SNL Transcripts: Alan Cumming: 02/05/00

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  Season 25: Episode 11

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February 5th, 2000

Alan Cumming

Jennifer Lopez


Ben Stiller
Breakfast in New HampshireRecurring Characters: George W. Bush, John McCain, Alan Keyes, Al Gore, Bill Bradley.


Alan Cumming’s Monologue

Uncle Jemima’s Pure Mash LiquorSummary: Drunken Uncle Jemima (Tracy Morgan) hawks his homemade booze.


Fried Chicken Dreams ForeverSummary: VH-1Biopic recalls John Lennon’s (Jimmy Fallon) and Paul McCartney’s (Alan Cumming) chicken enterprise.

Recurring Characters: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono.

The CulpsRecurring Characters: Marty Culp, Bobby Mohan-Culp.

Dog ShowRecurring Characters: Miss Colleen, David Larry.

The Heat Is OnSummary: In a film by Adam McKay, Wes (Ben Stiller) bets that he can get Glenn Frey (Will Ferrell) in bed.

Jennifer Lopez performs “Feelin’ So Good”

Weekend Update with Colin QuinnRecurring Characters: President Bill Clinton.

Siegfried and Roy’s Night of 1000 TigersRecurring Characters: Siegfried, Roy.

Hello DollyRecurring Characters: Deana Nolan-Gray.

Jennifer Lopez performs “Waiting For Tonight”


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