John Belushi Tribute

John Belushi Tribute

…..Laraine Newman
…..Dan Aykroyd

[ thunderous applause, as Laraine Newman and Dan Aykroyd prepare to speak ]

Laraine Newman: Some people think of John Belushi as this Tazmanian beast flowing through life like a hurricane.

Dan Aykroyd: And he was.

Laraine Newman: But he could be so sweet, too. Uh.. he once gave me this marshmallow tin. [ holds it up ] And, after I moved to L.A., John turned up unexpectedly one night, and gave me this very hard to find Johnny Taylor blues 45, because he remembered I’d loved it years before.

Dan Aykroyd: [ glum ] That was mine.

Laraine Newman: And, by the way, both these items are available for sale on eBay, along with, you know, lots of other stuff that Belushi left at my house.

Dan Aykroyd: Hey, check out the web site at But, first, please watch this.

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