Bing.



Oasis performs “Acquiesce”

Good Morning With LizaRecurring Characters: Liza Manelli, Woody Allen.

The Kevin Franklin Show IISummary: Following a stint in rehab, Kevin Franklin’s (Tim Meadow) show takes on a new mellow format.

Recurring Characters: Kevin Franklin.


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