SNL Transcripts: Jackie Chan: 05/20/00

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  Season 25: Episode 20

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May 20th, 2000

Jackie Chan

Kid Rock


Sarah Michelle Geller

Gina Gershon

Florence Henderson

Andy Murphy

Trey Anastasio
The Ladies ManSummary: Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) plays a round of “Who Wants To Be My Skank?”

Recurring Characters: Leon Phelps.



Jackie Chan’s MonologueSummary: Other action film stars challenge Jackie Chan.

Recurring Characters: Steven Seagal.


Nick Burns, Your Company Computer GuySummary: Nick Burns (Jimmy Fallon) informs the terminal drones that Wang (Jackie Chan) will be filling in for him while he’s on vacation.

Recurring Characters: Nick Burns.


The CulpsSummary: Marty (Will Ferrell) and Bobbie (Ana Gasteyer) sing an unusual medley at the school’s Rennaissance Festival.

Recurring Characters: Marty Culp, Bobbi Mohan-Culp, Senor Franklin.


TV FunhouseSummary: Fans interrupt during the filming of Madonna’s “American Pie” music video.

The ZimmermannsSummary: Flirtations run rampant between Josh (Chris Kattan) and Laura Zimmermann (Cheri Oteri) and inter-racial couple Kim (Jackie Chan) and Kim (Molly Shannon) while on a miniature golf course.

Recurring Characters: Josh Zimmermann, Laura Zimmermann.

Legends in ConcertSummary: A concert of rock legend impersonators includes Chang Cong Sun’s (Jackie Chan) Chinese unconvincing Elvis portrayal.

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

Kid Rock performs “American Bad Ass”

Pretty LivingSummary: Joyologist Helen Madden (Molly Shannon) shows off her new aerobic lover, Rusty Lao (Jackie Chan).

Recurring Characters: Gail Gleeson, Helen Madden.

CalgonSummary: Laundromat owner (Jackie Chan) protects the secret of Calgon from a nosy customer (Chris Parnell).


The Men At The Center of the EarthSummary: Various men from around the globe meet up while digging a series of tunnels below the earth’s surface.


Kid Rock performs “Only God Knows Why”


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