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  Season 23: Episode 3

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October 18th, 1997

Brendan Fraser



Eric Dickerson
Janet Reno’s FantasySummary: Alone in her bedroom, emotionally-disturbed Janet Reno (Will Ferrell) fantasizes about President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond).

Recurring Characters: Janet Reno, President Bill Clinton, John Conyers.



Brendan Fraser’s MonologueSummary: Brendan Fraser tells the audience all the things he likes.

Bio: Brendan Fraser (1968-). Actor; films include: “Twenty Bucks” (1993), “Airheads” (1994), “George of the Jungle” (1997), “The Mummy” (1999).

Also Hosts: 98m.

Cameos: 00a.


Lemon GlowSummary: The illuminating floor cleaner provides a renewed life for a suburban housewife (Molly Shannon) who used to live the wild life.


Xena: Warrior PrincessSummary: Hints of lesbianism arise for Xena (Molly Shannon) during her sword battle with Erstwina (Brendan Fraser).


IssuesSummary: Stoners Jeffrey Kaufman (Jim Brueur) and his buddy (Brendan Fraser) can’t control their laughter while interviewing a community leader (Ana Gasteyer).

Recurring Characters: Jeffrey Kaufman.


Delicious DishSummary: Gourd expert Cameron Ross (Brendan Fraser) talks squash with Margaret Jo McCullin (Ana Gasteyer) and Teri Rialto (Molly Shannon).

Recurring Characters: Margaret Jo McCullin, Teri Rialto.

The Go-LordsSummary: The Go-Lords save a stolen nuclear warhead from Bill Gates.

Monday Night FootballSummary: Frank Gifford (Darrell Hammond) can’t keep his personal strife at home out of game commentary.

Recurring Characters: Frank Gifford, Al Michaels.

Bio: Eric Dickerson (1960-). Athlete; was a professional running back for the NFL teams Los Angeles Rams (1983-87), Indianapolis Colts (1987-91), Los Angeles Raiders (1992), and Atlanta Falcons (1993).


Collette ReardonSummary: Collette Reardon (Cheri Oteri) again bothers a pharmacist (Brendan Fraser) to fill her abnormally large prescription order.

Recurring Characters: Collette Reardon.

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldRecurring Characters: Harry Caray.


Björk performs “Bachelorette”Bio: Björk (1965-). Icelandic singer-songwriter; member of The Sugarcubes, 1986-92; released her debut solo album in 1993.

Also Performs: 06r.

BiographySummary: Jack Perkins (Darrell Hammond) profiles the life of rocker Courtney Love (Molly Shannon) on his 500th show.

Recurring Characters: Jack Perkins, Courtney Love.

MangoSummary: While at a male strip club against his own will, family man John Richardson (Brendan Fraser) falls under the spell of the enigmatic dancer known only as Mango (Chris Kattan).

Recurring Characters: Mango.

The Shark ChannelSummary: All-shark programming all the time.


Buddy SongsSummary: The cast is creeped out by Brendan Fraser’s too-close friendship with Will Ferrell.


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