SNL Transcripts: Brandon Tartikoff: 10/08/83

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October 8th, 1983

Brandon Tartikoff

John Cougar

Gene Siskel

Roger Ebert

  • Tartikoff’s Office

  • Brandon Tartikoff’s Monologue

  • Calvin Klein Cream Pies

  • James Watt

  • Jazz Riffs

  • Feln’s Discount Food & Clothing Warehouse

  • Tartikoff’s Programming Ideas

    Recurring Characters: Doug Whiner, Wendy Whiner.

  • Gumby & Pokey Rehearsal

    Recurring Characters: Gumby.

  • NBC Pavement Promotion

  • Larry’s Corner

  • Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

  • John Cougar performs “Pink Houses”

  • Gun Rental

  • John Cougar performs “Crumblin’ Down”

  • NBC: Be There

  • Ethel’s Diner Tragedies


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  • SNL Transcripts: Tom & Dick Smothers: 12/03/83

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    Special Guests:

    December 3rd, 1983

    Tom & Dick Smothers

    Big Country

    Tom Seaver

    Ron Luciano

    Larry Holmes

    Big Country, “In A Big Country”.

  • Studio Rain Delay

    Umpire Rom Luciano waits for the rain to clear so the show can go on.

  • Tom & Dick Smothers’ Monologue

    Tom interrupts their song to take a picture of Dick.

  • Crisis Game ’83

    John Glenn (Tom Smothers) & Jesse Jackson (Eddie Murphy) compete in fake crises.

    Recurring Characters: Ted Koppel, Jesse Jackson.

  • Know Your Neighbor

    Talk show host (Jim Belushi) scoffs Jewish Hanukkah celebration.

  • Tom Carvel

    Carvel francisee (Tim Kazurinsky) specializes in adult cakes.

  • Big Country performs “In A Big Country”

  • Mentl

    Barbra Streisand (Joe Piscopo) takes on all the roles in latest movie.

    Recurring Characters: Barbra Streisand.

  • Tom & Dick Smothers perform “Fantasy For Auto Horn & Electronic Pulse

    in D Minor”

  • Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

    Gary Kroeger shows off his 21-year-old Cabbage Patch Kid (Jim Belushi).

    Dr. Jack Badofsky list types of influenza.

    Joe Piscopo interviews boxing champ Larry Holmes.

    Recurring Characters: Dr. Jack Badofsky.

  • Dream Land

    Sexual fantasy remains undetermined.

  • “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

    Tom & Dick Smothers tell the classic tale.

  • Garage Band Audition

    Audition can only go so far on minimal talent.

  • Autographs

    Man (Tom Smothers) tries to get Dick Smothers’ autograph.

  • Big Country performs “Fields of Fire”

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