Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?

Beck Bennett

Vanessa Bayer

Aidy Bryant

Benedict Cumburbatch

[Starts with GSN show schedule]

Male voice: You’re watching the Game Show Network. At five it’s ‘Gimme Gimme Da Money Please Please I Want Da Money Please’. But first, it’s time for America’s newest game show.

[Cut to Beck Bennett walking in the stage]

Beck Bennett: Hello everyone. I’m your host Beck Bennett. And welcome to my brand new game show where I try to get to the bottom of something that’s been throwing me for a loop all week. Let’s meet today’s contestants.

[Cut to Vanessa Bayer]

Vanessa Bayer: Um, hi. I am Vanessa Bayer and I’m here because you asked me to be.

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Ah! That’s right. Contestant number two.

[Cut to Aidy Bryant]

Aidy Bryant: Hi. I’m Aidy Bryant and Beck, what is this exactly?

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: You’ll see. Contestant number three.

[Cut to Benedict Cumburbatch]

Benedict Cumburbatch: Hello. I’m Benedict Cumberbatch and I don’t remember this sketch at dress rehearsal.

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Great. Thank you all for being here. And now it’s time to play ‘Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?’

[Cut to Benedict Cumburbatch]

Benedict Cumburbatch: Oh, Beck!

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Yeah, yeah. That’s right. Every girl in the cast has been so horny for this dude all week. So, as a guy I’m just kind of trying to figure that out. Alright, let’s get 30 seconds on the clock. Vanessa, tell me, why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?

[Cut to the contestants]

Vanessa Bayer: Like, right now? In front of him?

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Yes, please.

[Cut to Vanessa Bayer]

Vanessa Bayer: Okay. Well, it’s not like, his face per say. I mean it is. But it’s like– okay. It’s more like, um, the way his body and how he like– well– not his body body but like, this thing, when I see him, I just wanna like [screaming] “Uh!” and this just goes crazy.

[buzzer sound] [Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Time’s up. And that was not answered, Vanessa.

[Cut to Vanessa Bayer]

Vanessa Bayer: You didn’t let me finish. And I was a very close–

Benedict Cumburbatch: [interrupting] Vanessa, no!

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Okay. Aidy, you’re up. Explain to me, why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?

[Cut to Aidy Bryant]

Aidy Bryant: Okay, does my answer have to be in English?

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Why?

[Cut to Aidy Bryant]

Aidy Bryant: Because my feelings would be best described using a series of noises. Sort of like, ‘heh-heh-heh-, arrrrr, aoooh, god!’

[buzzer sound] [Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Are we looking at the same dude? What the frick! Okay, Benedict, you’re up. 30 seconds on the clock. Tell me, why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?

[Cut to Benedict Cumburbatch]

Benedict Cumburbatch: What? Well, I mean, honestly I don’t know either. I mean, you know, some people say that I look a bit like hammer head shark.

Beck Bennett: Ha-ha. Yeah, yeah.

Benedict Cumburbatch: You know, a lizard man.

Beck Bennett: Also great.

Benedict Cumburbatch: And I sort of think I look a little bit like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.

Beck Bennett: [laughing] Totally, you do.

Benedict Cumburbatch: But I guess it doesn’t really matter because Glamour magazine named me one of the sexiest man alive. So…

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Alive? On the planet? What the… Oh! Oh! You know what? Wait. I think I figured it out. I just need to ask you a follow up question and I need to whisper it.

[Beck Bennett walks to Benedict Cumburbatch and whispers in his ears]

Benedict Cumburbatch: No, I guess average sized.

[whispers in his ears again]

Yeah, the balls too.

Beck Bennett: Dammit!

[buzzer sound]

Hmm, okay. It’s time for round two. I’m gonna put a photos of Benedict next to someone we would say a more classically handsome American man. And you tell me who is hotter. Vanessa, is Benedict the hot one?

[The game screen shows a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch laughing hard.]

Or… is it the smothering mystery man with the juicy, juicy pink lips?

[A picture of Beck Bennett himself slides in the screen]

Those lips look pretty juicy.

[Cut to Vanessa Bayer]

Vanessa Bayer: Um, it’s Benedict.

Beck Bennett: Okay, take your time.

Vanessa Bayer: I don’t want to. It’s Benedict.

[buzzer sound] [Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: Dammit Vanessa. Okay, Aidy, your turn. Who is hotter? Benedict, or this guy?

[The game screen shows Benedict Cumberbatch’s funny looking photo and Beck Bennett’s photo of showing his muscles.] [Cut to Aidy Bryant]

Aidy Bryant: Okay, well, one guy is making kind of like a weird face. So, I’m gonna go with Benedict.

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: What? But the other guy is the V. Look, he has got it.

[Cut to Benedict Cumburbatch]

Benedict Cumburbatch: No, listen, Beck. I know it’s not my turn but I would say out of those two photographs, you have the hotter one.

Beck Bennett: What?

Benedict Cumburbatch: Yeah. It’s goofy in mine and you’re in shape and you look very handsome in your’s. You know?

Beck Bennett: I do?

Benedict Cumburbatch: Yeah. I mean, you’ve got nice abs and your skin looks good and smooth and even. You’re also funny and charming. It’s super nice, until this sketch. But you know, I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you this week and I hope we could do it again.

[Cut to Beck Bennett all blushing]

Beck Bennett: Oh my god! Bennie! Wow, you are striking and charming. And when you look at me, I feel truly seen.

[right answer bells]

Yes! Yes! I get it. I get why he’s hot. I win my own game. Join me next week for my new game show… ‘Am I hotter Than Kyle Mooney?’

[Cut to Aidy Bryant]

Aidy Bryant: Um, no. Kyle is my number one.

[Cut to Beck Bennett]

Beck Bennett: What? Really?

Bachelorette Party

Vanessa Bayer

Kate McKinnon

Melissa Villaseñor

Grammy… Aidy Bryant

Heather… Cecily Strong

Brad… Mikey Day

Roy… Benedict Cumberbatch

[Starts with three ladies planning a surprise party]

Vanessa: Okay, Heather just texted, she and Grammy are outside. Everyone hide.

Kate: Okay. Okay.

[Everyone hides] [Cut to Grammy and Heather getting in.]

Grammy: Oh, I’m just saying it was so cold in the restaurant that I ruined my dinner.

Heather: Okay, okay. Grammy, we are all so happy that you’re getting remarried at 83.

Grammy: Okay, Heather, why are you doing a speech at me in the dark?

Heather: I know you didn’t want a bachelorette party, so we had to make it a…

[ladies who were hiding come out]

All: Surprise!

[Grammy is shocked]

Kate: Ha-ha! Look at her. She had no idea. Ha-ha-ha.

[Grammy is still shocked]

Melissa: Hurry, hurry. Get her in the chair.

All: [hooting] In the chair! In the chair!

[Grammy slowly takes Heather to the chair. But Heather dies of shock but nobody notices it.]

Melissa: Alright, that’s better. Here we go. [putting a party-glasses and props on her]

Vanessa: Ha-ha-ha. Gentlemen! She is ready.

[Two young men dressed as construction workers walk in with a boombox.]

Brad: Hey, we’re from the construction company.

Roy: We have a delivery of some heavy wood.

Kate: Ha-ha! [pointing at Grammy] Ester is speechless. We finally found a way to shut her up.

Roy: Hey Brad, crank a tune.

Brad: Oh, yeah.

[Brad turns on a rock song and they start stripping for Grammy]

Heather: Alright!

[Brad and Roy throw their shirts on Grammy’s face. It’s stuck there.]

No, no, no. No hiding, Grammy. [Heather pulls the shirts off her face]

Brad: Hey! Should we get Grammy a fun sandwich, Roy?

Roy: Let’s do it.

[Heather and Melissa are so excited] [Brad and Roy push Grammy’s head back and forth on their crotches.] [Ladies are cheering]

Kate: Oh, biscuits! This is wild!

Vanessa: I know. Grammy, are you loving it?

[The gentlemen are twerking on Grammy’s face]

Brad: I think she worked up quite an apetite. Roy?

Roy: Yeah! Well, I’m hungry?

Brad: Let’s get her some dessert.

[Brad sprays creme on his belly and rubs it on Grammy’s face]

Yeah! Yeah!

[Roy starts to spray creme on Grammy’s mouth]

Roy: Eat em all.

Brad: You want cherry on that bad boy?

Roy: Do it! You know I like cherry.

[Brad puts a cherry on top of creme that’s on Grammy’s mouth]

Brad: Woo. Yeah, get it.

[Roy eats the cherry off of Grammy’s mouth]

Roy: Oh, my favorite flavor, her mouth.

Brad: Yeah!

Melissa: Hey boys, give us a taste.

Heather: Yeah. Yeah. Wooo!

[Brad and Roy start twerking on other ladies]

Kate: Oh my goodness! Ester! Ester! I’m still in your man over here. Look out.

Heather: Oh my god, look, Grammy’s so embarrassed that she’s trying to hide.

[Grammy us just slipping down from the chair. She falls on the floor. She is lying facing down.]

Kate: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I have never seen anything like this.

[Brad and Roy rolls Grammy’s body over]

Heather: Grammy, get up. Just have fun.

Brad: Yes, stop hiding from us. We actually like her on the floor.

Roy: Yeah. She can be like, the spar for our full body workout.

Brad: Yeah.

[Brad and Roy do the workout on Grammy] [Melissa and Heather are very excited]

Vanessa: Grammy, when Herman hears about this, you’re dead.

[Brad pulls Grammy up]

Brad: Come here, baby. Ooh! Up!

Kate: You know, I really love what your generation has done with this bachelorette party.

Brad: Oh my god! Ma’am? Ma’am?

Vanessa: What’s wrong?

Roy: Um, your grammy is like, our onethousandth customer.

Brad: Which means, she gets a free dance from the world series champion, Chicago Cubs.

[Three more gentlemen enter the room] [cheers and applause]

Heather: Oh, my god! Those are the real Chicago Cubs!

Gentleman: What’s up, girls? Who wants to hear the Grammy slam?

Ross: Don’t worry Grandma, Grandpa Ross is gonna take good care of you.

Gentleman: It’s your lucky night, we’re about to pull a triple header.

Brad: Ooh! You heard the Cubs. Let’s play ball.

[music playing] [All the gentlemen are stripping for Grammy]

Funny New Comedy

Tom Hanks

Vanessa Bayer

Tabi Gelfarb… Cecily Strong

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with CBS comedies intro]

Announcer: When it comes to viewers, CBS comedies are number one. But with cable and streaming shows like Golden Globe winning comedy ‘Transparent’ and Emmy winning comedy ‘Orange is the new Black’, we don’t win awards anymore. Until now! This Thursday, get ready for CBS’s funniest, cable-y-est, most award worthy comedy ever!

[Cut to five people sitting in a living room] [slow piano music playing]

Tom: I’m tired of being tired.

Vanessa : I wanna rip off my skin, throw it in the trash.

[Cut to Broken video bumper]

Announcer: It’s ‘Broken’, CBS’s brand new sitcom about a family of professors who were all diagnosed with depression on the same day. And throughout 30 minutes, it’s a comedy. So move over Tambor, coz Broken’s got the hilarious Tabi Gelfarb.

[Cut to Tabi Gelfarb]

Tabi Gelfarb: [fighting] Yeah! I like to be hit when I have sex. Are you happy now, dad? But I’m also your daughter! [crying] And I have crohn’s disease.

Announcer: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Best comedy, here we come. And you thought that was funny? Watch as the gang navigates love, life and buckle up, sex over 50.

[Cut to video where Tom and Vanessa  are about to get intimate but Tom stops.]

Vanessa : What’s wrong?

Tom: I was just thinking.

Vanessa : About what?

Tom: Our ancestors. How they lived, how they laughed. Who they loved.

Vanessa : Soon, we’ll be the ancestors.

[Tom is crying]

Announcer: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Did you hear the word ‘laughed’? That’s what keeps this a comedy. And if you love to LOL, you’ll love when the oldest daughter walks around touching every thing in their living room for 30 god-busting minutss. [Cut to video of Aidy touching everything that’s in the living room]

So funny. It’s the show fans are calling “This is a drama.” So, watch ‘Broken’ because it’s not just a comedy, it’s also a musical.

[Cut to Tom’s family singing prayers before dinner.]

Hear that Tonys? Broken, Thursdays on CBS. Please let us come to award shows again. They’re so freaking fun!

A Girl’s Halloween

Vanessa Bayer

Megan… Aidy Bryant

Janelle… Cecily Strong

[Starts with A Girl’s Halloween intro] [music playing] [Cut to Vanessa and Megan dressing up. It’s eight PM

Vanessa: Megan, you look so cute.

Megan: Oh, thanks. Janelle, will you like, fluff the back of my hair? It feels like it’s getting flat.

Janelle: Yeah, yeah. You guys, I love how we’re like, keeping it so chill this year.

Megan: I know.

Vanessa: So, we’re just grabbing dinner and then heading to Ryan’s for a bit?

Megan: Um-hmm.

Janelle: You guys, let’s do a selfie.

Vanessa: Oh, okay.

Janelle: Alright. Smile!

[They take selfies]

Megan: This is gonna be such a fun night.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM]

Megan: This night f****n sucks!

Janelle: I gave my credit card to someone and I don’t have it. Who has it?

Vanessa: Please! I need to get pizza.

Megan: Oh! Pizza, bitch!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Janelle: Hey, Megan. Will you draw my whiskers? Your’s look like, so good.

Megan: Yes. I did like a little white line underneath for definition.

Vanessa: Oh, that’s so smart.

Janelle: Just like that. That’s what I want mine to look. I’m gonna look so cute.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM. All their make ups are messed up.]

Janelle: I’m so ugly.

Megan: Don’s say that.

Janelle: Megan, don’t. You stop coz you have been a bitch to me all night.

Megan: That’s because you wouldn’t wait.

Janelle: No. You said to go, Megan!

[Janelle walks away. She falls down.] [Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Vanessa: Should I paint my nails yellow?

Megan: Oh, yeah. You should do yellow for the cheese.

Janelle: Hey, if you wanna be a cat too, like, I have extra.

Vanessa: Oh, that’s okay. I like being the cheese.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle drunk at the streets at four AM.]

Vanessa: Why did you make me be the cheese? You guys got to be cute. And you made me be the cheese.

[Cut to Megan sitting down at the side of the street, wildly.] [Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Megan: My these shoes are cute. It was so hard to find grey ones that matched.

[Cut to Megan walking alone drunk at the street. She can’t walk properly because of her shoes.]

Megan: Hey guys, please wait. I got it now. Come on. Wait for me. Guys!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Janelle: You know what? I think I’m not gonna drink tonight.

Megan: Good idea, Janelle.

Vanessa: That’s so smart, Janelle.

[Cut to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle at the pizza place. Janelle pukes on the pizza.]

Megan: [singing looking at the guys beside them] Oh, babe, what up, baby, you want some of this?

[Bobby walks in]

Bobby: You and your drunk friends got to get out of my restaurant now.

Megan: No, you cannot yell at her.

Bobby: Get out of my store, okay? Before I turn the hose on you.

Megan: Oh, yeah. You would love to do that.

Vanessa: You nasty pervert.

Megan: Pervert!

[Cut to Bobby at eight PM sticking halloween stickers on his restaurant door.]

Bobby: [looking at the stickers and smiling] Spooky!

[Cut to Bobby spraying water on the girls using hose]

Vanessa: What the hell.

Janelle: Oh, my god!

[Cut back to Vanessa, Megan and Janelle getting ready]

Megan: Oh, I look cute.

[Cut to Megan running through the glass door of pizza restaurant breaking it.]

Bobby: Oh my god!

[Cut to Vanessa and Janelle lying on a sofa, still drunk]

Vanessa: That was so fun.

Janelle: Yeah. I’m so glad it was just us girls.

[A guy painted all green is behind them]

The guy: Hey, what about me?

Janelle: Ew, who let that guy in?

[Megan walks in. Her mouth is all green.]

Megan: I have no freaking idea.

[The End]

Short Film

Host… Alex Moffat

Emily Blunt

Vanessa Bayer

Andrew… Kyle Mooney

Cecily Strong

Beck Bennett

Mikey Day

Kate McKinnon

Aidy Bryant

Kenan Thompson

[Starts with Host speaking on the stage]

Host: Hello. Welcome to the 16th Annual AnnArbor Short Film Festival. Um, so tonight we’ve got a really special one for you. I think you’re gonna love it. Also, stick around after the screening for a Q&A with the cast and crew. And now, without any further due, I present Qua.

[The movie starts] [Emily is looking herself at the mirror. She looks sad.] [Cut to Emily running from something. She falls and looks back. It turns out she is running away from herself.]

Emily: [scared] It’s me.

[Cut to Host clapping on the stage]

Host: Now, please help me welcome the cast and crew of Qua.

[Cut to the audience. All of them except one stands up and walk to the stage.]

Come on up, guys. Yeah, awesome. Very cool. Excellent. Yeah, congrats guys. Cool. Thank you all for being here. Alright. And um, I gotta say, truly stunning work. Okay, let’s just jump right in and get some audience questions.

[Cut to Vanessa sitting alone at the audience. There is a mic.]

Vanessa: Oh. I guess I’ll go. Um, good job everybody. Um, what was that all about?

[Cut to the stage. Andrew takes the mic.]

Andrew: Um, for me I guess it’s sort of about just the holocaust.

[Cecily takes the mic]

Cecily: Oh, yeah, sorry. Um, and just a piggy back off of what Andrew said, it’s also about like, “Yeah, why do we wear make up?”

[Beck takes the mic]

Beck: Yeah, right. But at the end of the day, it’s also comedy.

Host: Okay, great. Um, let’s take another question.

[Cut to Vanessa sitting alone at the audience.]

Vanessa: Okay. Um, I’ll go again. Um, for the actress I guess, did you get to do any improv on set?

[Cut to the stage]

Emily: Oh. [she takes the mic] Yeah, that was a great question. There wasn’t a ton of improv coz you know, it was such a great script. But I did get to improv a few little things like, you know, the part where I said, “It’s me.” You know, that was improvised. And then you know that part where I was running and I fell down, that was also improvised. And then, the part where I was in the bathroom, that was all improv. But other than that, it was really, really scripted.

Host: Okay. Let’s take one more question.

[Cut to Vanessa sitting alone at the audience.]

Vanessa: Dammit. Oh, um, what were some of your influences for this movie?

[Cut to the stage. Mikey gets the mic.]

Mikey: Um, I guess for me, I’d say Richard Linklater and Charlie Kaufman.

Beck: Yeah, for me I definitely say Charlie Kaufman and Richard Linklater. Yeah.

Kate: I guess for me it was sort of the combination of Richard Linklater and also Charlie Kaufman.

Aidy: And for me, it was the British Office.

Host: Okay. So, we have time for 10 to 15 more questions. Yes, miss.

[Cut to Vanessa sitting alone at the audience.]

Vanessa: I guess, can you tell me about the music. And also, you don’t need to pass the mic if that will make this go faster.

Kenan: No, we don’t mind.

Emily: Um, this is actually a really cool story. The music was supposed to be an original song by Alicia Keys.

Host: Oh, that’s cool.

Emily: Yeah, yeah. But then, um, right before we started shooting we realized that none of us had Alicia’s email or anything. So, we couldn’t do that.

Host: Now, I gotta jump in here. Um, obviously there was a lot of symbolism in the movie.

All: Yeah.

Host: Does anyone have any questions about the symbolism? Um, yes you, putting on your coat and purse.

[Cut to Vanessa getting ready to leave]

Vanessa: Oh! Yes, um, can you talk about the number 3s that were all over the woods.

[Cut to the stage]

Kenan: [gets the mic] Thanks a lot. I’m sorry, what 3s?

[Cut to Vanessa]

Vanessa: There were huge number 3s all over the woods in that woods scene?

[Cut to the stage. All the members are looking at each other’s faces confused.]

Kenan: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Host: Okay. We’re almost out of time. But real quick, why don’t we go down the line and just say what you’re working on now.

Aidy: Nothing.

Kenan: Nothing for me.

Kate: I’m doing some grocery shopping later today.

Mikey: Um, I’m doing nothing.

Beck: Nothing for me.

Cecily: Um, I’m going camping. Not this weekend but next.

Andrew: Um, I’m also doing nothing.

Emily: Um, I’m in ‘the Girl On the Train’ which is out in threatres right now.

Host: Oh, fun. Cool.

[The End]


Mom… Aidy Bryant

PJ… Kyle Mooney

Alice… Kate McKinnon

James… Beck Bennett

Emily Blunt

Alex Moffat

[Starts with Mom talking to PJ ]

Mom: Aw, honey. What’s going on, PJ? You’ve been staring at your hamster cage for gosh, an hour now.

PJ : Ever since we put in the new guys, the old ones are being really mean.

Mom: Um, okay. Well, the lady at Petco said that they might fight a little but that they’ll work it out.

PJ : I don’t know mom. It’s pretty bad.

[Cut to the hamsters]

Alice: He can’t get it up. Did he tell you that?

James: Hmm, you’re drunk. You’re a drunk hamster Alice. A drunk hamster.

Alice: How else could I survive living in this pathetic little cage with you?

James: Oh, you want a big cage, Alice? Go on. Go back to Harrow.

Alice: Oh, again with the damn guinea pig.

James: Um, he has a big cage. Isn’t that what you like, Alice? Big expensive things.

[Cut to Emily and Alex]

Emily: Oh my, it is getting late. I think we have to head on home.

Alex: Yes, thank you for the evening. We’ll see ourselves out.

Alice: Oh, no, no. But stay, dinner is almost ready.

James: Yeah, it’s almost burnt to a crisp.

Alice: It’s pallet roast, James. It’s refined.

Emily: You know, we actually have a toilet paper roll in home to finish. So we should…

Alex: Oh, yes. Thanks for the offer.

James: Hmm, I’d like to off her.

Alice: What was that coward?

James: I’d like to off you.

[Cut to PJ and his mom ]

PJ : I think we should get another cage.

Mom: Well, maybe you just need to feed them, right? Maybe they’re just hungry.

PJ : I don’t know. It still feels really tense.

[PJ  puts in some food for the hamsters.] [Cut to the hamsters eating.]

Emily: Um, James, so what do you do for work?

James: Well, I used to be in sales but now I’m mostly working on pulling in that sock from the side of the cage.

[Cut to a sock stuck at the cage]

Emily: Oh, that’s fascinating. How wonderful–

Alice: [mocking] Oh, that’s fascinating, is it? Ha-ha! What I wouldn’t give these 12 weeks olds again. Just a wide eyed easily impressed little floosy.

Alex: Now, wait a minute.

James: Oh, that’s enough.

Alice: Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot we’re all lying to ourselves tonight.

Emily: Alice, please. We’re all neighbors. I thought we might as well get to know each other.

Alice: Oh, you would like to get to know my husband, wouldn’t you Ms. Fluffy? Can’t keep your lies off his tail.

James: Not everyone is as sick as you, Alice.

Alice: Oh! I’m sick?

James: You’re sick.

Alice: How am I sick?

James: Oh, you want me to tell you how you’re sick?

Alice: Tell me. Tell me how I am sick.

James: Oh, you’re sick coz you’re scared. You’re always running. Running on that wheel. Trying to run away from something but you can’t run away from yourself, Alice. It eats you up inside.

[Alice claps]

Alice: I had no idea you were a poet, James. Here I thought you were just a choir.

[Cut to PJ and his mom ]

Mom: Okay, you know what PJ? I think you might be right.

PJ : I told you. That older one keeps playing mind games with our new.

Mom: I know. They’re just– they’re going in circles and I can’t take it.

PJ : We have to put a stop to this. Or they will.

Mom: Alright, I’ll get a bucket.

[Cut to the hamsters]

Alice: Go ahead. Hit me.

James: You want me to hit you?

Alice: Oh, go on and hit me.

James: You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Alice: Oh, I’m not a man. Hit me.

James: Oh, get nice black eye to show your friends?

Alice: He doesn’t have the tail to hit me.

[James hits Alice]

Ou! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

James: Your’e a poison. You’re toxic. You’re sick.

Emily: Stop it. Stop it. Listen to yourselves. So much hatred. We have a short time on this earth before we’re buried in a New Balance shoe box. Why can’t we just enjoy each other’s company?

James: She ate our babies, you know? All eight of them.

Alice: I was hungry.

[Cut to PJ and his mom . Mom is holding a bucket]

Mom: Okay, let’s get those newer guys out of there.

PJ : Oh, silence mother. What do you know about pets?

Mom: Okay. These are all going back and you can have a dog.

PJ : Awesome, baby!

Drive-Through Window

Pete Davidson

Mikey Day

Michael Tangelo… Kenan Thompson

Linda Tomorrow…Emily Blunt

Randy Candy… Bobby Moynihan

Melissa Villaseńor

Kate McKinnon

Cecily Strong

Real Jeff… Beck Bennett

Pam… Aidy Bryant

Bruno Mars

[Starts with Pete waiting for the customer in Burger King]

Pete: Welcome to Burger King. Pull around and order at the first window, please.

[Mikey comes through in his pink limo and opens the window. He is wearing green suit.]

Mikey: Wad up?

Pete: Oh! Um, hey. Would you like to try the snickers pie today?

Mikey: Dude, I got a pink Hummer limo filled with party people. Only thing is, we got some empty tummies.

Pete: Okay. Um, how many people are in there?

Mikey: No way to tell, my man! We all just came from an art installation party hosted by our friend Otto the Question. So, let’s start with, um, 20 whoppers.

Pete: Okay. You want whoppers or angry whoppers?

Mikey: Hmm, that is a question for Michael Tangelo. One love.

[Mikey closes his window and moves the limo forward. The second widow opens.]

Michael Tangelo: Wad up?

Pete: Hey. Do you know what you want?

Michael Tangelo: Um, first, good evening. I am Michael Tangelo. Part of the House of Terrific and Artist Collective. Now, what’s this I hear about an angry whopper?

Pete: Um, it’s like a whopper but it’s spicy. It’s got onions rings in it.

Michael Tangelo: In it? So it’s an entrée that ate it’s own side dish? Hmm. I’m gonna let Linda Tomorrow weigh in on this.

Pete: Who?

Michael Tangelo: Bye, bye.

[Michael Tangelo closes the window. The limo moves forward. The third window opens.]

Linda Tomorrow: Wad up?

Pete: You’re Linda Tomorrow?

Linda Tomorrow: Who’s asking?

Pete: Well, what do you want to eat?

Linda Tomorrow: Ah, yes. I haven’t slum with the normal in so long. I’ll have a burger. Funky style. And make it a magnum XL. Fries, size nine. And a diet mountain don’t size 10.

Pete: Um, well, we just have three sizes ma’am. Small, medium and large.

Linda Tomorrow: A what now and who there?

Pete: Is medium okay?

Linda Tomorrow: Never mind. Just talk to Randy Candy. Good bye.

[Linda Tomorrow closes the window. The limo moves forward. The 4th window opens. The music is playing inside the limo.]

Randy Candy: Wad up?

Pete: Are you Randy Candy?

Randy Candy: [squeaky voice] Um-hmm. I pet a whimsy and this part of the car is feeling some chicken fries.

Pete: Okay. Um, do you want regular chicken fries or like, the Cheetos chicken fries?

Randy Candy: I’m sorry, what’s the difference?

Pete: Um, the Cheetos chicken fries are covered in Cheeto coating.

Randy Candy: This news will throw this car into chaos. How could you?

[Randy Candy closes the window] [Melissa walks to Pete]

Melissa: What is going on? Have these people ordered yet?

Pete: Um, kind of.

Melissa: What did they order?

Pete: Um, this one lady ordered like a mega-funky burger.

Melissa: We don’t have that.

Pete: Look, I’m trying. I just need to talk to like, one normal person. Sorry.

[Melissa walks away. The 5th window of the limo opens.] [Kate and Cecily look the same]

Kate and Cecily: Wad up?

Pete: God! Sorry, crazy. Um, are you guys ready to order?

Cecily: Absolutely. We want three food.

Kate: Like, four food. And savory?

Cecily: Let’s be bad. Why not?

Kate: Four food and a nibble.

Pete: Yeah, but like, what food?

Cecily: The only one who can answer this is real Jeff. Bye.

[They close the window. The limo moves forward. 6th window opens. Real Jeff is sitting with his puppet.]

Real Jeff: Wad up? Give us 20 whoppers and 20 chicken fries.

Pete: Ah! Thank you, dude. Finally. Alright, that’s $hundredfortytwo.eighteen. How would you like to pay?

Real Jeff: Oh, I don’t pay. That’s Pam’s department. Peace.

[Real Jeff closes the window. The limo moves forward. the 7th door opens. Pam is sitting and someone is massaging her shoulder.]

Pam: Wad up?

Pete: Hey, are you Pam?

Pam: Um, yes sir. I am Pam and I fund this.

Pete: Okay, well it’s $142.18.

Pam: Okay, great, so can you split it on 26 credit cards?

Pete: No, I can’t.

Pam: Okay. Well then, maybe my boyfriend has some cash.

[Pam’s boyfriend is Bruno Mars who shows his face now]

Bruno Mars: Wad up?

Pete: Bruno Mars? What the hell is going on there? You hang with these people?

Bruno Mars: No, they hang with me. You should join us, man.

Pete: Ah! I’m sorry, man! I’m working.

Bruno Mars: It didn’t stop your friend.

[Melissa shows her face inside the window]

Melissa: Oh! Wad up?

Pete: You know what? I’m in.

Bruno Mars: Ay, make some room, Randy Candy!

Pete: I hate Randy Candy!


Aidy Bryant

Banessa Bayer

Malissa Villaseńor

Sasheer Zamata

Leslie Jones

[Starts with clips women dressed very nicely having fun]

Female voice: Beautiful, strong, gorgeous at any size. You’re a woman and you deserve clothes that fit and flatter. You are confident.

[Cut to Vanessa]

Vanessa: So confident.

Female voice: Prove them wrong. You rock.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: I rock it.

Female voice: You rule the world.

[Cut to Aidy]

Aidy: Hell, yes I do.

Female voice: That’s why you shop at [growling] Chonk. [Aidy is confused] We know what women want. You wanna be glamorous. We know not every woman’s a runway model. hat’s why [growling] Chonk. [Vanessa and Melissa are confused] You’re a queen. You’re a goddess. You’re [growling] Chonk.

Aidy: I’m Chonk. Head to toe Chonk.

Female voice: No matter what size you are, you’ll still feel [growling] Chonk.

Vanessa: No.

Female voice: We’re the only store that accepts your unique body.

Sasheer: Unique?

[Cut to a little girl playing around]

Female voice: And try our twin girls department. Lil’–

[Aidy walks in and pulls away the girl]

Aidy: No. I don’t want this one. No.

Female voice: [growling] Chonk. Chonk. Chonk.

Leslie: You got one more Chonk, and that’s your ass.

Female voice: And for the guy in your life, visit our men’s store, ‘Normal clothes’.

[Cut to Bobby and Pete buying shirts]

Bobby: This shirt fit me.

Pate: Me too. I got everything I needed.

Bobby: Yeah. No problems here. Sweet.

Female voice: [singing] Every woman’s a [growling] Chonk!

Wells Fargo Wagon

Winthrop… Kyle Mooney

Mason… Bobby Moynihan

Aidy Bryant

Cecily Strong

Kenan Thompson

Sasheer Zamata

Kate McKinnon

Mikey Day

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sally… Melissa Villaseñor

Pete Davidson

[Starts with The Music Man intro]

Announcer: You’re watching The Music Man on Turner Classis Movies. So either you’re an old woman or a young gay man.

[Cut to Winthrop running to Mason and Aidy]

Winthrop: Mason! Mason!

Mason: Why, hello there Winthrop.

Winthrop: [speaking while spitting everywhere] When do you think us kids are going to receive our musical instruments?

Aidy: Oh, I guess Winthrop still working on that lisp.

[Cut to Winthrop getting angry]

Winthrop: Say it to my face, bitch!

Mason: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [Cut to all] Okay, easy Winthrop. I think everyone’s just a little excited about these instruments. [bell ringing] Oh, and listen that could be them arriving right now.

[Cut to Cecily dancing and singing]

Cecily: Oho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is coming down the street

[Cut to Kenan and Sasheer walking in]

Kenan: Oh, please let it be for me

Sasheer: Oh, oh, oh, Well’s Fargo Wagon is coming down the street 

[Cut to Cecily]

Cecily: I wish, I wish I knew what it could be

[Kate walks in]

Kate: I got a box of sugar on my birthday

Aidy: In March I got a grey macintos 

[Cut to 8, Kenan and Sasheer]

Mikey: And once I got some great fruits from Tampa

All: Oho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is coming down the street

Oh please let it be for me

[Cut to Winthrop]

Winthrop: It could be something for someone who is no relation

[Cut to all]

All: Or it could be something very, very special now just for me

[The wagon arrives and everyone is excited.]

Lin-Manuel: Well, hello River city.

Winthrop: Our instruments.

Sally: Do you have my clarinet?

Pete: Yeah, what about my flute or whatever?

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Wells Fargo’s got something even better than instruments. They’re called bank accounts. And I’m giving everyone at least three of them.

Pete: Yeah! Wait, what?

Lin-Manuel: That’s right. Everyone gets a bank account. What’s your name son?

Winthrop: Winthrop.

Lin-Manuel: Okay, what’s your name?

Sally: Sally.

Lin-Manuel: I’ve got an accounted for you, Sally. And for your dog.

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Mason: Um, sir, I don’t think these children or their dogs need bank accounts.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Oh, sure they do. In fact this whole town needs bank account. Like you sir, and you ma’am, and this skinny gentleman over here.

[He’s pointing at the mailbox]

Kate: That’s a mailbox!

[Cut to the children and Lin-Manuel]

Pete: Why are you doing this, sir?

Lin-Manuel: Do you know what a code is kid? A code is a target I need to hit or I’m a dead man. So, what do you say? Do you want to kill me? Or do you want to shut up and get a credit card?

[Cut to the children]

Winthrop: But sir, you’re threatening customers. Isn’t that fraud?

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Is it little frog? No, it’s a credit card.

[Cut to Winthrop]

Winthrop: I said fraud. I think you heard me say frog.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel looking around]

Lin-Manuel: Everybody hates this kid, right?

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Aidy: Well, I think the boy is right.

[Kenan walks in]

Kenan: Yes, if Wells Fargo keeps doing this, they’re going to get in trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble with the camp–

[Lin-Manuel slaps Kenan]

Lin-Manuel: Can you shut the hell up? You don’t understand the pressure I’m in. These Wells Fargo are jackals. As the matter of fact, they took my daughter.

[Cut to Mason and Aidy]

Mason: No, they didn’t.

[Cut to Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: Okay, you got me. Sales technique. But come on. You got to help me out on this. If I have to face my boss tomorrow with nothing, I shall poopie my pants.

[Winthrop approaches Lin-Manuel]

Winthrop: Hey, Mr., I’ll take one bank account please.

Lin-Manuel: Wow, I was all wrong about you kid. You’re a real pal. That’s why I’m also gonna give you something called an exploding mortgage. That sounds pretty cool, huh?

Winthrop: It sure does. [spitting on Lin-Manuel]

Lin-Manuel: You gotta learn how to talk man. I’m like, drenched.

[music playing]

Winthrop: It could be something for someone with no relation

Lin-Manuel: Or it could be…

All: Yes, it could be, yes you’re right, it sure could be

Lin-Manuel: Oh, and on the way in I ran over three kids.

All: Just for me.

Winthrop: Wells Fargo, sorry.

The Hunch Bunch

Josh… Mikey Day

Aidy Bryant

Fenster Kyle Mooney

Cecily Strong

Ted… Beck Bennett

Becca Ashley… Margot Robbie

[Starts with the Hunch Bunch intro]

Announcer: You’re watching Nick@Nite, now back to a classic episode of the Hunch Bunch.

[The characters get into a room. It looks like a haunted house.]

Josh: Okay, the coast is clear.

Aidy: Ew, cobwebs. I hate spiders.

Fenster: You’re worried about the cobwebs? Did you forget about the monster?

Cecily: Stop chitchatting and look for clues, you two.

Ted: Just once, I’d like to solve a mystery in a place that isn’t spooky.

Josh: We can do it Hunch Bunch. We just have to use our heads.

Becca Ashley: Can I just say? This is so much fun. I have been bugging Ted for doing mystery for weeks.

Cecily: No problem, Becca Ashley. We’re gonna need all the help we can get.

Fenster: Well, like, no clue’s here. We can go now. Who’s hungry?

[Fenster walks away]

Aidy: You’re such a fraidy cat, Fenster.

[Everyone laughs]

Becca Ashley: Yeah, you lame ass pussy.

Ted: Babe, don’t say that!

Becca Ashley: What? I was just joining in teasing.

Ted: Yeah, but like, you don’t know these guys that well yet. You know, just pump the brakes.

Josh: Well, lookie here. If there’s a real monster hunting this castle, [Josh finds a monster mask] then what’s this?

Becca Ashley: Oh! The monster’s face.

Josh: Well, sort of Becca Ashley. It’s a mask. Which means…

Becca Ashley: The monster made a mask of his own face.

Josh: Good guess but I have a hunch there is no monster.

Cecily: So that means the monster…

Everybody: Is ground’s keeper Cogin.

Becca Ashley: [not following] Mask of his own face!

Ted: Babe!

Aidy: It all adds up. Grounds keeper Cogin just wants the castle all to himself.

Ted: And what better way to scare off visitors then dressing up as a spooky monster.

Fenster: But wait. If grounds keeper Cogin’s the monster, like, how did he get from here to the dining room so fast?

Josh: There must be some sort–

Becca Ashley: [interrupting] He had a bike.

Aidy: Ted, can you…

Ted: Yeah. Babe, let’s just listen for a while, okay? You know, it’s actually super interesting how it all gets solved.

Josh: I know how grounds keeper Cogin got across the house so fast. He had some sort of…

[Josh pulls a book off the shelf and it opens a secret path.]

… shortcut.

Becca Ashley: What? Josh broke the bookshelf. What an idiot!

Josh: Ha-ha. I didn’t break the bookshelf. That’s a secret passage way.

Becca Ashley: Why?

Josh: What do you mean why? Because that’s what it is. It’s simply a secret passage way. Look, Becca Ashley, I want to include you because I like Ted and you’re very positive, but please, stop challenging everything say.

Becca Ashley: Yeah, but you broke it.

Josh: Okay.

[footsteps sound]

Fenster: Shh, like I hear someone coming.

Becca Ashley: Ew, who would have sex in this filthy old castle?

Josh: What? Ew, no. No!

Fenster: Like, everyone, hide!

[everyone hides] [Grounds Keeper Cogin walks in]

Cogin: Now, where did I leave my mask?

[Becca Ashley stand and shoots at Grounds Keeper Cogin three times at his back.]

Josh: No!

Ted: Babe, what the hell is wrong with you?

Cecily: You brought a gun?

Aidy: You shot grounds keeper Cogin.

Becca Ashley: No, because he’s the monster.

Josh: I don’t even think he technically broke any laws.

Fenster: We have to help him. He’s still alive.

Becca Ashley: No way! I’m not going back to jail.

[Becca Ashley cocks the gun]

Everybody: No.

[Cut to video bumper]

Announcer: The Hunch Bunch [gun shot sound] will be right back.