SNL Transcripts: Steve Buscemi: 04/04/98


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April 4th, 1998

Steve Buscemi

Third Eye Blind

Lewis Lapham

John Hurt

Didi Conn

Natasha Henstridge

  • Viewer’s Choice

    Tim Meadows gives viewers a chance to choose between a Lewis Lapham commentary
    or a Clinton (Darrell Hammond) pajama party sketch.

  • Steve Buscemi’s Monologue

    Buscemi can’t get the hang of improve with Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer and Tim Meadows.

  • Xerox Assjet 790

    (Repeat) See: 09/27/97.

  • Alice In Wonderland

    Mad Hatter (Buscemi) is committed for leaning more toward Mentally Disturbing.

  • Morning Latte

    Grease groupie (Buscemi) is ecstatic to meet Did Conn.

    Recurring Characters: Tom Wilkins, Cass van Rye.

  • Goth Talk

    Janitor Tony Baloney (Buscemi) interrupts the Prom of Doom in the boiler room.

    Recurring Characters: Circe Nightshade, Azrael Abyss, Glen.

  • TV Funhouse

    Disney’s “Titey” gives Titanic sinking a happy animated ending.

  • Stuff We Made
  • Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

    Reggie White (Tracy Morgan) makes racist statements.

  • Third Eye Blind performs “How’s It Going To Be”

  • Judge Judy

    Recurring Characters: Judge Judy, Burt.

  • Job Interview

    Crazy boss (Buscemi) interviews a new hire (Chris Kattan).

  • I Took A Gay Guy To Prom
  • Jim Halsey’s Truck Drivin’ Museum
  • The Lost Deep Thoughts

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