Claire Foy Unveils Her Real Accent | Season 44 Episode 7

[Claire Foy, Anderson Paak and Cecily Strong are on SNL stage]

Claire Foy: Hello. I am Claire Foy and I am hosting SNL with musical guest, Anderson Paak.

Cecily Strong: Gorgeous accent. Chicago?

Claire Foy: Nope. Britain.

Cecily Strong: I’m from Chicago. That’s a Chicago accent.

Claire Foy: No, I’m from Britain. Home of Da Queen.

Anderson Paak and Cecily Strong: Da Queen!


Claire Foy: Hello, I am Claire Foy and I am hosting SNL with Anderson Paak.

Cecily Strong: Well, so you’re British. I see you have so many different accents. So I just wasn’t sure.

Claire Foy: Yeah. No, I’ve changed my accent so many times but I think this is my real voice.

Anderson Paak: Where are you from originally?

Claire Foy: Kansas city, Missouri.