…..Jerry Seinfeld
…..David Bowie

[ Jerry Seinfeld and David Bowie stand onstage together ]

Jerry Seinfeld: So, uh.. Chris Rock tells me you have a black wife.

David Bowie: Iman. Yes.

Jerry Seinfeld: But, uh.. you’re English.. so..

David Bowie: Why are we out here together?

Jerry Seinfeld: Well, I’m hosting the show next week, and you’re the musical guest.

David Bowie: They like to have a couple of heavyweights to open the season?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, baby! It’s gonna be a big, big show!

David Bowie: Yep.

Jerry Seinfeld: You gonna sing.. uh.. “Changes”?

David Bowie: Yeah. Are you gonna do the, uh.. “lost sock” bit?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.

David Bowie: [ nods ] See you next week.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.. yeah See you. [ turns to the audience ] And now, The Eurthmics!

David Bowie: They’re good!

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