SNL Transcripts: Tobey Maguire: 04/15/00: Westlink

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 25: Episode 17

99q: Tobey Maguire / Sisqo


Announcer…..Chris Parnell

[ open on image of a hangglider soaring past a mountaintop ]

Announcer: Life.. is all about finding greatness. And riding its edges.

[ add company logo to corner of the scene ]

Announcer: That’s Westlink.

[ dissolve to Japanese children walking with parasols from futuristic-looking house ]

Announcer: We know the future can be something traditional.

[ dissolve to rocket lifting into the solar system ]

Announcer: And something wonderfully new. Westlink.

[ dissolve to elderly man walking with pick-axe swung over his shoulder ]

Announcer: Because our fathers worked hard.. and we owe it to them.

[ dissolve to little girl sitting on a log holding a globe ]

Announcer: And our children’s dreams are the greatest treasure imaginable.

[ dissolve to close-up of a pizza with the works being sliced in half by a cutter ]

Announcer: Westlink. Generations of insight and ingenuity.

[ dissolve to profile of the Sphinx, followed by a tight shot of a city landscape ]

Announcer: Finding a way to make the extraordinary commonplace.

[ dissolve to silhouette of mom and dad lifting up their young child, with company logo in corner of the screen ]

Announcer: Westlink. Even we don’t know what we do.

[ fade ]

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