SNL Transcripts: Samuel L. Jackson: 01/10/98

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  Season 23: Episode 10

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January 10th, 1998

Samuel L. Jackson

Ben Folds Five


A Message From the President of the United StatesSummary: President Clinton (Darrell Hammond) uses the country’s budget surplus to make a gratuitous sex film.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton.


Samuel L. Jackson’s MonologueSummary: Samuel L. Jackson reads off some of his New Year’s resolutions.


Lemon GlowSummary: The illuminating floor cleaner provides a renewed life for a suburban housewife (Molly Shannon) who used to live the wild life.

Note: Repeat from: 97c.

Publisher’s ClearinghouseSummary: Ghetto dad James Stapleton (Samuel L. Jackson) is the unexpected Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize winner.

Quentin Tarantino: A ProfileRecurring Characters: Quentin Tarantino, Walter Cronkite, Burt Reynolds.


Judge JudySummary: Sassy Judge Judy (Cheri Oteri) rules in favor of a phony fitness instructor (Samuel L. Jackson) who has swindled a housewife (Ana Gasteyer).

Recurring Characters: Judge Judy, Byrd.


TV FunhouseSummary: George Clooney foils the papparazzi in Rob Smigel’s parody of “Speed Racer”.

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldRecurring Characters: Harry Caray.


Ben Folds Five performs “Brick”

TitanicSummary: Fifth Class black passengers (Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan) are denied their chance to evacuate after the Titanic hits an iceberg.

MangoRecurring Characters: Mango.


The Learning AnnexRecurring Characters: Helen Madden.

Poolside Lovin’Summary: Dallas (Samuel L. Jackson) is ready to get down with the ladies, but all (Chris Kattan) can think about is his recently-deceased dad.


The Weston CollectionSummary: A male model (Will Ferrell) garners respect when he wears the “I’m #1” hat from the Weston Collection.

Note: Repeat from: 97f.


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