Family Dinner Argument

Family Dinner Argument

Dad…..Will Ferrell
Daughter…..Sarah Michelle Geller
Mom…..Ana Gasteyer

[ open on suburban family sitting at the dinner table ] [ family makes a lot of noise with their forks and knives as the eat in disturbing silence ]

Dad: [ breaking silence ] How was school today, dear?

Daughter: Fine.

Mom: Did you have band practice today, or was Mr. Larson still sick?

Daughter: No, he’s still sick.

[ they continue to eat in silence, banging their knives and forks together as they eat ]

Dad: [ craving attention ] I had a.. funny thing happen today at work. When I left the office, I had trouble unlocking my car. Then I realized I had the wrong set of keys.

Mom: Did somebody take your keys?

Dad: [ annoyed ] Can I finish the story? [ pauses in stern silence ] It turns out that I had accidentally taken Jeff Peabody’s keys, and.. he had taken mine. We.. really had a long laugh.

Mom: Mmm, I thought that’s who took them..

Dad: Will you ever let me finish a damn story?!

Mom: I-I just assumed that Jeff Peabody –

Dad: I would love to finish one damn story!

Daughter: Your stories are lame, Dad!

Dad: [ angry ] You do not talk to me like that!

Mom: Do not raise your voice!

Shut up!!

Dad: You do not talk to me like that!

Daughter: I cannot believe –

Dad: I am a Division Manager!! That is very important!! That is very important!! You don’t talk to me like that!! People are scared of me!!

Daughter: Why would anybody be scared of you! I hate you, you big fat terd!

[ stunned, they continue to eat in awkward, confned silence ]

Mom: I spoke with Paula’s mother this afternoon.

Daughter: So?

Mom: I guess Paula’s really excited about the sleepover tomorrow night.

Daughter: Oh, shut up, you drunken witch!

[ they return to silence ]

Dad: Did you pick up my dry cleaning?

Mom: Hmm, it’s not ready until Thursday.

Dad: I thought you said it’d be ready today?

Mom: No, it’s going to be ready Thursday.

Dad: You know, I have that big meeting tomorrow.

Mom: Well, I’m sorry.

Dad: I wish you weren’t a liar!

Mom: I didn’t lie, Ted.

Dad: I wish you weren’t a liar!

Mom: I wish you wouldn’t call me a liar!

Dad: Don’t raise your voice at me!

Mom: I am not raising my voice!

Dad: You do not talk to me like that!! I work too hard to deal with this stuff!! I work too hard!! I’m a Division Manager in charge of 49 people!! I drive a Dodge Stratus!!

[ their screaming comes to an end, as the agonizing silence returns ]

Mom: Honey, do you want to go to Pottery class with me this weekend?

Daughter: I wish you were dead!

[ awkward silence, a struggle for a normal conversion ]

Dad: I’m gonna take the car into the shop tomorrow.

Daughter: You mean your lame Dodge Stratus?

Dad: You don’t talk about my car that way!!

Mom: Dear Lord..

Dad: I drive a Dodge Stratus!! You don’t talk about my Dodge Stratus that way!!

Daughter: Shut up!

Dad: You do not talk to your father that way!! I am a Division Manager!! I can do 100 push-ups in twenty minutes!!

Daughter: I’m going to Rob’s house! I hate you – both!

[ Daughter storms out of the house ] [ Dad grabs daughter’s plate, and seperates her food between him and Mom ]

Dad: This chicken is delicious.

Mom: It’s a recipe from Lipton Cup-a-Soup.

[ fade out ]

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