From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth

From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth

Scott…..David Duchovny
Houston controller #1…..Will Ferrell
Houston controller #2…..Tim Meadows
News anchor…..Darrell Hammond
Rick…..Jim Breuer

[ Title Card #1: Tom Hanks Presents ] [ Title Card #2: From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth: The Story of The Space Shuttle ] [ Title Card #3: Part 14 ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle. SUPER : “Space Shuttle Columbia, April 29, 1998” ]

Scott: Houston, we’ve got Rick in the rotation unit now, procedure is on schedule.

[ Houston Control Center: Controller #1 is reading the newspaper, Controller #2 is looking bored ]

Houston controller #1: Oh, um, yeah that’s terrific Scott.

Scott: Infrareds are tracking Rick’s eye movements, soon the world will know how the pituitary gland respond to weightlessness.

Houston controller #1: That’s right Roger.

[ News bulletin. SUPER : “Evening News April 29, 1998” ]

News Anchor: The United Nations is stepping up a plan to increase aids to Sudan, the Sudanese government, has consented to allow supplies to be sent in the area. Stay with us.

[ SUPER: “Coming up: Chrysler merger talks resume… Japan stocks close lower… Tony Awards nominees announced… Space Shuttle” ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle. SUPER : “April 30, 1998” ]

Scott: Houston, we have repaired the cabin air cleanser.

Rick: We are locked, and loaded Houston [ Pilots “high five” ]

Houston controller #1 : That’s terrific um.. what’s is name again?

Houston controller #2 : [ Building a card castle ] Rick.

Houston controller #1 : That’s terrific Rick!

Scott: We’ll be able to finish testing how the rodents respond to root beer, while weightless.

Houston controller #2 : [ Doesn’t care, and doesn’t know what to say ] Godspeed!

Houston controller #1 : Yeah Godspeed.

[ News bulletin. SUPER : “Evening News April 30, 1998” ]

News Anchor: In sports Mark McGwire has smashed his 11th home run tonight, it wasn’t enough though as Milwaukee defeated ST-Louis 7 to 4. Stay with us!

[ SUPER : “Coming up: Denmark strikers hold ground… “Ben Casey” creator dies… Pleated skirt makes comeback…Space Shuttle” ] [ Shot: cockpit of the Space Shuttle as retransmitted live on TV. SUPER: “May 2, 1998” ]

Scott: Mister President we are locked and loaded!

V/O then Houston controller #1 : [ Poorly impersonating President Clinton, controller #2 has difficulty not to laugh out loud ] America is proud of you! We look forward to your return.

Scott: We look forward to seeing you Sir!

Houston controller #1 : Oh, I’ll be there, I can’t wait to meet you all!

Rick: Hey I’d just like want to say to everyone who’s watching that we really love up here but, we sure miss home!

Houston controller #1 : Yes!

[ Controller #1 cannot impersonate the President anymore because he’s laughing too much. Controller #2 takes a shot ]

Houston controller #2 : Hi! I’m the President! President Clinton!

Scott: Yes Sir!

Houston controller #2 : I like sex!… I’m Clinton… I have lots of sex…with women!

Scott: All right Sir!

Houston controller #2 : Look at me! I’m Clinton!… Weeeeeeee!

[ Title Card #4 : The United Nations continued its support for Sudan. Ragtime led the Tony Award Nominations with thirteen. Mark McGwire has since hit his twelfth and thirteenth home runs. ] [ Title Card #5 : The Strike in Denmark remains unresolved. ] [ Title Card #6: From The Earth To The Area Around The Earth: The Story of The Space Shuttle ] [ Title Card #7: Next Week: Part 15 and 16 ] [ Fade out ]

Thanks to P-Y for this transcript!

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