David Gregory…..Chris Parnell
Jennifer Lewis…..Cheri Oteri
Helen Gurley-Brown…..Ana Gasteyer
Calista Flockhart…..Rachel Dratch
Sarah from Illinois (on phone)…..Paula Pell

David Gregory: Good afternoon, welcome to “Crosstalk”, I’m David Gregory. Today’s topic jumps right off the cover of People magazine: How Thin is Too Thin? Are Hollywood’s leading ladies shrinking themselves down to a ridiculously unhealthy weight? Joining us from the Big and Beautiful Modeling Agency is plus-sized model and author, Jennifer Lewis. Jennifer, are these actresses too thin?

Jennifer Lewis: David, they are far too thin. Now, in my book, Shiny Hair, Pretty Eyes: Story of a Fat Girl, I talk about the dangers of glamourizing eating disorders. You see, I was a traditional model for years, and I was anorexic the whole time, David. It’s only after much therapy that I was able to eat again and maintain a healthy self-image.

David Gregory: It’s hard to imagine that you were once anorexic, Jennifer, because you’re so womanly now.

Jennifer Lewis: Thank you.

David Gregory: Such a full figure..

Jennifer Lewis: Thank you.

David Gregory: Compared to these actresses, you’re almost chubby..

Jennifer Lewis: Okay! Thanks! Now as I said, I am a plus sized model..

David Gregory: Yeah, you keep saying that. Now, what do you model? Is it like ponchos and shoes and berets?

Jennifer Lewis: Yes!

David Gregory: Alright. Also joining us, is former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley-Brown.

Helen Gurley-Brown: Thank you for having me, David. I just want to say that I don’t know what all the hubbub is. These girls look beautiful. I think we should embrace women of all types – thin women, slender women, tiny women, narrow women, svelte women.. there’s room for all of us on God’s green earth.

David Gregory: Well, amen to that. But, Helen, some people say that pictures in fashion magazines like Cosmo set up unrealistic expectations for young girls, and that leads to disorders.

Helen Gurley-Brown: Listen, I read Architectural Digest. It doesn’t make me want to be an office building. David, I’m 77 and I weigh 50 pounds. And I love food. I love to engage in sensous meals. For lunch today, I had a scallop and a packet of Sweet & Low. It was decadent.

Jennifer Lewis: [ shaking head ] No. No, see, that amount of food is not enough to sustain a healthy active woman. I mean, if you look at my book, David, you’ll see pictures of me at the height of my disorder. See, I was miserable. I was 85 pounds..

David Gregory: [ looking at book, purrs like a cat ] I’ll take it!

Jennifer Lewis: My hair was falling out..

David Gregory: Wow, these are some great shots. Who took them?

Jennifer Lewis: [ angry ] A nurse took them!

David Gregory: Wow.. well, they’re great. You know, if you airbrush out that IV, you could put post these on the Internet.

Jennifer Lewis: No, that’s not right!

David Gregory: Sure. These fragile, waifish, women are sexy. Extremely sexy. Like hot, wet, baby bird sexy. But are they healthy? Joining us now, from her set in Los Angeles, is a woman who’s been at the center of this controversy. Star of Fox’s “Ally McBeal”, Calista Flockhart. Calista, thank you for being with us today.

Calista Flockhart: You’re welcome, David.

David Gregory: Calista, how do you feel about all of this negative publicity?

Calista Flockhart: What I don’t understand is, why can’t a woman shed her baby fat without everyone thinking she’s starving herself to conform to some media-generated Hollywood aesthetic? I don’t have a problem with food. I’m just too busy to eat.

David Gregory: Okay, but does your gorgeous, perfect body put unnecessary pressure on fat young women like Jennifer?

Calista Flockhart: Women put pressure on themselves! I want a career and a husband and children, and I want passionate sex! And I want to be small enough to sleep in an envelope. I’m not asking for too much. I think I’m asking for just right.

David Gregory: Damn, you are a hottie. You make me feel big. [ catches his breath ] We have a call now from Sarah in Illinois. Sarah?

Sarah in Illinois (on phone): Hi. I just wanted to say that these women look sick. I want to know why you women do this to your bodies? But, more importantly, I want to know how you do it. Is there a specific diet, or a book I can read? What’s your secret?

Jennifer Lewis: It’s no mystery, Sarah. These ladies starve themselves.

David Gregory: Okay, I’m gonna interrupt you there, Jennifer, because I think you might be jealous, because maybe deep down, you’re fat. Helen, quickly, what’s your secret to staying thin and beautiful?

Helen Gurley-Brown: Well, actually David, I died six months ago. I’m finally at the weight I’ve always dreamed of. It’s luxurious.

David Gregory: Well, I think I’m in love. Let’s take a quick break!

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