SNL Transcripts: Brendan Fraser: 02/13/99

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  Season 24: Episode 13

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February 13th, 1999

Brendan Fraser

Busta Rhymes

The Roots

John Goodman

Tom Davis

Lorne Michaels

George Plimpton
The President On TrialRecurring Characters: Tom Brokaw, Bill Clinton, Linda Tripp.


Brendan Fraser’s MonologueSummary: To relate the audience to his new movie, “Blast From the Past,” Brendan Fraser ventures backstage to show off a time capsule where former writer/featured performer Tom Davis has been hidden all these years.


Bio FlexSummary: A consumer (Will Ferrell) steps up to the challenge of fighting with the Bio Flex total workout creature.


Judge JudyRecurring Characters: Judge Judy Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins-Byrd.

Just Enjoy The OzzySummary: While on a dinner date, lovers Ted (Brendan Fraser) and Tracy (Molly Shannon) are interrupted by a singing waiter (Horatio Sanz) who keeps playing Ozzy Osbourne songs for them.


The ZimmermansRecurring Characters: Josh Zimmerman, Laura Zimmerman.

TV FunhouseSummary: Fun With Real Audio.

You’re A Champion, Charlie BrownSummary: Following another football psyche-out by Lucy (Ana Gasteyer), Charlie Brown (Brendan Fraser) flies through the air and cracks his head open.

Recurring Characters: Franklin.


Weekend Update with Colin QuinnRecurring Characters: Jerry Falwell.

Busta Rhymes & The Roots perform “Gimme Some More”

Two Fat Ladies

Carrie Donovan’s EscortTranscript

Busta Rhymes & The Roots perform “Tear Da Roof Off”


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