SNL Transcripts: Nathan Lane: 12/06/97: The Lost Deep Thoughts

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 23: Episode 8

97h: Nathan Lane / Metallica

The Lost Deep Thoughts

[Mellow music, piano and synth. Waterfalls in the background.]

Announcer V/O: [a feminine voice reads thetitle graphic] And now — The Lost Deep Thoughts byJack Handey.

Jack Handey V/O: [reads scrolling text]
When he was a little boy,
he had always wanted to be an acrobat.
It looked like so much fun,
spinning through the air, flipping,
landing on other people’s shoulders.
Little did he know
that when he finally did become an acrobat,
it would seem so boring.
Years later, after he finally quit,
he found out he hadn’t been working
as an acrobat after all.
He had just been a street weirdo.

[Fade out]

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