SNL Transcripts: Garth Brooks: 02/28/98


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February 28th, 1998

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Robert Duvall

  • Clinton/Hussein/Lewinsky/Meadows Phone Chat

    President Clinton (Darrell Hammond) engages in four-way chat.

    Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Monica Lewinsky.

  • Garth Brooks’ Monologue

    Brooks relives his psychadelic music roots.

  • Cowboys On The Range
  • Mango

    Brooks finds himself entranced by Mango (Chris Kattan).

    Recurring Characters: Mango.

  • Oprah

    Recurring Characters: Oprah Winfrey, Monica Lewinsky.

  • TV Funhouse

    “Fun With Real Audio” finds David Brenner struggling as a talk show guest.

  • Old French Whore!

    Old French whores help high schoolers win prize money on game show.

  • Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
    Cinder Calhoun (Ana Gasteyer) and Brooks sing “I’m In Love with Garth”.

    Recurring Characters: Cinder Calhoun.

  • Garth Brooks performs “Two Pina Coladas”

  • Who’s More Grizzled?!

    Old-timers (Brooks, Robert Duvall) compete via disgruntled life tales.

  • Hey, Remember the 80’s

    Recurring Characters: Goat Boy.

  • Loew’s Movie Previews

    Endless Shelley Long movie trailers trap theater-goers like shipwreck victims.

  • Lay, Lady, Lay

    Intern (Will Ferrell) sings “Lay, Lady, Lay” to tiresome patient (Robert Duvall).

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