Prom Limo

Prom Limo

Matt…..Matthew Broderick
Kate…..Molly Shannon
T.J……Will Ferrell
Sheri…..Cheri Oteri
Voice of Guy…..Colin Quinn

Matt: Wow, that prom RULED!

Kate: You guys, I am so buzzed from this vodka and Snapple! I’m wasted!

T.J.: Hey guys, how cool is it that I wore these tasty pink sneakers with my tux?

Sheri: You’re such a rebel, T.J.!

Matt: Hey, I got a sch-weet idea. Let’s pop out of the skyroof and wave to people.

Kate: Are you kidding me? That is totally crazy.

Matt: Come on, let’s go.

T.J.: This kicks ass!

Matt: Yeah, Class of ’98! Whoo!

Kate: You know you want it, baby! You know you want it!

Sheri: Hey, look! There’s my house!

Matt: Hey! Guy on the motorcycle! I’m wasted!

Voice of Guy: You’re a moron!

T.J.: People dig us! We are so cool cruising on the top of this limo!

Matt: We rule so hard.. [ singing ]

“I never really lived until I stood up through the sky roof

In my prom limo-o-o.”

Kate: “It’s a window to a world that’s glorious and awesome.”

T.J.: “And I know I’ll be kick-ass for the rest of my days on this..crazy blue marble.”

All: [ singing ]

“So, come on and dig us,
We’re soaring like eagles
Through the roof of a prom limo-o-o.”

Sheri: “Earlier tonight,
I lost my viriginity,
He kinda forced me but it was worth it.”

Matt: “I was the guy
Who forced her,
And it was definately worth it.”

Kate: “The city is my pearl,
The night is my crown,
And I knew I’d never be in a limo again
And just sit down.”

All: “So, come on and dig us,
We’re soaring like eagles
Through the roof of a prom limo-o-o.”

T.J.: “C’mon! We’re flying through the night!”

Matt, Sheri, Kate: Check us out!
We’re higher than you!
And we’re wearing formal wear-er-er.”

T.J.: I can almost touch the sky!”

All: “Hey, look! We’re in a limo! And you’re not!”

Matt: Look out! Overpass!

[ T.J.’s head gets knocked off by the overpass ]

Matt, Sheri, Kate: [ singing ]
“So, come on and dig us,
We’re soaring like eagles,
Through the roof of a prom limo!”

Thanks to Michael Cauley of SNL Song Transcriptsfor this transcript.

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