SNL Transcripts: Candice Bergen: 05/19/90

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 20

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May 19th, 1990

Candice Bergen

The Notting Hillbillies


Tom Davis

Andy Murphy

Conan O’Brien

Rob Schneider

David Spade
A Special Message From the President of the United StatesSummary: President George Bush (Dana Carvey) promises “No more new taxes.”

Recurring Characters: President George Bush.



Candice Bergen’s MonologueSummary: Candice Bergen hosts her fiftth show in style, with a full Las Vegas flair.


Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive A CarSummary: Toonces feels envious when his arch-enemy Spunky turns out to be a better driver than he is.

Recurring Characters: Toonces the Cat, Lyle Clark, Brenda Clark.


Single Men In Their Thirties And Early Forties

The Tonight ShowSummary: Johnny Carson’s (Dana Carvey) interview with a 92-year old woman (Jan Hooks) goes nowhere.

Recurring Characters: Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Jay Leno.

The Notting Hillbillies perform “Railroad Worksong”

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

Wayne’s WorldSummary: Wayne (Mike Myers) fantasizes about a summer romance with Garth’s (Dana Carvey) mom (Candice Bergen).

Recurring Characters: Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar.


The Notting Hillbillies perform “Love You Too Much”

Once Upon A Time

She Does It All


SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts: Candice Bergen: 05/19/90: A Special Message From The President Of The United States

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 20

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89t: Candice Bergen / The Notting Hillbillies

A Special Message From The President Of The United States

President George Bush…..Dana Carvey

President George Bush: Good evening, my fellow Americans. You know, in the past, when I’ve spoken to you from this office here, the news has always been good. Not bad – good! The Berlin Wall, the collapse of Communism, that Noriega thing over there – good, good, good! [ laughs ] It’s no wonder I’m up around that 80% approval area.

But now, tonight, the news I have to bring to you – not good. It’s kind of bad! Maybe after you hear it, my approval rating will slip down to 75%! [ laughs ] A little joke there for ya! Now, during my campaign for President, certain things were said. Things like “Read my lips.. no.. new.. taxes.” Now, when I said it, I meant it. I meant all three words. I meant “No”; I meant “New”; I meant “Taxes”. I meant ’em all! But situations change.. Spring becomes Summer; summer days become cloudy up there; sincere growth projections prove overly optimistic. Expenditures have continued to grow.. [ tilts his hand ] Up here.. right there, those little expenditures, right in that area. Revenues remain flat.. [ places other hand below first hand ] ..right down here. See this gap here? That’s what I wanna talk about, this budget deficit. The most frightening thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Right here! [ hands are positioned so as to appear to be holding an invisible box ] Doesn’t go away. You can move it.. [ moves his hands all around, maintaining same shape ] Still the same size – flip it, turn it, throw it up, do anything you want.. [ moves his hands all over, keeping the shape intact ] ..don’t think I haven’t tried – still there! You can move it – move it in and out, results are always the same.

We’ve got that debt thing happening – we need cash. Sort of boggles my mind, but don’t fear. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got a good plan. Gonna tell ta right now. Not avoiding it. Gonna come at ya with it, ready to tell you. Let the telling begin. Gonna come out with it! Here it comes! gonna tell ya – not afraid! Read my lips: I’m.. I’m gonna.. I’m gonna ra.. I’m gonna ra-ra.. I’m gonna ra-raise.. I’m gonna raise.. [ hyperventilates ] I’m gonna rai.. [ stutters ] t-t-t-t.. t-t-t-tax-es.. There! I said it, loud and clear.

Now, you might ask me, who’s the money gonna come from? Could tax the poor; haven’t got the money – wouldn’t work! The rich – tax ’em all you want, they’re slippery suckers! The incorporate meal deductions – they’ll laugh at ya! Don’t want to be laughed at by a tax lawyer down there, doing that laughter thing he does. That leaves us with the beautiful middle class – dependable, always there, family people. Don’t know about keeping receipts, don’t have a lot of paper laying around. Solid people. Don’t think we don’t love you, you little taxpayers! [ laughs ] Now, of course, the Democrats are gonna urge a big tax increase – 8, 10, 12% – nah.. ga.. do it! I’m talking 3, 4% tops – no more than 5 – that’s it! So read my lips: No.. huge.. new.. taxes.

So, to sum up: Berlin Wall down; Communism collapsing; Noriega behind bars; gap! [ holds shape with hands again ] Dan Quayle still gaining acceptance; no huge new taxes. That’s right – “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Ni-i-i-i-i-ight!

SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts: Candice Bergen: 05/19/90: Candice Bergen’s Monologue

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 20

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89t: Candice Bergen / The Notting Hillbillies

Candice Bergen’s Monologue

…..Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen: Thank you very much! Thank you. You know, the first time I hosted “Saturday Night Live” was fifteen years ago, in November of 1975. Since then, I’ve always looked forward to hosting because this was the first show that allowed me to do comedy. Of course, now I have my own show, “Murphy Brown”. So, I really don’t need this show any more. Then, why am I here? Well, last Fall, they asked me to appear on the 15th Anniversary special. I sent them a nice note and said I would love to, but was really busy with my show, “Murphy Brown”. Which, at the time, was going into its second season, now a third. And I said, “Let’s do something later, maybe at the end of the season.” Who would have thought they would remember? So, here I am. And tonight, I want to do something very special for you. Because when I host, I host.

[ music plays ]

Male Chorus: [ singing ]“Candy!
Ooh, Candy!

Candice Bergen: [ singing ]“Just let me make one thing clear
This will be one hot night.
So let me do my thing here
Inside a hot spotlight.

Everything will be dandyIf you leave it to CandyHey, worldI’m hosting!

Male Chorus: [ singing ]“She’s.. got.. some..
Help from the boys
She’s got the band near
And if we make too much noise
Just tell them Candy’s here!
‘Cause she’s out of her cloister
The world is her oyster.”

Candice Bergen: [ singing ]“Look out!
I’m hosting!”

Male Chorus: [ singing ]“She’s the Easter parade
A one-woman Thanksgiving Day!
She lights up the sky
Like the Fourth of July”

Candice Bergen: [ singing ]“I’m hosting, dammit!
Get out of my way!”

[ music break ]

Male Chorus: [ singing ]“So bring her champagne
We’re gonna pop the cork.
‘Cause Candy got on a plane
And came back here to New York.
She’s not here for the money
She just ame to be funny
And she’ll do what it takes to get laughs!”

Candice Bergen: [ singing ]“Going out of my head over you
Going out of my head just for you
Out of my head
Day and night, night and day and night
Wrong or right
I’m hosting!”

Male Chorus: [ singing ]“Candy!

Candice Bergen: I’m hosting!

We have a great show. Notting Hillbillies are here, and we’ll be right back!

SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts: Candice Bergen: 05/19/90: Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive A Car

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 20

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89t: Candice Bergen / The Notting Hillbillies

Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive A Car

Lyle Clarke…..Dana Carvey
Brenda Clarke…..Victoria Jackson
Spunky’s Owner…..Candice Bergen

“Toonces the Driving Cat
The Cat who could drive a car.
He drives around
all over the town
Toonces the Driving Cat!”

Announcer: “Toonces, the Cat Who Could Drive A Car.” Tonight: “Toonces’ Arch Enemy – Spunky”.

[ dissolve to interior, living room, as Toonces and his owners, Lyle and Brenda Clarke, watch home videos with Spunky and his owner ]

Spunky’s Owner: These are really nice home videos.

Lyle Clarke: Thanks!

Brenda Clarke: Oh, look! Here we are at the Grand Canyon!

Lyle Clarke: Oh, yeah.. Toonces was driving that day!

[ footage shows Toonces driving the car over the edge of the Grand Canyon ]

Spunky’s Owner: The Grand Canyon is really deep!

Lyle Clarke: Yeah! Yeah, tell us about it.

Brenda Clarke: Yeah.

Lyle Clarke: Hmm.

Brenda Clarke: Oh! Here we are at Carmel!

Lyle Clarke: Mmm. Yeah.

Brenda Clarke: Oh, that’s Toonces coming to pick us up.

[ footage shows Toonces driving the car over a cliff ]

Lyle Clarke: [ chuckles ]

Spunky’s Owner: Carmel is so pretty, isn’t it?

Lyle Clarke: It sure is. Oh! Now, here we are at Niagra Falls!

[ footage shows Toonces driving the car over the falls ]

Lyle Clarke: What a view we had that day – thanks to Toonces!

Spunky’s Owner: Ohh..

[ footage shows Toonces as a kitten driving a toy car around in the driveway ]

Lyle Clarke: Oh, how did this get in here? That was Toonces when he was a kitten!

Brenda Clarke: Oh! He liked to drive even then!

Lyle Clarke: Oh, there he goes!

[ Kitten Toonces drives over a wall ]

Lyle Clarke: Awww.. Well.. that’s all. I sure hope you enjoyed it.

Spunky’s Owner: I sure did! And I have an an-nunce-ment!

Brenda Clarke: What is it?

Spunky’s Owner: I know that your cat Toonces can drive.

Lyle Clarke: Well, yes.. just not very well.

Spunky’s Owner: Well, my cat Spunky just finished Driving School!

Lyle Clarke: Really?

Brenda Clarke: Wow!

Spunky’s Owner: Yep! Here’s his report card.

Lyle Clarke: [ examining it ] Wow! Look at those grades!

Spunky’s Owner: He got a A+ in Driving, an A+ in Conduct, an A+ in Attendance, an A+ in Punctuality.. and an extra A+ for helping clean erasers after class!

Brenda Clarke: It sounds like he’s a good driver!

Lyle Clarke: And how!

Spunky’s Owner: Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s have Spunky take us for a drive!

The Clarkes: Yeah!!

Spunky’s Owner: We’ll go home and get ready!

Brenda Clarke: Okay!

Lyle Clarke: Bye-bye!

Brenda Clarke: Bye, Spunky!

Lyle Clarke: Bye, Spunky!

[ Spunky and his owner exit the Clarke household ]

Toonces: [ growls menacingly ] [ dissolve to interior, Spunky’s house; Spunky is in the bathroom getting himself ready ]

Spunky’s Owner: Spunky? Are you getting ready?

Spunky: [ meows ]

Spunky’s Owner: Don’t forget to wear your nice tie!

Spunky: [ meows ] [ camera focuses on Spunky’s reflection in the mirror, where, suddenly, Toonces appears from behind, and covers Spunky’s face with a rag of chloroform ] [ dissolve to the drive, later that afternoon, with what appears to be Spunky driving the car for his owner and the Clarkes ]

Spunky’s Owner: What a lovely day for a drive.

Lyle Clarke: It certainly is.

Brenda Clarke: Yeah. and Spunky is driving so well!

Spunky’s Owner: Yes! Did you see, back at that turn, how he used his signal, and put out his paw?

Brenda Clarke: Yeah, I noticed that!

Lyle Clarke: But he.. he seems to be driving worse now..

[ “Spunky” begins to swerve the car along the road ]

Everyone: Uh-oh..

Brenda Clarke: He’s getting wreckless!

Spunky’s Owner: [ worried ] Spunky, what’s wrong?

Lyle Clarke: Hey! Hey, wait a minute! Something’s wrong here..

[ Lyle reaches over the seat to pull off Toonces’ fake Spunky mask ]

Everyone: It’s Toonces!!

Spunky’s Owner: But where’s Spunky?

[ quick cut to show Spunky tied and gagged in his bathroom back at home ] [ quick cut back to Toonces driving everyone in the car ]

Everyone: Look out, Toonces!! Look out!!

[ once again, the car topples over a cliff ]

“He drives around
all over the town
Toonces the Driving Cat!”

SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts: Candice Bergen: 05/19/90: Wayne’s World

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 20

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89t: Candice Bergen / The Notting Hillbillies

Wayne’s World

Wayne…..Mike Myers
Garth…..Dana Carvey
Hillary Algar…..Candice Bergen

Garth: Welcome to “Wayne’s World”! Here’s your excellent host – Wayne Campbell!

Wayne: Party!! Party hearty! It’s Friday, it’s 10:30, it’s time to party! I’m your excellent host, Wayne Campbell. With me, as always, is Garth.

Garth: Party on, Wayne!

Wayne: Party on, Garth! Okay! Before I bring out our first guest – Garth and I go see movies, right? And from time to time, we review them. So, right now, we’d like to present another installment of.. “Wayne & Garth’s Movie World!”

“Movie World!
Party time!
Party time!


Wayne: Okay! Let’s go to the movies!

Garth: Alright!

Wayne: Alright! The first movie is “Pretty woman”, with that totally excellent babe Julia Roberts! Grrrrrrrrowwwwllll!! I thought it was excellent – she’s magically delicious!

Garth: I agree! I thought she was excellent! She’s such a babe, it hurts – owwww..

Wayne: You’re right, Garth! You know, they should introduce stern legislation to curb such dangerous levels of babacity! Alright, the next movie. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, starring.. some turtles. Didn’t see it. Garth?

Garth: No, I didn’t see it. You know, you just can’t get in, there’s too many turtleheads!

Wayne: Good call! good call! Okay, the next movie. “The Hunt For Red October”, starring Sean Connery. Garth?

Garth: I really liked it, it was scary.

Wayne: I rather liked it – not!

Garth: Seriously?

Wayne: Okay, to be fair, you know, I really couldn’t pay attention, because I was sitting beside this guy – this mental case. He kept sniffing his fingers the whole time.

Garth: No way!

Wayne: Way!

Garth: Gross!

Wayne: Telling! Okay! The last movie is.. “Opportunity Knocks”, starring Dana Carvey. I thought it was funny. Garth?

Garth: Sucked!

Wayne: Okay! Extreme Close-Up!

[ camera zooms in individually on Wayne and Garth’s faces, as they scream maniacally ]

Wayne: Okay!

Garth: Excellent close-up!

Wayne: Alright!

Garth: Good close-up!

Wayne: Okay! Last week, as you know, was Mother’s Day, right? So, in keeping with that spirit, let’s bring out our first guest, alright? You all know her as Garth’s mom – please welcome Mrs. Hillary Algar, Garth’s mom!

“Wayne’s World!Wayne’s World!Party time!Excellent!Owww!!”

[ Garth’s mom comes down the stairs and takes a seat next to Garth on the couch ]

Wayne: [ extremely smitten ] Welcome to “Wayne’s World”, Mrs. Algar!

Hillary Algar: Well.. thanks, Wayne! Hi, Garth.

Garth: [ shy ] Hi, Mom!

Wayne: Mrs. Algar, I just have to say it – for a mom, you’re a fox!

Hillary Algar: Oh, thank you, Wayne!

Wayne: No, I’m serious! I’m serious. You’re such a fox.. you should be on the FOX Network!

Hillary Algar: Really.. you’re embarrasing me!

Wayne: In France, you would be known as “La Renard” – The Fox! In England, you would be hunted by the aristocracy with only your cunning to protect you!

Garth: Hey, Wayne, that’s my mom you’re talking about!

Wayne: I’m sorry, Garth – sorry – but you got a babe for a mom! You’re such a lucky duck!

Garth: [ meekly ] She’s just my mom.

Wayne: Alright, Mrs. Algar – you’re married to Beev, right?

Hillary Algar: That’s right.

Wayne: [ to the point ] Why?

Hillary Algar: Because I love him.

Wayne: Okay, but.. I mean, here’s a picture of you.. [ holds up a stunning photo of Mrs. Algar ] Grrroowwlll!! Alright? And, here’s a picture of Beev. [ holds up a nerdy photo of Garth’s dad, Beev ] Contrast and compare. The man’s a dweeb! How can a dweeb like him be married to a fox like you?

Garth: Just shut up! Just shut up, Wayne! That’s my dad you’re talking about!!

Wayne: Alright! Take a pill! Geesh! Don’t have a harry about it!

Hillary Algar: Listen, Wayne, don’t call my husband a dweeb, you gimp! [ slaps Wayne ]

Wayne: [ pleased ] The fox came to fight! Alright, you’re right, okay.. Beev’s a nice man. I just got carried away.

Hillary Algar: Well, let’s talk about something else, okay?

Wayne: Alright. The summer’s coming up.

Hillary Algar: Perfect. What are you doing this summer?

Wayne: Well.. I’m gonna join the pool.. and then, later on, I’m gonna do Outward Bound. Garth?

Garth: [ taken by surprise ] Um.. my-my-my dad and I, we’re gonna go to, um.. computer camp, for a month..

Wayne: A whole month?

Garth: Yeah.

Wayne: Just you and your dad?

Garth: Yeah.

Wayne: And your mom’s not going?

Garth: No-o-o-o!

Wayne: Really?

[ Wayne frantically waves his hands, falling into a fantasy sequence ] [ Wayne’s fantasy sequence becomes reminiscent of “Summer of ’42”, as he enters the Algar summer cabin carrying large bags of groceries, with Hillary by his side ]

Wayne: Where would you like me to put these groceries, Mrs. Algar?

Hillary Algar: Oh.. on the table is fine, and.. please.. call me Hillary. I’ll get my purse.

Wayne: Sure, Hillary!

[ Wayne puts the groceries down ]

Hillary Algar: Look, Wayne, I.. can’t thank you enough for carrying those heavy shopping bags all the way from the store. Why.. what with Beev and Garth away at computer camp.. I could really use a man around here.

[ ]

Wayne: Well.. you know.. if you ever need anything, just call me. Okay?

Hillary Algar: Wayne, those bags are so heavy, and that store so far away.. please let me give you some money.

Wayne: [ manly ] I wouldn’t dream of it, Hillary.

Hillary Algar: Well.. at least stay and have a cup of coffee. You are old enough to drink a cup of coffee, aren’t you, Wayne?

Wayne: Shyeah!

Hillary Algar: I was just checking.

Wayne: [ dramatic pause ] I’m old enough.

Hillary Algar: How do you like your coffee?

Wayne: I like my coffee like I like my women.

Hillary Algar: Really? How’s that?

Wayne: Milk and two sugars.

Hillary Algar: What does that mean?

Wayne: I don’t know.

Hillary Algar: You’re sweet. [ grabs a letter from the mail, and begins to read it ]

Garth Voiceover: “Dear Mom. Beev and I are having so much fun, we’re staying an extra month. Love, Garth!”
,br>[ Hillary begins to weep ]

Wayne: Hillary? What’s wrong?

Hillary Algar: It’s just that it’s.. been so hard these past weeks with.. Beev and Garth away at computer camp. I feel so very alone!

[ Hillary falls into Wayne’s arms, as the familiar “Theme From Summer of ’42” pots up ]

Hillary Algar: Dance with me, Wayne.

Wayne: O-kay..

[ Hillary and Wayne begin to dance in a circle around the kitchen, with Hillary’s head on Wayne’s shoulder; each time Wayne slowly turns to face the camera, he gives an assured thumbs-up ] [ suddenly, Garth waves his arms and falls into Wayne’s fantasy sequence ]

Wayne: Garth! What are you doing here?! This is my dream sequence!

Garth: [ points gun at Wayne ] That’s my mom, you pig!

Wayne: Garth! No!

Garth: [ shoots gun at Wayne ] Kaboo-oo-oommmm!!

Wayne: [ screaming as he faux dies ] Blood, blood, blood! Sinew! Entrails! Blood, blood, blood, blood!

[ Wayne falls out of his fantasy sequence, back into his basement show set ]

Garth: Wake up, Wayne! Wake up! Wake up, Wayne!

Wayne: Garth, don’t be mad at me!!

Garth: For what?!

Wayne: [ sees that he’s back safe in the basement ] Oh, good! It was all a dream! [ notices that the grocery bags from his fantasy are on the floor by the couch ] Or was it?! Who-o-o-o-o-oa-oa-aahhh!! That’s all the time we have this week! Hillary, I love you!

Hillary Algar: I love you, too, Wayne.

Wayne: [ surprised ] Really?

Hillary Algar: Fished in!

Garth: Alright! Good one, Mom! Excellent!

Wayne: Give me a tetnus, I just got a major fox bite! Okay! Until then – party on, Garth!

Garth: Party on, Wayne!

Wayne: Alright! “Wayne’s World!

[ title up, to fade ]

SNL Transcripts

SNL Transcripts: Alec Baldwin: 04/21/90: The Greta Garbo I Knew

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 18

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89r: Alec Baldwin / The B-52’s

The Greta Garbo I Knew

James O’Brien…..Alec Baldwin
Greta Garbo…..Jan Hooks
Delivery Boy…..Rob Schneider

[ open on black and white photograph of Greta Garbo ]

James O’Brien V/O: This is Greta Garbo as the public remembered her – the luminous legend of the screen. But I remember a different Garbo – the reclusive woman for whom I, James O’Brien, worked in 1983. Garbo was intensely protected of her privacy, and maintaining it was always a challenge. I remember my first day..

[ dissolve to Greta Garbo’s reclusive home ]

James O’Brien: [ enters sunroom ] Miss Garbo?

Greta Garbo: [ looks up from behind dark shades ] Are you.. alone?

James O’Brien: Yes.

Greta Garbo: Very well.

James O’Brien: I have flowers here for you. From another anonymous fan.

Greta Garbo: [ sighs ] Put them in another room. I want to be.. alone.

James O’Brien: Yes, Miss Garbo.

Greta Garbo: Let me see them. [ takes the flowers ] Ohh.. they’re so beautiful. Put each flower in a separate vase, so that they are.. alone.

James O’Brien: Yes, Miss Garbo. Are you ready for your lunch?

Greta Garbo: Yes. I’ll have a single baked potato.. wrapped in its own foil.

James O’Brien: Would you like the potato with butter?

Greta Garbo: No, no, no, no.. alone.

James O’Brien: Yes, Miss Garbo, I’ll prepare that for you.

Greta Garbo: You may.. leave me.. alone.. now.

James O’Brien: Yes, ma’am. Goodbye.

Greta Garbo: So long.. [ phone rings, she panics ] Oh, no.. uh.. telephone! Telephone! Telephone! Telephone! [ James rushes in ] Please.. please.. please..

James O’Brien: [ answers phone ] Hello, Miss Garbo’s residence! Miss Garbo? Uhhh…

Greta Garbo: [ waves her arms frantically ]

James O’Brien: She’s not here at this time! Who’s calling, please? Mr. Zeckindorf, from the RKO days..

Greta Garbo: [ waves her arms frantically ]

James O’Brien: Uh.. yeah. She’s, uh..

Greta Garbo: [ rubs her head ]

James O’Brien: ..rubbing herself..

Greta Garbo: [ spins, while contuning to rub her head ]

James O’Brien: ..rubbing her hair.. uh.. no.. what?

Greta Garbo: [ mimes pulling something ]

James O’Brien: Uh.. uh.. you’ll call back?

Greta Garbo: [ waves her arms frantically ]

James O’Brien: No, no, no.. she’ll call you! You’re at a payphone? Oh! Uh.. when will she be back? Uh.. uh..

Greta Garbo: [ holds out her hand, five fingers held up ]

James O’Brien: Five minutes! Hours! Days! Weeks! Months! Years! Uh, no, no, no! Five weeks! She’ll be back in five weeks! Where is she? Uhh.. uhh..

Greta Garbo: [ holds out her arms and mimics and airplane ]

James O’Brien: She’s flying! She’s flying to, uh.. to, uh..

Greta Garbo: [ rocks back and forth ]

James O’Brien: She’s surfing! No, she’s doing the hula.. she’s in Hawaii! She’s in Hawaii! You’re in Hawaii?! Oh! Well! She’s, uh.. she’s, uh..

Greta Garbo: [ touches leaves on an indoor plant ]

James O’Brien: Houseplant.. tree.. leaves.. leaving! She’s leaving Hawaii! To, uh.. to, uh..

Greta Garbo: [ stretches arms out, raises out ]

James O’Brien: To see! To see, uh.. uh..

Greta Garbo: [ drops on all fours ]

James O’Brien: A horse! A dog! A cat! A mouse! Uh.. uh.. An ant! She’s going to visit her aunt! Her aunt who lives in, uh.. lives in, uh.. uh..

Greta Garbo: [ mimes a shell game ]

James O’Brien: Shell game.. dealer.. cards.. cards.. Montel Carlo.. Monte Carlo! She’s in Monte Carlo! She’s visiting her aunt in Monte Carlo! Okay! Bye! [ hangs up phone ] Wow! That was something! I really thought he had us there, being in Hawaii! We pulled it off!

Greta Garbo: You idiot! Now.. I want you to sit down over here. It should not be so difficult. We are going to go over it one more time, okay? Now.. what is it.. that I want?

James O’Brien: To be alone.

Greta Garbo: And?

James O’Brien: To be alone.

Announcer: Next week, on “The Garbo I Knew”.

[ James is trying to keep a Delivery Boy from entering the house, as Garbo hides behind the door ]

James O’Brien: No, really! you can just leave the bags there, I’ll bring them in!

Delivery Boy: Sir, this one’s ripped, you’d better let me bring it in.

James O’Brien: No, no, no, no! You really can’t! The floor.. it was, uh.. it was just waxed!

[ Garbo sneaks away from the door ]

Delivery Boy: No problem..

James O’Brien: No, no, no, please, really..

Delivery Boy: The meat leaked!

James O’Brien: Well, I’ll get some paper towels and clean it up myself!

Delivery Boy: I got a lot of deliveries to make.

James O’Brien: [ gives in ] Alright..

Delivery Boy: [ brings the bags in, puts them on a table, then exits ]

James O’Brien: Thank you.

[ James looks up ablive and discovers Garbo hanging from a chandelier ] [ fade ]

SNL Transcripts

15th Anniversary Special: 09/24/89

Air Date:


Musical Guest:

Special Guests:

September 24th, 1989



Father Guido Sarducci

Kevin Nealon

Victoria Jackson

Dan Aykroyd

Steve Martin

Robin Williams

Tom Hanks

Billy Crystal

Sam Kinison

Joan Cusack

Mary Tyler Moore

Jon Lovitz

Lorne Michaels

Chevy Chase

Jane Curtin

Joe Piscopo

Garrett Morris

Susan St. James

Christopher Guest

Martin Short

O.J. Simpson

Steve Martin

Buck Henry

Charlton Heston

Jane Curtin

Laraine Newman

Dennis Miller

Jan Hooks

Mary Tyler Moore

Eddie Murphy’s Entourage

Dan Aykroyd

Jim Belushi

Robin Williams

Bruce Willis

  • Chevy Falls

    Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson gawk at the night’s celebrity guests.

    Chevy Chase insists he’s not too old to do the opening fall.

  • Tom Hanks’ Monologue

    Hanks outlines obligatory comments for the monologue.

  • 1975-1980 Highlights

    Clips include: Wolverines, Jaws II, Fred Garvin, Mr. Bill and The Nerds.

  • SNL Moment I

    Susan St. James was first host to marry an SNL producer.

  • Hey, You!

    (Repeat) See: 12/10/77.

  • Jerry Hall

    Jerry Hall introduces Prince.

  • Prince performs “Electric Chair”

  • Hey, You!

    (Repeat) See: 12/10/77.

  • Guest/Short

    Christopher Guest makes fun of Martin Short while introducing clips.

  • 1980-1985 Highlights

    Clips include: The Whiners, Velvet Jones, Fernando’s Hideaway and Mr. Robinson.

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    SNL Transcripts

  • SNL Transcripts: Alec Baldwin: 04/21/90: Greenhilly

     Saturday Night Live Transcripts

      Season 15: Episode 18

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    89r: Alec Baldwin / The B-52’s


    Mr. Cherrywood…..Alec Baldwin
    Julie…..Jan Hooks
    Madam…..Nora Dunn
    Maid…..Victoria Jackson
    Harry……Phil Hartman

    [ Julie and Mr. Cherrywood enter Greenhilly after playing a game of tennis ]

    Julie: Oh, that was great fun, Mr. Cherrywood! We must do it again sometime!

    Mr. Cherrywood: If your ideaof great fun is chasing a fuzzy little ball over God’s creation, then I pity you!

    Julie: [ laughs ] You know, Mr. Cherrywood, I don’t think you’re half as cranky as you would have ne believe. [ laughs, then notices a bird in the room ] Oh! A bird has flown in! What do we do!

    Mr. Cherrywood: We must try to scare it out the door!

    Julie: Oh, alright..

    Mr. Cherrywood: Here he comes! Here he comes!

    [ they swat their racquets at the bird, causing him to dash back outdoors; they quickly close the doors, laugh the incident off, then slowly gaze into one another’s eyes and fall into a passionate kiss ]

    Julie: [ fights herself off Mr. Cherrywood’s lips ] I must go. [ runs off ]

    Mr. Cherrywood: But, Julie? JUlie!

    Maid: [ enters room ] Your tea, Mr. Cherrywood. Where would you like it?

    Mr. Cherrywood: Oh, over there is fine. Just put it anywhere..

    Maid: [ drops the tray to the floor ] Oh, no! I’m so clumsy! Why did I do that!

    Mr. Cherrywood: [ bends down to help ] Oh, don’t worry.. it’s nothing! Here, let me help you..

    Maid: Oh, no, you musn’t! It’s my fault, not..

    [ their eyes meet, and they fall into a passionate embrace until interrupted ]

    Madam: Well.. isn’t this a pretty sight.

    Maid: Oh, Madam.. oh.. I was.. just bringing the gentleman his tea, and I tripped.. and he was just being kind to me..

    Madam: I can see that. You may go now.

    Maid: Yes, Ma’am.. [ stumbles out of room ]

    Madam: Mr. Cherrywood, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave Greenhilly.

    Mr. Cherrywood: Leave Greenhilly? But why?

    Madam: You’re having a very disruptive effect on everyone in the household.

    Mr. Cherrywood: What are you talking about?

    Madam: Why, even now there’s lipstick all over your face. hold still..

    Mr. Cherrywood: Oh, now, don’t bother..

    [ she wipes the lipstick off of his face, but also falls prey to his charms, ending in a passionate kiss with him ]

    Harry: [ enters, angry ] Just as I thought!

    Madam: Harry!! It’s not what it seems!

    Harry: Prepare to defend yourself, Mr. Cherrywood! If that’s your real name

    Madam: [ runs off ] Oh, help! Someone, please help!

    [ the two men exchange punches; Mr. Cherrywood strongholds Harry, who gives up his struggle, looks into Mr. Cherrywood’s eyes and locks himself in a passionate embrace, then quickly breaks free ]

    Harry: Well.. I’ll be gonig now.. [ walks out ]

    Mr. Cherrywood: But, Harry! Harry! [ spies a dog clawing at the window ] Why, where did you come from? You’re a happy little doggie, aren’t you? Let’s just find out who you belong to. [ tugs dog’s collar, as their eyes fixate on one anothers, and they, too, fall into a passionate embrace ] [ dissolve to title; fade to black ]

    SNL Transcripts

    SNL Transcripts: Alec Baldwin: 04/21/90: Alec Baldwin’s Monologue

     Saturday Night Live Transcripts

      Season 15: Episode 18

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    89r: Alec Baldwin / The B-52’s

    Alec Baldwin’s Monologue

    …..Alec Baldwin
    …..Victoria Jackson

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen – Alec Baldwin!

    Alec Baldwin: Thank you very much! It’s great to be here in New York City hosting “Saturday Night Live”. Now, before we get started, I should explain: this is the part of the show I was the most concerned about. You see, most of my recent work has been in films. In the movies, the moment where the audience first sees you is very important. You’ve got to make them respond to you right away. But I wasn’t sure how to do that on live TV, so I asked some of the cast for advice, and they said, “Don’t worry about telling jokes. This is just like the movies. Charm them. Win them over. Get them on your side.” Now that is something I think I know how to do.

    [ bends head down, looks up slowly ]

    Hi. there!

    [ turns head to left side, smiles ]

    Well, hello there!

    [ turns back to audience, then turns around slowly and pulls off sunlgasses ]

    We meet again!

    [ camera pans slowly up his legs, revealing Alec with cowboy hat pushed below his eyes; he lifts his hat ]


    [ Alec peeks out from behind a curtain ]

    Guess who?

    Victoria Jackson: Uh.. Alec?

    Alec Baldwin: Hello, Victoria.

    Victoria Jackson: I think you’ve charmed them enough.

    Alec Baldwin: Do you think so? I think it’s working. You can feel it!

    Victoria Jackson: Yeah.. Maybe we should move on now.

    Alec Baldwin: Let me just try a couple more, okay? The B-52’s are here. [ Victoria tugs Alec ] We’ve got a great show, we’ll be right back!

    [ Victoria pulls Alec away from the stage ]

    SNL Transcripts

    SNL Transcripts: Alec Baldwin: 04/21/90: Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

     Saturday Night Live Transcripts

      Season 15: Episode 18

    Search Now: In Association with

    89r: Alec Baldwin / The B-52’s

    Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    … Dennis Miller
    … Kevin Nealon
    … A. Whitney Brown

    Music Intro: Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigration Song”

    Don Pardo V/O: And now, Weekend Update, withanchorperson Dennis Miller!

    [Extended enthusiastic applause. Dennis waits for itto end and, when it doesn’t, takes a sip of water froma cup.]

    Dennis Miller: Good evening and what can I tellya?

    Dan Quayle will be the first sitting vice president toserve as Grand Marshal of the Indianapolis 500 on May26th. A Quayle spokesman said that the vice presidentplans to spend the interim month and a half memorizingthe phrase “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

    President Bush and National Security Advisor BrentScowcroft braved the wind and rain on a Hamilton,Bermuda golf course last week. [Dennis glances at theaccompanying photo in which the thin, elderlyScowcroft appears shrunken, wrinkled and wizenedstanding next to Bush] Kind of instills confidence ina nation to know that their chief security advisorcuts such a dashing figure, huh? … Looks like thelittle bald guy on Benny Hill tryin’ to hold in awhiz. …

    President Bush this week denied rumors that thenation’s railroad system is in shambles. To prove hispoint, he took a group of students from Washington toChicago by handcar. [Video clip shows Bush flying akite with schoolchildren but the video is looped tomake it appear that Bush is pumping his hands up anddown as if pumping a railroad handcar] [Photo of circus clown and child with egg on WhiteHouse lawn] Here’s a shot from last Monday’s Easteregg hunt at the White House. The event was picketed byright-to-life groups who feel the egg should not betrifled with.

    Spokesman for the Lithuanian government responded thisweek to Soviet’s cutting eighty percent of theirheating oil supplies by saying, “Go ahead, cut off ourheating oil. It’s almost summer, you pinhead! …Yeah, next winter, why don’t you cut off our bathingsuit supplies?” … President Bush warned SovietPremier Gorbachev that if he continues the economiccutbacks in Lithuania, he would get an even strongerwarning. … A spokesman for the Soviet news agencyTass said the president was only bluffing.

    In Prague, Czechoslovakia yesterday, Parliamentapproved a new name for the Central European nation.It’ll be called the Czech and Slovak FederatedRepublic. It was the second name change in a month.The first one, roundly rejected, was The Pat SajakShow.

    [Photo of a Nikita Khrushchev look-alike] FormerSoviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev turned up this weekat a demonstration in Soviet Moldavia. Khrushchev, whodied in 1971, explained his reappearance by saying,”Well, Communism failed and hell froze over.”

    Dennis Miller: And now, once again, it’s timefor a new feature on Weekend Update, “News from TenFeet Away.” We go now to correspondent KevinNealon.

    [Cut to Kevin Nealon standing in the audience ten feetaway, wearing a trench coat and speaking into acordless microphone. Dennis, sitting at the WeekendUpdate desk, is visible in the background. SUPER: LIVE/ KEVIN NEALON / TEN FEET AWAY]

    Kevin Nealon: Dennis, once again, I’m standinghere, ten feet away from you and the Weekend Updatedesk. … And, once again, there are some lights andtelevision equipment here as if there’s a show beingperformed. … And there seems to be a crowd gathered.[cheers and applause] Apparently, a rambunctious crowdand – and they’re here to watch something. It – it’san almost eerie similarity to the last time I reportedto you from ten feet away, Dennis. …

    Dennis Miller: And what’s the mood over therethis time, Kevin?

    Kevin Nealon: Well, once again, the mood is,uh, uh, festive. [cheers and applause] It’s a mood ofanticipation, uh, I would say mostly anticipation,Dennis. The people here seem to be waiting forsomething. … Almost as if they’re ready to beentertained and yet — they’re not being entertained…. Not in any way, shape or form. … And now, from afair portion of the audience, I’m sensing a glint ofrecognition, mixed with absolute disbelief. As ifthey’re watching something that they had seen beforeand that they never in their wildest imaginationthought they would ever have to sit through again. …[cheers, Kevin clears his throat] And now, I’m – I’mseeing some faces, uh, looking in my direction,Dennis, and I’m sensing a feeling of pity. … Pityand tolerance, almost as if they’re watching someonewho does not appear on the show very often. … [crowdsays: “Awwwwwww!”] Someone who is being allowed tomake a token appearance, being thrown a bone, if youwill. Pure pity, Dennis. Pure pity. … And now I cantell the mood is shifting again, Dennis. … This timeto – to boredom. … Boredom and indifference. Afeeling of “That’s his problem, we came here to beentertained. Why don’t they get on with the realshow?” All this just ten feet away, Dennis. And now,within my field of vision, I see a man with a headset.He’s giving me a slashing “cut” gesture with his hand.Uh, almost as if he’s being directed to cut short aroutine, if you will, that is not working and shouldbe stopped. … Uh, a routine that was put on withoutanyone’s authorization or approval. Now, that same manis throwing his headset down, Dennis, almost as if hecan’t get through to someone who is very stupid orself-absorbed. … He seems to be very irate. I can’tgive you a full report as I’m only ten feet away. Oh,but, now he’s coming a little closer– Yes, he doesappear to be a little – a little ex– [A hammer swingsinto view conking Kevin on the head, he falls to thestudio floor and sprawls there unconscious, cheers andapplause as we cut back to Dennis at the desk]

    Dennis Miller: I sense the report isover.

    New York won the title of Number One Crime Capital inthe United States this week. Detroit, after demandinga recount, will finally be giving their concessionspeech later this week. … Statistics in the BigApple show that there is at least one stick-up everysix minutes. For those of you visiting the big city,do not fear — if you fail to get mugged within thesix minute time period, you’ll get your pizzafree.

    [Photo of President Bush with two people in largeEaster bunny costumes, a male and a female] PresidentBush met with Arizona senator Bruce Babbitt and hiswife this week.

    And the new movie Ernest Goes to Jail grossed fifteenmillion dollars in its first two weeks. Fifteenmillion dollars. [An old song by the Doors plays withJim Morrison singing: “This is the end, beautifulfriend…” as the lighting turns dark red and Dennisgrows grim and peers into the camera shaking his headsadly:] The horror … the horror … [“This is theend…” Song ends, lights come up and Dennis returnsto normal] [Photo of students at a school dance] The SupremeCourt this week refused to overrule a decision by aMissouri court that prohibited dancing in the city ofPurdy, Missouri, saying it was up to the city to ruleon it. And, additionally, the Supreme Court made itillegal in Purdy to make this overly cool dancingface. [Closer shot of the same photo with one studentgrimacing horribly] [Photo of baseball umpire calling prostrate ballplayer out at home plate – it looks as if the umpirejust punched out the player] Umpire Mark Johnsonknocked out Milwaukee Brewer Rob Deer in the thirdinning of last night’s game. The umpire’s manager DonKing said that he will fight Don Mattingly sometimelater this summer.

    [Photo of singer-actress-activist Eartha Kitt] And,tomorrow, of course, is Eartha Day and … I couldn’tbe more excited. I – I’ve always been such a fan ofthis special lady’s work. …

    Dennis Miller: And now, a humble man whobreathes the very air of truth and insight, A. WhitneyBrown with the Big Picture. Welcome, Whitney. [cheersand applause for Whitney who shakes hands withDennis]

    A. Whitney Brown: Thank you, Dennis. Nice to behere. Thank you. Well, friends, tomorrow everybodywill be out planting trees to save the planet. Ofcourse, we’ll cut them all down again at Christmas but… it’s the thought that counts. Earth Day began in1970, right after we went to the moon. Why did we goto the moon? No one knows. … Maybe JFK wanted toimpress one of his secretaries. … Or maybe he justwanted to make Khrushchev look bad. Anyway, it was adream that he had and LBJ made it come true — on someland a friend of his owned in Houston. … It was anamazing feat. In fact, it was the greatest leap oflife since the amphibians hit the beach in thePaleozoic Era. But, you know, our egotism was revealedwith those eleven cruel words: “[That’s] one smallstep for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Like therest of the ecosystem didn’t even exist! No mention ofthe trees that made the oxygen that fired the rockets!No “thank you” to the cretaceous mollusks that laiddown the continents one stinking shell at a time –without a government contract, I might add. … Youknow, if I were another link of the food chain, I’dhave taken it as a deliberate snub. He could have atleast thrown a bone to the invertebrates who backed usup when we were a bunch of nobodies. … Actually, Idon’t think Neil Armstrong even wrote it himself. Itsounds more like Neil Diamond. … But, in the BigPicture, besides arrogance, the greatest threat to theenvironment is ignorance. For example, there aretwenty-five million illiterates in this country alone.Every day, vast numbers of them give directions atservice stations. … [cheers and applause] …wasting millions of gallons of gasoline. Thousandsmore of them defrost refrigerators with sharp objects…. Thereby releasing chloroflourocarbons into theatmosphere. Which is all the more reason to planttrees. Because they give us two most crucial elementsfor our survival: oxygen and books. And that, myfriends, is the Big Picture. [cheers and applause]

    Dennis Miller: Whitney Brown.

    By the way, numerous Earth Day celebrations areplanned for all over the world tomorrow — or is ittoday? [chuckles] You know, I’m so bad with EarthDays. Anyway– … In the event of rain, they willall be moved inside the core of the planet.

    And, in an effort to strengthen Deborah Norville’simage, the Today Show flew her to Nicaragua yesterdayto interview the incoming president Violeta Chamorro.Norville met with Mrs. Chamorro at the palace inManagua at 7:15 this evening and, as we understand it,as of 8 p.m., Deborah Norville is the new president ofNicaragua.

    [Photo of broadcast journalist Diane Sawyer and DonaldTrump’s mistress Marla Maples – the two blonde womenare near look-alikes so Dennis sings a parody of “ThePatty Duke Show” theme song:]Where Diane adores the minuet
    The Ballet Russe and crêpes suzette
    Hey, Marla loves the rock and roll
    Billionaire makes her lose control
    What a crazy pair

    The U.S.– [cheers and applause for Dennis’singing]

    The U.S. census was declared a failure by Democratsthis week after only sixty-five percent of allhouseholds chose to respond to the questionnaire. Butwhat’s the point of a census if they already have acomplete list of all U.S. residents to mail the censusto?

    You know, you might think the Ninja Turtles would bethe hottest toy item on the market right now but notso! It’s gotta be this new one — the New Kids on theChopping Block doll set. [Dennis pulls out a New Kidson the Block doll with its head in a guillotine -cheers and applause] Let’s see how it works. I’m notsure which one this is. I – I think it’s Michelangelo.But here’s how it works. [guillotine blade refuses tofall] Okay. … [Dennis puts the doll away and laughs]Replacement heads are sold separately.

    You know, the French government has declared war ontobacco, approving a law banning all cigaretteadvertising and announcing a fifteen percent increasein the price of tobacco products beginning next yearin France. You know, I was in Paris last year and thenicest thing anybody did to me was blow smoke in myface.

    [Photo of actor Richard Gere] Recent publicity for themovie Pretty Woman reveals that Richard Gere is now aBuddhist and also dating model Cindy Crawford. [Photoof model Cindy Crawford with her famous beauty mark]Gere said he converted to Buddhism about the same timehe met Cindy. [Photo of Buddhist artwork with the samebeauty mark]

    Guess what, folks? That’s the news and I – am…

    [Cheers and applause drown out Dennis final words aswe pull back and fade out.]

    Submitted Anonymously

    SNL Transcripts