Traffic Altercation

Mikey: What is that lady doing? She almost was plowed into us. [honks the horn] Lunatic!

Chloe: Oh my God, dad, don’t be so awkward.

Mikey: Well, she almost caused accident just sit there and bumper to bumper traffic. Hey, hello. Hey! Hey!

Quinta: What?

Mikey: You cut me off. You drive crazy.

Quinta: You know what? Eat me. Eat me. I had my blinker on.

Mikey: That’s a lie. You lie. Shame on you.

Quinta: Eat my butt. All of this.

Mikey: You are a sad woman. You sad woman.

Quinta: Okay. Well, why don’t you roll down your window and say that to my face.

Mikey: Why did you mime a crank? No cars have those windows. Power windows now. Do this. Boo. Bad choice.

Quinta: No. This? It’s too small. It wouldn’t read.

Mikey: I guess.

Quinta: You are scared because you aren’t a man. You’re not a big man.

Mikey: Shut up. Shut up. I am a man. I am very strong man.

Quinta: No. You are a little bitch. You are a little bitch.

Mikey: [to Chloe] She’s using you for the word bitch?

Chloe: What? That is so messed up. You suck. You suck.

Mikey: Hey. Hey, don’t do that. First of all, I don’t love that you use two hands. Second of all, just don’t do it. You know what? You know what? Bye. Bye. You not worth my time.

Qinta: Bye, you are a giant puss. You’re that. You’re giant puss.

Mikey: What would your mother say if she saw you do that.

Quinta: My mom told me to do it.

Quinta’s mom: You like devil.

Mikey: Shame on you. That was racist.

Quinta: Now, don’t hate all white people. Just you.

Mikey: Bravo. Bravo. You bad person. I feel bad for your husband.

Quinta: No husband. He went bye-bye. We split up.

Mikey: Oh. Me too. Wife left. But it’s good. She was a bitch.

Chloe: Dad!

Quinta: Respect. Respect. Hey, this might be crazy. But are you hungry?

Mikey: Yeah, I could eat.

Quinta: Do you maybe one To eat these butt? Huh? Ha-ha-ha. Eat the butt.

Mikey: Shame on you.

Chloe: You suck.

Mikey: Stop doing that. Stop it.