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Michael O’Donoghue


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  • Wolverines

    Immigrant (John Belushi) learns unusual English phrases from O’Donoghue.

  • Jamitol

    Parody of Geritol ads with Chevy Chase and O’Donoghue.

  • Trans American Airlines

  • Michael O’Donoghue’s Mike Douglas Impression

  • MichaelO’Donoghue’s Tony Orlando Impression

  • MichaelO’Donoghue’s Mormon Tabernacle Choir Impression

  • Least-LovedBedtime Tale: The Enchanted Thermos

    The very first Least-Loved Bedtime Tale.

  • Least-Loved Bedtime Tales: The Blind Chicken

    Mr. Mike relates a parable.

  • Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Bedtime Tales: The Little Train That Died

    Mr. Mike tells tale to host Jodie Foster.

  • Mr. Mike Meets Uncle Remus

    Mr. Mike tells Uncle Remus (Garrett Morris) the story of Brer Rabbit.

  • Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Bedtime Tales: Willy The Worm

    Mr. Mike tells tale to French maid (Gilda Radner).

  • BrotherRay Meets Mr. Mike

    Host Ray Charles and the cast sing “I Can’t Stop loving You”

    Mr. Mike donates a painting to the blind.

  • The Rickey Rat Club

  • Mr. Mike and Tina Turner Revue

    Tina Turner (Garrett Morris) and the Mikettes sing “Proud Mary”

  • Least-LovedBedtime Tale: The Soiled Kimono

    Mr. Mike makes Laraine Newman sing aria from “Madame Butterfly”

  • LobstersWreck the Studio

    Atomic lobsters (Chevy Chase) attack Studio 8H.

  • Mr. Mike’s Least-Loved Music

    Mr. Mike sings “Baby Ghouls” with help from ghoul Laraine Newman

  • MichaelO’Donoghue’s Elvis Impression

  • TheBizarro World

    Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.

  • MichaelO’Donoghue Tribute

    Eulogy by Bill Murray, and an encore of “Soiled Kimono” sketch.

    Sketches written or co-written by O’Donoghue:

  • UpAgainst the Wallpaper

    Jerry Rubin pitches grafitti wallpaper.

  • Minute Mystery

    Mike Mendoza (Dan Aykroyd) challenges viewers to solve a crime.

  • ExorcistII

    Possessed Regan (Laraine Newman) badmouths priest’s (Richard Pryor) mama.

  • Minute Mystery

    Mike Mendoza (Dan Aykroyd) doesn’t suspect sexy woman (Candice Bergen).

  • Citizen Kane II

  • Luciana Vermicelli

  • Jill Carson, Guidance Counselor!

  • NormanBates School of Hotel Management

    Norman Bates quizzes viewers on how to become a hotel manager.

  • Jam Hawkers

  • TheClaudine Longet Invitational

    Sports footage showcases skiers being accidentally shot by Claudine Longet.

  • Bathwaterof the Stars

    Serving your celebrity bathwater needs since 1974.

  • TheLast Voyage of the Starship Enterprise

    NBC excecutive enters the ship to shut down production.

  • Human Hair Potholders

  • PoliceState

    It takes a new breed of cop to handle people locked up on “Dragnet”

  • The Antler Dance

    Host Lily Tomlin and the SNL Band perform O’Donoghue’s “The Antler Dance”

  • GreenCross Cupcakes

    Cancer-free cupcakes now available.

  • Quarry

    Breakfast cereal is chock full of minerals.

  • Garrett Morris sings “The King Kong Dirge”

  • “Let’sKill Gary Gilmore For Christmas”

    Host Candice Bergen and the cast deliver a poignant Christmas ditty.

  • BurgerMaster

    It’s your burger, no request is too odd.

  • Lucy’sNuclear Warheads

    Lucy (Gilda Radner) must put whipped cream on top of nuclear warheads.

    Recurring Characters: Lucille Ball.

  • ElliotGould’s Monologue

    Gould, John Belushi and Bill Murray sing and dance O’Donoghue’s “The Castration Walk”

  • Fights

    The female cast toughens up host Shelley Duvall for the show.

  • SoyRicardo Montalban

    Women in restaurant must choose among celebrity Latin lovers.

  • Madeline Kahn sings “Silver Balls & Golden Pins”

  • Christine Ebersole sings “Single Bars and Single Women”

  • Spray-On Laetril

  • Nick the Knock

    A fairy (Mary Gross) recites a poem for Nick (Joe Piscopo).

  • At Home with the Psychos

  • “TheBoulevard of Broken Balls”

    Christopher Walken sings O’Donoghue’s ode to the joys of crab lice.

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