Chris Rock’s Monologue

Chris Rock’s Monologue

…..Chris Rock

Chris Rock: Thank you! Welcome to the show, I’m out here because somebody had to do it. And I guess they thought I would be the best guy for it. “Saturday Night Live”, 25 years on the air – and, uh.. four funny, so.. I mean, who are we kidding, come on!

I look around this room, look at the star power. Look at the comedic genius. I’m looking at some of the most overrated people in the history of comedy! Some of the worst movies ever made were made by people in this room! Thank God we’re gonna do what we all do best – television!

Okay, we got a great show for you tonight! We’ve got.. The Eurythmics are here! We’ve got The Beastie Boys, Elvis Costello! Al Green! Everybody’s here! Thank you!

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