Poetry Class with Cameron Diaz

Mrs. Medez… Venessa Bayer

Pete Davidson

Aidy Bryant

Kenan Thompson

Tamra Lake… Cameron Diaz

Sasheer Zamata

[Starts with students and a substitute teacher in class]

Mrs. Medez: Hello everyone. I am your substitute teacher, Mrs. Medez, okay?

[Cut to Mrs. Medez]

School, huh? Let me ask you something. What do you think of when you think of writing poetry? Huh? Lame? Outdated? Studying? Well guess what? Poetry can be pretty cool. Oh! Okay, you know who some of my favorite poets are? I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them. Taylor Swift, okay. Kanye West, I must say. Eminems, okay.

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: It’s Eminem.

[Cut to Mrs. Medez]

Mrs. Medez: I love it, you’re listening. Okay. Now, the point is you can all be poets. Okay? So, your usual teacher asked you to write a poem about something you’re thankful for. And I wrote a thanksgiving poem myself. [Mrs. Medez slowly opens her note] Here it goes.

Turkey dinner, warm, pleasing, pungent
sour cranberry sauce,
sweet yams with sticky marshmallows
savory stuffing and spiced cider
notes of rosemary and cinnamon dance inside my nose
family and friends come together to share laughter,
and of course pumpkin pie

Oh! Okay, now. Who else has a poem about something they’re thankful for?

[Cut to the class]

Aidy: I do.

Mrs. Medez: Okay, great. Come on up.

[Cut to Aidy and Mrs. Medez]

Aidy: Okay. Um, I’m thankful for my stepdad Ron and my poem is called Ron rules.

Mrs. Medez: Great, okay.

Aidy: Ron is hilarious
he wears a t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo
Oh-oh! He fancy!
When we go to Burger King, he says, “I’ll have a whopper, medium, rare”
everybody laughs  and goes crazy
thanks Ron, for being dope

Mrs. Medez: Okay. That was wonderful.

[Cut to the class]

Thank you so much. Does anybody else has a poem?

Kenan: I can do one.

[Kenan walks to the front of the class]

Mrs. Medez: Oh, okay, great. Come on up. Okay.

[Cut to Kenan and Mrs. Medez]

Kenan: Ay, what’s up, y’all? Um, I’m thankful for the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., so here we go.

Turn of TVs
Oh, snap! F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is on
Ross is a little bitch, but he made me laugh though
Chandler be telling jokes about when Monica was heavy
he don’t give a damn
Joey is a player
he always be asking girls how they doin
Rachael and Monica be hot as hell
but I’d take Phoebe coz she quirky
and I’m a freak

Mrs. Medez: Okay, okay. Thank you, so much. Wow. [Cut to the class] You know, [Cut to Mrs. Medez] I feel like I really know that show now. Okay, great. Okay, guys, I have a special treat, okay? I brought  friend of mine who performs regularly at Wind Catcher Wednesdays, the poetry I hosted at Calypso Coffee down in Franklin street. Okay? Now, please give your snaps to Tamra Lake.

[Tamra Lake walks in. He has dreadlocks.]

Tamra Lake: Hello. Hello.

Mrs. Medez: Now, I asked Tamra to share a poem about something that she’s thankful for. Okay?

Tamra Lake: And I did. This one is called UPS man.

Short sleeves, short shorts, leaves me short of breath
cinnamon skin and a mustache thick as sin
why must you go out when I only want you in
Mr. UPS man, 

[Cut to the students liking it] [Cut back to Mrs. Medez and Tamra Lake]

each day, you bring goods to those who are waiting
but there is only one package, you’ve got me craving
and it is your’s
Mr. UPS man
Your truck has no doors, but I am open wide
so drive into my tunnel and explore inside
Mr. UPS man

Mrs. Medez: Oh! Okay. Okay. Oh! Okay. Okay.

[Cut to Sasheer]

Sasheer: Did that lady swallow a bicorn?

[Cut to Mrs. Medez]

Mrs. Medez: Um, you know what? Maybe we should stop our poetry unit for today, okay?

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: No! No, no, no! This is awesome! Do one about the FedEx guy.

[Cut to Mrs. Medez and Tamra Lake]

Mrs. Medez: Okay, I think that’s all for today. Okay?

[Students chanting “FedEx, FedEx”]

New Annie

Cecily Strong

Kate McKinnon

White Annie… Venessa Bayer

Aidy Bryant

Ms. Hannigan… Cameron Diaz

Daddy Warbucks… Jamie Foxx

Black Annie… Leslie Jones

Kenan Thompson

[Starts with HBO First Look intro]

Male voice: And now, HBO First Look presents an exclusive clip from the all new Annie. Starring Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx.

[Cut to the movie clip. Cecily, Kate, White Annie and Aidy are cleaning a room and singing]

Everybody: It’s a hard knock life for us
It’s a hard knock life for us
instead of treated, we get tricked
they won’t buy us iPhone 6
that’s a modern twist.

[Ms. Hannigan walks in]

Ms. Hannigan: Hey, what is going on in here?

Everybody: Sorry Ms. Hannigan.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan]

Ms. Hannigan: What did I tell you girls about singing while you clean up.

[Cut to the girls]

Kate: That it won’t bring our parents back.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan]

Ms. Hannigan: That’s right. Now this place needs to be spick and span for a special visitor.

[doorbell rings]

Now, is too late. Quick! How do my boobs look?

[Cut to the girls]

Aidy: Banging, Ms. Hannigan.

[Cut to everybody]

Ms. Hannigan: Coming! [Ms. Hannigan goes to open the door. The girls go away] [Daddy Warbucks enters the door]

Ms. Hannigan: Ooh! Hello!

Daddy Warbucks: Well, hello yourself. [cut to Daddy Warbucks] My name is Jamie Foxx. I mean Daddy Warbucks. And I’m here to meet that adorable little girl name Annie.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan and Daddy Warbucks. White Annie walks in]

White Annie: I’m right here, sir. Orphan Annie at your service.

Daddy Warbucks: No, no, no! I want the black Annie.

[Cut to White Annie]

White Annie: Oh, okay. Um, but I might get in trouble for this. [starts acting black] Yo, yo, yo! Wad up, playa?

[Cut to Daddy Warbucks]

Daddy Warbucks: No! Just please stop right now. I mean the all new black Annie. The one Ms. Hannigan sent me a photo of.

Black Annie: Alright, here I come.

[Cut to Black Annie walking in in a children outfit.]

What’s up? Annie in the house.

[Black Annie walks to Daddy Warbucks]

I was taking my pills and vitamins. You know, I gotta stay strong. You know what I’m saying?

Daddy Warbucks: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What the fazey? What the fizzle? I mean, who is this woman?

Black Annie: And who the hell is this sexy rich bastard?

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks and Black Annie]

Ms. Hannigan: Mr. Warbucks, this is Annie Shivau. We believe she is Haitian.

Black Annie: And I haven’t proved it yet, but I think my dad is Wyclef Jean. You know what I’m saying? And my mom is Bonnie Raitt.

Daddy Warbucks: How old are you?

Black Annie: 43 baby. But I can still go all night.

[Cut to Daddy Warbucks and Black Annie]

Daddy Warbucks: And you’re still an orphan?

Black Annie: Man, I’m everything. I’m an orphan. I’m a veteran. I did a half a season in the WNBA.

[White Annie comes in]

White Annie: Oh, black Annie, you’ve lived quite a life.

Black Annie: White Annie, I will slap you right now.

[White Annie leaves]

Daddy Warbucks: I’m a very rich man. And if I adopt you, I’m worried you might take my money.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks and Black Annie]

Ms. Hannigan: I promise Annie’s a very sweet girl.

Black Annie: Yeah! And I’m useful too.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan and Black Annie]

Ms. Hannigan: She’s great at making spreads for college football.
Black Annie: Damn straight!

Ms. Hannigan: She defended herself in court five times.

Black Annie: So, I’m basically a lawyer.

Ms. Hannigan: Oh! And she can palm a pumpkin.

[Cut to Ms. Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks and Black Annie. Daddy Warbucks holds a pumpkin with her one fist]

Black Annie: Coz I got some big ass hand.

[Cut to Daddy Warbucks and Black Annie

Daddy Warbucks: Well, I’m not sure you’re the little orphan girl I’m looking for, Annie. But I am in need of a security guard.

[Daddy Warbucks puts his hand out for a handshake.]

Black Annie: For real, Daddy Warbucks? You will not regret this.

[Daddy Warbucks hugs Black Annie]

Daddy Warbucks: Oh, my back! Easy!

Black Annie: The only thing is, I need my money up front and I don’t work weekdays and I got three kids that you’ll probably gonna have to adopt too.

[Cut to the girls]

Cecily: The sun will come out

Kate: Tomorrow

The girls: Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

[Cut to everybody]

Everybody: There’ll be sun

Daddy Warbucks: [yelling] Ay! [Cut to Daddy Warbucks] Why are you all trying to steal my moment? This is not about you orphan bitches. This about black Annie.

[rock music playing] [Cut to everybody. Kenan walks in dancing and singing]

Kenan: Oh! Black Annie! Damn! Damn!
Oh! Black Annie! Damn! Damn!
Black Annie was in town, bam, bam
but not gonna be around, bam, bam
Oh! Black Annie! Damn! Damn!
Oh! Black Annie! Damn! Damn!