SNL Transcripts: Matthew Broderick: 05/02/98

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May 2nd, 1998

Matthew Broderick

Natalie Merchant

Tenacious D

Regis Philbin

  • The Ladies Man

    Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) experiences side effects while using Viagra.

    Recurring Characters: Leon Phelps.

  • Matthew Broderick’s Monologue

    Tracy Morgan and Jim Breuer annoy Broderick with Godzilla impressions.

  • Flex Speed Stick
  • The View

    Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters, Meredith Viera, Sratt Jones, Debbie Matanapolous.

  • The Zimmermans

    Recurring Characters: Josh Zimmerman, Laura Zimmerman.

  • Pretty Living

    Recurring Characters: Gail Gleeson, Helen Madden.

  • Viagra

    All the men in New York City have no use for a product like Viagra.

    Recurring Characters: Leon Phelps.

  • Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

  • Natalie Merchant performs “Kind & Generous”

  • The Celine Dion Show

    Celine Dion (Ana Gasteyer) delights in upstaging her less-than-perfect guests.

    Recurring Characters: Celine Dion.

  • British Parliament
  • Prom Limo

    Teens sing of how cool they are to be in a limo on Prom night.

  • Tenacious D performs “The History of Tenacious D” & “Double Team”

  • Comic Minds

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