Beanie Babies

Dustin… Daniel Kaluuya

Bowen Yang

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with Bowen, Dustin and Aidy having a meeting]

Bowen: Good to see you, Dustin. We’ve been looking forward to reviewing this year’s Beanie Baby bios.

Dustin: Me too. I love writing little stories. Little stories on that text.

Aidy: Well, that’s what makes Ty different. Our Toys come with beautiful back stories. They have a past.

Bowen: Yeah. And we love what you wrote for Clipper the dolphin. “As I sail through the ocean blue, I’ll run across a friend or two. My birthday is March 5th.”

Aidy: It is so great that you always include the Beanie’s birthdays.

Dustin: Thank you. Children want to know when their toy was born.

Bowen: Yes. Alright. That’s enough. Let’s get started. As always, please present each Beanie on the Beanie pedestal.

[Dustin puts a toy penguin on the table]

Dustin: This is Rico.

Aidy: Oh, adorable. Okay, so what will his tag say?

Dustin: “Sick of being the funny one, always desexualizedd by friends. Wobble wobble. there I go to bed again with no nudes. Might as well be dead. Send nude or unfollow. My birthday is June 22.”

Aidy: Hmm. Dustin, this feels a little off Beanie.

Dustin: Okay.

Aidy: I didn’t love the death part. Let us remember, Beanies don’t know that they die.

Bowen: Yes, correct. They live a happy life, and then it stops. There is no pain. Who’s next?

[Dustin puts a toy tiny bear on the table]

Dustin: This is Nibbles. He says, “Met couple online but still not vaccinated. Had ‘threesome’ over FaceTime in the bathroom (where router is). Toxic and sad all around. Dropped phone in toilet and by the time it was dry they were all done, didn’t care. My birthday was that day.”

Aidy: Dustin! That’s nasty! That’s very bad.

Dustin: You said write what you know.

Bowen: No, we didn’t. We sent you an example from last year said, “Like this.”

Dustin: This is the only way I know how to access my rage, my sadness with the Beanies.

Aidy: Well, let’s move on. I know the next one will be good.

[Dustin puts a toy on the table]

Bowen: [reading] Julio – “If someone DM’s saying husband away on business but gets all defensive once you make a move, it’s like… Okay? Why are you even in New York? Grow up. My birthday is May 5th. Oh my god, I’m turning 50.” Okay, Dustin!

Aidy: Yes, it feels like Beanies could reflect a little before they start attacking couples on the internet.

Dustin: Well, everyone’s happy as long as the Beanie shut up and keep paying for their drinks, right?

Aidy: I mean, are there any Beanies in the pile who don’t have a victim complex?

Dustin: Yes, this one. [puts a toy on the table]

Aidy: Alright. [reading] Giselle – “Throwing a picnic! Guess what! There’s no one here. Funny how everyone’s ‘scared’ of the virus when it’s a picnic with me. erased by my chosen family get again. My birthday is Feb 14z, whatever.”

Bowen: Alright, next Beanie. Next Beanie.

[Dustin puts another toy on the table]

Dustin: Kiki – “Feeling a little better toay. Just because some isn’t into me, doesn’t mean it’s a societal problem. Someone will ant me, if there is god.”

Aidy: If? Dustin, there is a god. And he wants happy Beanies.

Bowen: Next Beanie to the pedestal, Dustin.

Dustin: That’s all of them.

Aidy: That’s all of them? You only wrote five Beanie bios?

Dustin: We shipped you a thousand beanies. We have this room booked until four in the morning.

Aidy: That’s right. Just go. Okay? I’ll call the factory and I’ll tell them to stop making the beanies.

Dustin: Fine. But all I did was write my truth.

Aidy: Hello, yes, put the manager on. Who do you think this is? Halt the Beanie machines at once. Well, then destroy them all. And don’t look them in the eyes. They’ll break your heart.