SNL Transcripts: Ray Romano: 03/13/99

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  Season 24: Episode 15

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March 13th, 1999

Ray Romano

The Corrs


Peter Boyle

Doris Roberts
Barbara Walters Tries Phone SexSummary: Inspired by her interview with Monica Lewinsky, Barbara Walters (Cheri Oteri) phones fellow public figures with the hopes of initiating phone sex.

Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters, Tom Bokaw, Sean Connery, Hillary Clinton.


Ray Romano’s MonologueSummary: Ray Romano’s stand-up performance about his children is interrupted by TV parents Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts, who come bearing clips of themselves.


SportsCenterSummary: New sports anchor Chet Harper’s (Ray Romano) catch phrases aren’t as successful as those used by Stuart Scott (Tim Meadows).

Recurring Characters: Stuart Scott, Chet Harper.


VH-1 Behind the Music: Meat LoafSummary: Meat Loaf (Horatio Sanz) mentions other warning signs that he plans to turn into songs.

Recurring Characters: Meat Loaf

Roberto Benigni at Carnabie’sSummary: Diners at Carnabie’s Restaurant don’t seem to mind the obnoxious antics of Roberto Benigni (Ray Romano) when he makes a surprise visit.


Pimp ChatSummary: New York cop Pretty Tony (Ray Romano) chats with Bishop Don “Mack” Donald (Tracy Morgan) and Pimpin’ Kyle (Tim Meadows).

Recurring Characters: Bishop Don “Mack” Donald, Pimpin’ Kyle.

Weekend Update with Colin QuinnSummary: Monica Lewinsky (Molly Shannon) can’t stop laughing while discussing her book. Cheri Oteri uses a Barbie doll to illustrate the troubled history of women.

Recurring Characters: Monica Lewinsky.


The Corrs perform “What Can I Do?”

Suel ForrestorSummary: NCAA coach Suel Forrestor (Chris Kattan) mumbles while delivering a pep talk to his team.

Recurring Characters: Suel Forrestor.

The Big BabySummary: Salesman Jim Lasterbick (Will Ferrell) breaks down and cries like a baby when his ad campaign goes awry.


The Corrs perform “So Young”

Petracelli’s DreamsSummary: While hiding in a foxhole during World War II, Petracelli (Ray Romano) tells his fellow soldiers of the plans he has in store for after the war.



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