SNL Transcripts: Cameron Diaz: 09/26/98: Gap Ad II


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 24: Episode 1

98a: Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins

Gap Ad II

Hillary Clinton…..Ana Gasteyer

[fade up to Hillary Clinton in casual clothes playing riffs on an electric guitar; background is white throughout the entire commercial]

[cut to Hillary sitting next to an amplifier]

Hillary Clinton: Bill and I…

[series of two cuts: Hillary jamming on the guitar with amplifier in view, then Hillary sitting next to the amp]

The President and I…

[series of five cuts: close-up of Hillary’s feet while she’s jamming, then Hillary sitting next to the amp and looking in disgust at one of Bill Clinton’s semen-stained ties, then Hillary jamming with more anger, then an extreme close-up of Hillary jamming with the camera moving up from her feet to her guitar, then Hillary with the guitar and amp]

[upset] This is not easy! [takes the guitar and tosses it to the ground]

[cut to Gap logo with “Fit.” underneath; guitar plays the “fall into the Gap” notes]

[fade to black]

Submitted by: Gregory Larson

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Author: Don Roy King

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