SNL Transcripts: John Goodman: 02/07/98


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February 7th, 1998

John Goodman

Paula Cole

Dan Aykroyd

Paula Cole, “I Don’t Want To Wait”

  • Lewinsky/Tripp Luncheon

    Linda Tripp (John Goodman) conceals wiretap from Monica Lewinsky (Molly Shannon).

    Recurring Characters: Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, Bob Dole.

  • Blues Brothers Monologue

    Mighty Mack (John Goodman) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) sing “Looking for A Fox”.

    Recurring Characters: Elwood Blues, Mighty Mack.

  • Morning Latte

    Recurring Characters: Tom Wilkins, Cass van Rye.

  • Clinton/Moses

    In Biblical times, Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) questions adultery commandment.

    Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton.

  • Eye On Nagano

    Michelle Kwan (Molly Shannon) dislikes being mistaken as Japanese.

  • TV Funhouse
  • Emeril Live
  • Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

  • Paula Cole performs “I Don’t Want To Wait”

  • Judge Judy

    Recurring Characters: Judge Judy, Burt, Irwin Mainway.

  • Martha Stewart Living

    Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.

  • Sabado Chistoso
  • The Cobra
  • Neil Diamond: Storytellers

    Neil Diamond (Will Ferrell) reveals disturbing song inspirations.

    Recurring Characters: Neil Diamond.

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