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  Season 23: Episode 4

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October 25th, 1997

Chris Farley

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


Lorne Michaels

Chevy Chase

Chris Rock

Lenny Pickett

George Wendt

Bill Kurtis

Mike Ditka
Permission to HostSummary: Three weeks earlier, Lorne Michaels has his doubts about letting Chris Farley host tonight’s show, even with Chevy Chase’s sponsorship.



Chris Farley’s MonologueSummary: When Chris Farley doesn’t show up for his monologue, Chris Rock and Tim Meadows come to the rescue.

Yum Bubble Genital Herpes GumTranscript

Morning LatteSummary: Insipid morning show hosts Tom Wilkins (Will Ferrell) and CassVan Rye (Cheri Oteri) slowly grate on their producer’s (Chris Farley) nerves.

Recurring Characters: Tom Wilkins, Cass van Rye.

Mary Katherine GallagherSummary: Social outcast Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) befriends the fat boy (Chris Farley) at St. Monica’s Autumn Dance.

Recurring Characters: Mary Katherine Gallagher, Shelley Peterbuilt.

Martha Stewart LivingSummary: Martha Stewart (Ana Gasteyer) uses her arts and crafts skills to create aesthetically-pleasing Halloween mischief.

Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.


Matt Foley Motivational TrainerSummary: Matt Foley (Chris Farley) tries to motivate spin class participants.

Recurring Characters: Matt Foley.


Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Tracy Morgan comments that he’s proud to be “the other black guy” on SNL.


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones perform “The Impression That I Get”Bio: Ska punk band formed in 1985; members: Dicky Barrett, Nate Albert, Joe Gittleman, Joe Sirois, Tim Burton, Kevin Lenear, Dennis Brockenborough, Ben Carr.

Goth TalkSummary: Glen (Jim Breuer) and his rowdy pal (Chris Farley) ruin the show while dressed as Budweiser frogs.

Recurring Characters: Circe Nightshade, Azrael Abyss, Glen, Baron Nocturna.


The Lost Deep ThoughtsSummary: Jack Handey ponders the his misinterpretation of “finding Jesus.”


SallySummary: Sally Jesse Raphael (Ana Gasteyer) talks with a young mother (Cheri Oteri) who’s having problems with her giant baby (Chris Farley).

Recurring Characters: Sally Jesse Raphael.

BocephusSummary: A rowdy Hank Williams, Jr. (Chris Farley) records the “Monday Night Football” theme song.


The Super Fans RevisitedSummary: A short film uncovers what became of Bob Swerski (George Wendt) and the Super Fans after Mike Ditka left to coach the New Orleans Saints.

Recurring Characters: Bob Swerski, Todd O’Connor, Carl Wollarski.

Bio: Bill Kurtis (1940-). Television journalist; anchored the CBS Morning News, 1982-85; hosts and narrates “Cold Case Files” and “American Justice” on the A&E Network.

Weather ScopeSummary: Storm force El Nino (Chris Farley) takes on his new image as a WWF wrestler.



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