…..Candice Bergen
…..Lily Tomlin

[ thunderous applause ]

Lily Tomlin: Wow! Wow! [ laughs ] Well, back in the 70’s, we were the first two women to host the show.

[ more thunderous applause ]

Candice Bergen: And then, back in the 80’s, I was doing “Murphy Brown”.

Lily Tomlin: And in the 90’s, I was doing it with you.

Candice Bergen: Right.

Lily Tomlin: And, uh..

Candice Bergen: So, did you ever see the show when you weren’t on it?

Lily Tomlin: Oh, God no!

Candice Bergen: No, no! Me, either.

Lily Tomlin: Well, here’s some clips from ’90 to ’95.

Candice Bergen: [ chuckling ] I hope they’re good!

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