SNL Transcripts: Greg Kinnear: 04/11/98: Martha Stewart Living

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 23: Episode 18

97r: Greg Kinnear / All Saints

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart … Ana Gasteyer
Chad Burman … Greg Kinnear

Announcer: Tomorrow on Martha Stewart Living:

Martha Stewart: I’m Martha Stewart. Gourmet jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and a pastel rainbow of hand-painted eggs. Tomorrow on “Living,” we’ll celebrate the blossoming of Spring and resurrection of Christ when we prepare for the year’s most festive and meaningful holiday, Easter … [almost under her breath] and we’ll also talk about Passover.

The treat basket is the most delightful part of Easter for adults and children alike. I wove this one out of reeds from my garden then lined it with Irish heather and filled it with naturally-died eggs from my personal hen-house. But you don’t have to celebrate Easter to enjoy tradition. I made this Passover box out of an old bird’s nest and filled it with these giant Jewish crackers. [laughter] It’s better than nothing.

Ham is the classic main course of any Easter gathering served alongside minted peas, crab salad canapé, and hearth-baked rolls. It makes for a perfect holiday feast. From conversations with my Jewish friend, I understand that ham may not be an option for Passover. Try an herb-crusted roast loin of pork. It’s a springtime classic that’ll have everyone at your table cheering “shay-lom.” [mispronounces ‘shalom’]

And you won’t want to miss a special segment with my friend, Chad Burman.

Chad Burman: [enters frame stirring a pot, speaks in a heavy sophisticated accent] Martha and I will show you how to make authentic New York arugula.

Martha Stewart: Wow. Sounds exotic. You’re Jewish, aren’t you, Chad?

Chad Burman: Dear God, no.

Martha Stewart: So join me tomorrow on “Living” when we explore the tastes and traditions of Easter. And for all of our Jewish viewers, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

Submitted by: Michael Menninger

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