Larry King’s News & Views I

Larry King’s News & Views I

Larry King…..Norm MacDonald

Announcer: If you’re still not reading Larry King’s News and Views in USA Today, then you’re not a real American.

Larry King: Red wine is a terrific wine, but so is white wine!

Does anyone really care if Pakistan has the bomb?

Actress Melanie Griffith: One class act!

Now that the world population has reached 6 billion, gang, something tells me it’s only gonna get bigger.

I am still not a fan of Fred Astaire.

Someone oughta tell all these high school students that guns just aren’t safe, gang.

Nothing is as consistently funny on the tube as the TV show “Becker”.

The more I read about Albert Einstein, the more I realize this guy was a true genius.

Announcer: This has been News And Views with Larry King.

Larry King: Sudden thought, gang. I have no compassion for anyone who commits rape.

That’s the end.

Thanks to Jordan Davidson of The SNL Message Board for this transcript.

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