SNL Transcripts: Joan Allen: 11/14/98

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  Season 24: Episode 6

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November 14th, 1998

Joan Allen


John Goodman

Opposites AttractSummary: Newt Gingrich (Chris Parnell) and President Clinton (Darrell Hammond) will miss the times they’ve shared together, and reflect upon their relationship with a song-and-dance number.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston.



Joan Allen’s MonologueSummary: A Steppenwolf fanatic (Will Ferrell) wants Joan Allen to sing her – their – hit “Magic Carpet Ride”.

Bio: Joan Allen (1956-) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Pat Nixon in the 1995 biopic “Nixon.”

The Jenson MintSummary: The fake currency that will put vagrants in their place once and for all.


Martha Stewart LivingSummary: Martha Stewart (Ana Gasteyer) takes abuse from her overbearing mother (Joan Allen).

Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.


VH-1 Sprituality AwardsSummary: Celebrities and religious figures come together to dispense the prestigious awards.

Recurring Characters: Andy Dick, Maya Angelou, Jesus, Calista Flockhart, Courtney Love, Madonna.


Suel ForresterSummary: No one can understand a word lawyer Suel Forrestor (Chris Kattan) is saying as he interrogates his client’s (Chris Parnell) witness (John Goodman).

Recurring Characters: Suel Forrester.


Space, The Infinite FrontierSummary: Despite having died recently, Harry Caray (Will Ferrell) continues to host his space program.

Recurring Characters: Harry Caray.


Weekend Update with Colin QuinnSummary: Resident prescription drug “expert” Colette Reardon (Cheri Oteri) comments on some newly developed side effect-free painkillers she has her eyes on.

Recurring Characters: Colette Reardon.


Jewel performs “Hands”Also Appeared: 96s.

Learning With Jennifer TillySummary: Joan Allen and French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon) are unwilling guests on Jennifer Tilly’s (Cheri Oteri) talk show.

Recurring Characters: French Stewart.

Southern GalsSummary: Southern gals Betty Lynn (Joan Allen), Ginger Lee (Cheri Oteri), Mary Faye (Ana Gasteyer) and Elizabeth (Molly Shannon) enjoy the sights of New York City.

Recurring Characters: Ginger Lee, Mary Faye, Elizabeth.

Jewel performs “Down So Long”

Tarmac TalkSummary: Jerry Seinfeld (Jimmy Fallon) endures being a guest on a talk show set on a windy airport tarmac.

Recurring Characters: Jerry Seinfeld.



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