SNL Transcripts: Heather Graham: 10/16/99: Litter Critters


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 25: Episode 2

99b: Heather Graham / Marc Anthony

Litter Critters

Mom…..Cheri Oteri
Dad…..Chris Parnell

[ the kids run through the house as Mom, on hands and knees, picks upafter the family cat ]

Mom: You kids begged me for a cat, and now you won’tclean after it!

Announcer: You can relax now, Mom, ’cause Litter Critters are here!

Jingle: “ When you hear a scratch,
Here comes a patch,
It’s time for Litter Critters!

Announcer: The creativity kit for kids that turns every surpriseyour cat leaves you into a fun-packed figurine! First, remove the fecalwaste and surrounding litter from the litter box, fill th sturdy polythyrenemold, press, and you’ve got a fresh new Litter Critter pal in less than aminute.

Little Girl: [ holding Litter Critter horsie ] I love you, LitterCritter! [ kisses it ]

Little Boy: [ holding a Litter Critter dinosaur ] Hey, I made aTyranasaurus Rex!

Announcer: And when Litter Critters start to deteriorate and crumble,there’s plenty more where that came from! And Litter Critters are greatfor parties.

Little Girl: Look, Mommy.. my very own squirrel!

Dad: [ sniffing the air ] What’s that smell?

Mom: It’s the smell of fun, Honey.

Second Little Girl: Mommy made me a whistle! [ blows it ]

Jingle: “ When you hear a scratch,
Here comes a patch,
It’s time for Litter Critters!

Kids: [ eyes open wide ] A pinata!

[ the kids beat on a Litter Critter pinata filled with candy ]

Announcer: Turn your litterbox into a toy box, with LitterCritters! Pinata mold and candy not included.

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