Architectural Digest Tour

Beck Bennett

[Starts with “Architectural Digest Open Door” intro]

Female voice: “Architectural Digest Open Door” where we invite you to take an exclusive look at some of our favorite celebrity homes as they take us through the design techniques that makes each home unique.

[Cut to Beck Bennett opening the door.]

Beck: Hi, AD, this is Beck Bennett. And this is my home. Come on inside. [looks at the back of the door] Um, you don’t need to– you can just get over. [there are things placed in messy way] You don’t need to get that. That’s just some boxes.

[Beck Bennett starts the house tour.]

This is my home. This is like, the main room. This is where we like, watch TV and hangout.  That’s a candle. This is a window. Um, huh, there’s some tape on this. Sorry, just gonna get this. Hah! There’s a little piece of tape on the window.

Come on over here with me to the dining room. This is a calendar that we were using to keep track of how many days went by. And now, we’re just kind of I guess, keeping the puzzle pieces on there. And this is kind of like, the pile. I don’t know if you guys have this. We just like, don’t know what to do with a lot of this stuff.

This is like a cool, fancy Jenga that we got in Thailand which is one of our favorite places. I think Jenga is maybe, a big part of the culture there. Um, or I’m not sure. Actually, I don’t know.

This is a piano. Um, sometimes I like to come here and get creative. Um, and play some. [singing] Sometimes, some- sometimes sometimes I go. Um, brings me some calming energy and helps me escape. And my neighbor’s car. That’s his blue car.

This is sort of an organic thing. This is a new crack on the wall. Um, the house is over 100 years old and will just kind of get cracks in the walls sometimes. There’s a crack on the wall. There’s crack. There’s a crack. That’s a kind of a stain. Cracks right there. Crack up there. This was a big crack but we kind of smudged it with this stuff but we never painted over the smudge. Sort of a crack. There’s a crack. There’s a crack over there. That’s a crack. That’s a crack right above it. And this right here, this is a tape stain.

Well, AD, that was my home. Thanks so much for coming. See ya. Hey, was that good? What are the other homes like?