Weekend Update- Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama on Their Podcast Renegades

Michael Che

Barack Obama… Chris Redd

Bruce Springsteen… Beck Bennett

[Starts with Michael Che in his set]

Michael Che: This week, Spotify released the final released a final episode of its podcast, ‘Renegade’, a series of conversation with former president Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. Here to discuss are Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

[Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen slide in]

Bruce Springsteen: Hey, Michael Che!

Michael Che: Welcome, Mr. President and and Mr. Springsteen. So, you two have a podcast together. That’s surprising.

Barack Obama: That’s right, Michael. Bruce and I thought it was important for us to come together and do a podcast about the big stuff. Race, identity, you know. Yes.

Bruce Springsteen: It goes down easy. It’s just two close friends having a conversation.

Barack Obama: Yes.

Michael Che: That’s very cool. I didn’t realize you two were friends like that.

Barack Obama: You know, we really were. You may remember, I was president.

Bruce Springsteen: Yeah, and I played a little rock n’ roll music. [singing] On a board walk, yeah!

Barack Obama: Turns up, we got a good thing going. Me and Bruce got a good thing goine.

Bruce Springsteen: Yeah. It’s electric.

Michael Che: Really, I guess I can’t totally picture the two of you ripping on a podcast.

Barack Obama: Oh, we rip. You never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. I’ll rip right now.

Bruce Springsteen: Yeah, let’s rip.

Barack Obama: I have no idea what I’m going to say. This is classing berry. Watch this.

Bruce Springsteen: Straight off the cuff. Yeah.

Barack Obama: Hey, Bruce. How you doing, man?

Bruce Springsteen: You know, not bad. I’ve been good. Yeah.

Barack Obama: I like that. That’s good.

Bruce Springsteen: Yeah. It sure is. And yourself?

Barack Obama: Can’t complain. You know.

Michael Che: That’s it?

Barack Obama: We’re just warming up.

Bruce Springsteen: Breathe, Che. You gotta little breathe.

Barack Obama: Oh, Bruce. Best soda in the world, go.

Bruce Springsteen: Sprite!

Barack Obama: Sprite? Come on, man. You can’t be serious.

Bruce Springsteen: I like Sprite. Sorry man.

Barack Obama: See, that’s crazing me. You can’t go around liking Sprite. You’re the boss. See Michael? That was totally off the cuff.

Bruce Springsteen: Not bad, huh?

Michael Che: I mean, not good.

Barack Obama: That Sprite thing was great.

Bruce Springsteen: Yeah. I think so too.

Michael Che: I don’t know, man. For such interesting people, it kind of sounds like just two guys talking.

Barack Obama: Exactly.

Bruce Springsteen: It’s a podcast.

Barack Obama: Come on, Che. You feel like the president can’t rip?

Bruce Springsteen: He can rip. He can rip.

Barack Obama: Check this out. Bruce, so, I’m walking yesterday, right? What do I see on the sidewalk?

Bruce Springsteen: Tell me man. Yeah.

Barack Obama: Bunch of strawberries. It’s piled up. Pretty unusual.

Bruce Springsteen: Whoa!

Barack Obama: I took a picture, sent it right to my daughters. No response.

Bruce Springsteen: Oh, come on. That’s crazy, man!

Barack Obama: Anyway…

Michael Che: [shocked] That was it? Bruce Springsteen and former president Barack Obama.

Bruce Springsteen: Give it up respect.

Come Back, Barack

Chance the Rapper

Chris Redd

Kenan Thompson

[Music video starts. Artists- De-Von-Tre, song- “Come Back”.] [Chance the Rapper, Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson are the singers]

Chance the Rapper: Ooh!

Chris Redd: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chance the Rapper: [singing] This time a year I get thankful babe
thankful for you

Kenan Thompson: But now, you’re gone
and I don’t know what to do

Chris Redd: You were so intelligent, you were so strong
waited my whole life for you, so damn long

Chance the Rapper: And now I see you moving on
and I’m begging you come back home

All: And every night
I turn the TV on and cry
I say why
I feel like we’re all going to die

So, come back Barack [Chris Redd is looking at Barack Obama’s picture]
even though it’s not allowed
we want you back somehow
I need you in my life

So, come back Barack,
we didn’t know just what we had
Now things are looking bad
like, really bad, like, World War bad, like, nuclear bad
So, come back Barack

Chance the Rapper: I see you hang gliding
living your life

Kenan Thompson: Dropping your daughter off
at college with your wife

Chris Redd: And you look so damn happy
and you deserve it, yeah, but I’m a selfish man

Kenan Thompson: And I know there is other democrats
more than just a few

Chance the Rapper: But when I think of change
the only chance I want is you

All: I’m in hell, dreaming about you and Michelle

So, come back Barack,
don’t leave us here alone
please pick up the phone
the White House ain’t a home

Just come back Barack

Kenan Thompson: It’s been a long time, Barack. Almost as long as since the guy talked over a record like this but for real, why would leave us? Oh, coz you had to? Because of the constitution? But you can come back, right? Oh, you can’t? Coz that would undermine the very institutions that we’re barely holding on to as it is? I see. I guess we stuck with this dude for a while then. Maybe you can come back and make a speech? How much would that cost? For real? Oh, no, we definitely can’t afford that. So, I’m just getting rained over for nothing. That’s interesting. Well, you enjoy your retirement, homie.

All: Come back Barack,
we need you all so bad
2020’s looking sad

Kenan Thompson: Maybe Michelle could run.

All: Like, really sad, like, super sad, like, what the hell we gonna do sad

Kenan Thompson: No, let’s not put Michelle through that.

All: Come back Barack

Kenan Thompson: But if she wanted to–

Chris Redd: I’d vote for Joe Biden

Kenan Thompson: What about George Clooney? I mean, that dude was Batman. That’d be cool. You know what? I don’t think the three of us have firmest grasp on government. But, hey, happy thanksgiving, everybody.

All: Come back Barack!