From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth


From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth

Scott…..David Duchovny
Houston controller #1…..Will Ferrell
Houston controller #2…..Tim Meadows
News anchor…..Darrell Hammond
Rick…..Jim Breuer

[ Title Card #1: Tom Hanks Presents ] [ Title Card #2: From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth: The Story of The Space Shuttle ] [ Title Card #3: Part 14 ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle. SUPER : “Space Shuttle Columbia, April 29, 1998” ]

Scott: Houston, we’ve got Rick in the rotation unit now, procedure is on schedule.

[ Houston Control Center: Controller #1 is reading the newspaper, Controller #2 is looking bored ]

Houston controller #1: Oh, um, yeah that’s terrific Scott.

Scott: Infrareds are tracking Rick’s eye movements, soon the world will know how the pituitary gland respond to weightlessness.

Houston controller #1: That’s right Roger.

[ News bulletin. SUPER : “Evening News April 29, 1998” ]

News Anchor: The United Nations is stepping up a plan to increase aids to Sudan, the Sudanese government, has consented to allow supplies to be sent in the area. Stay with us.

[ SUPER: “Coming up: Chrysler merger talks resume… Japan stocks close lower… Tony Awards nominees announced… Space Shuttle” ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle. SUPER : “April 30, 1998” ]

Scott: Houston, we have repaired the cabin air cleanser.

Rick: We are locked, and loaded Houston [ Pilots “high five” ]

Houston controller #1 : That’s terrific um.. what’s is name again?

Houston controller #2 : [ Building a card castle ] Rick.

Houston controller #1 : That’s terrific Rick!

Scott: We’ll be able to finish testing how the rodents respond to root beer, while weightless.

Houston controller #2 : [ Doesn’t care, and doesn’t know what to say ] Godspeed!

Houston controller #1 : Yeah Godspeed.

[ News bulletin. SUPER : “Evening News April 30, 1998” ]

News Anchor: In sports Mark McGwire has smashed his 11th home run tonight, it wasn’t enough though as Milwaukee defeated ST-Louis 7 to 4. Stay with us!

[ SUPER : “Coming up: Denmark strikers hold ground… “Ben Casey” creator dies… Pleated skirt makes comeback…Space Shuttle” ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle as retransmitted live on TV. SUPER: “May 2, 1998” ]

Scott: Mister President we are locked and loaded!

V/O then Houston controller #1 : [ Poorly impersonating President Clinton, controller #2 has difficulty not to laugh out loud ] America is proud of you! We look forward to your return.

Scott: We look forward to seeing you Sir!

Houston controller #1 : Oh, I’ll be there, I can’t wait to meet you all!

Rick: Hey I’d just like want to say to everyone who’s watching that we really love up here but, we sure miss home!

Houston controller #1 : Yes!

[ Controller #1 cannot impersonate the President anymore because he’s laughing too much. Controller #2 takes a shot ]

Houston controller #2 : Hi! I’m the President! President Clinton!

Scott: Yes Sir!

Houston controller #2 : I like sex!… I’m Clinton… I have lots of sex…with women!

Scott: All right Sir!

Houston controller #2 : Look at me! I’m Clinton!… Weeeeeeee!

[ Title Card #4 : The United Nations continued its support for Sudan. Ragtime led the Tony Award Nominations with thirteen. Mark McGwire has since hit his twelfth and thirteenth home runs. ] [ Title Card #5 : The Strike in Denmark remains unresolved. ] [ Title Card #6: From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth: The Story of The Space Shuttle ] [ Title Card #7: Next Week: Part 15 and 16 ] [ Fade out ]

Thanks to P-Y for this transcript!

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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