Tom Hanks Audience Q&A


Tom Hanks Audience Q&A

…..Tom Hanks
…..Garth Brooks
…..Jon Lovitz
…..Christopher Walken
…..Sarah Michelle Geller
…..James van der Beek
…..Victoria Jackson

Tom Hanks: How do you do? Thank you very much. You know, I’ve hosted “SNL” seven times now, and what brings me back again and again and again is the excitement of doing a live show. For a film actor like myself, I don’t often get the chance to perform in front of a live audience –

Garth Brooks: [ interrupting from the audience ] Excuse me? Excuse me? Pardon me. [ laughing ] Hey, sorry. It’s live TV, man, I gotta ask you a question!

Tom Hanks: [ overjoyed ] Is this what I’m talking about, or what? I mean, anything can happen here, right? This is crazy! We weren’t even planning to take questions from the audience.. and yet! Okay! Yes! Country superstar Garth Brooks! What is your question?

Garth Brooks: Thank you! Sorry! [ laughing ] I’m just such a huge fan, dude! I’ve even got “Bachelor Party” on DVD, man, if you can believe that! I gotta ask you, man: what do you do with all the Oscars?

Tom Hanks: I get that question all the time. I have one on the bookcase, next to a picture of my kids.. I have one in the bathroom, you know, just to keep me humble.. and I have a line of them in the back of the garage, so that when I pull in, they reflect, and I don’t back into the wall.

[ cut to Jon Lovitz making himself very noticeable in the audience ]

Jon Lovitz: Tom! Tom! Tom!

Tom Hanks: Jon Lovitz, ladies and gentlemen. Jon Lovitz. Do you have a question?

Jon Lovitz: [ sucking up ] Yes, Tom, you are one of the greatest hosts of all time. So, I was wondering.. well, who is your favorite cast member that you ever got to work with?

Tom Hanks: Well, that’s a tough one.. but I’m gonna say.. Will Ferrell. That guy is gonna make it. Very talented. [ moving on as Jon fumes ] Yes. Yes. You, sir?

[ cut to Christopher Walken in the audience ]

Christopher Walken: Hi.. I-I.. wanted to know.. I wanted to know how much of the show is scripted.. and how much of it is.. crazy make-em-ups.. and.. you know.. ad libs.. improvs?

Tom Hanks: A legitimate question. Contrary to popular belief, the show is not improvised. SNL has a great staff of writers who craft every line of the show.

Christopher Walken: Really? Because.. when I host.. I just say.. whatever I want. I free-associate.. and I make up the skits and bits right there.. and.. people seem to enjoy it.

Tom Hanks: [ dismayed ] Well.. you’re a special exception..

Christopher Walken: [ continuing ] One.. one time.. we did a sketch about a birthday party.. and I decided on-air that my character should have a French accent and rub himself. Julia Sweeney got very upset.. very upset.

Tom Hanks: Yeah, I’ve heard that they can never rerun that show.

[ cut to Jon Lovitz wacing frantically from the audience ]

Jon Lovitz: Tom! Tom! Tom! Tom! Tom!

Tom Hanks: Next question, Jon Lovitz.

Jon Lovitz: [ trying again ] Now, Tom, you are the greatest host of all time. So, if you had to hoose your favorite performer from the cast I was in, who would it be?

Tom Hanks: Was Will Ferrell in the same cast as you?

Jon Lovitz: No!

Tom Hanks: Well, then.. I don’t.. I don’t know.. Next question. Yes.

[ Sarah Michelle Geller stands in the audience ]

Sarah Michelle Geller: Excuse me, Mr. Hanks? Uh.. when you say it’s the 25th anniversary, you don’t mean 25 years, do you?

Tom Hanks: [ dumbfounded ] Yes. Yes. Yeah, the show is entering its 25th year.

James van der Beek: [ standing ] You see, I told you.

Sarah Michelle Geller: Man, that’s old! That’s like Jason Priestly old!

James van der Beek: My mom said I was actually born during a Coneheads sketch.

Tom Hanks: You kids! Now, no drinking at the party, I mean it!

[ cut to Victoria Jackson in the audience ]

Victoria Jackson: Tom? I have a question?

Tom Hanks: Hey! Victoria Jackson, everybody!

Victoria Jackson: Um.. I’m a big fan of the show and everything, but I was just wondering: whatever happened to me.

Tom Hanks: Well.. you, uh.. you divorced that fireeater guy, you married a cop, and you had a baby, and you’re living in Florida, and every now and then you show up on “Politically Incorrect”. I hear you’re very happy.

Victoria Jackson: Oh. Good, I’m glad!

[cut to angry, fuming Jon Lovitz in the audience ]

Jon Lovitz: Tom!

Tom Hanks: Jon Lovitz!

Jon Lovitz: Tom!

Tom Hanks: Yes?

Jon Lovitz: [ sarcastic ] If you like Will Ferrell so much, why don’t you marry him!

Tom Hanks: No, come on, Jon, what do you want me to do? You want me to lie and say, “Jon Lovitz is my favorite cast member..”?

Jon Lovitz: [ exubirent ] He said it! He said it! Yes! Did you hear him! Thank you! Jon Lovitz is his favorite cast member! Jon Lovitz! Oscar winner Tom Hanks! And we’re best friends!

Tom Hanks: Alright, enough, that’s enough. Here are some highlights from the current cast, including my favorite performer Will Ferrell.

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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