Bachelor Finale Cold Open

Alex Moffat

Becca K. … Cecily Strong

Robert Mueller… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with The Bachelor Live intro]

[Cut to The Bachelor stage.]

[cheers and applause]

Alex: Welcome back to the shocking live finale of Bachelor. We’ve all been on this journey together. Watching the drama unfold, what you’re about to see is completely unedited. Becca has no idea what’s coming. And fair warning, it’s hard to watch.

[Cut to Becca]

Becca: So, today I’m very excited. The past few months have been such a whirlwind. But I finally feel like I’m in a place where I can see the future so clearly. I just want to get to the point where this is all over and life feels back to normal. I’m excited to see him.

[Cut to Becca waiting for the someone.]

[door knocking]

[Robert Mueller walks in]

Robert Mueller: Hey!

Becca: Bob!

Robert Mueller: How are you?

Becca: You look good.

Robert Mueller: It’s okay.

Becca: What’s going on? How are you doing?

Robert Mueller: Can I talk to you a little bit? Here sit. [Becca and Robert Mueller sit down] Um, oh my gosh. What’s that? [pointing at Becca’s hand]

Becca: Oh, I know. My tattoo.

Robert Mueller: No, no. I like it.

Becca: I can be so nervous.

Robert Mueller: I know.

Becca: What’s up?

Robert Mueller: Okay. Where do I start this conversation? Um, so, you know that I’ve been struggling a little bit over the last few months. Just like, trying to figure this whole thing out and like, grasp and everything. And the reality is that I don’t think that I can give you everything that you want right now. You know? And I think you’ve sensed that.

Becca: So, what? You don’t have Trump on collusion?

Robert Mueller: Well, I just– Um, I think I need to explore the possibility that I might have a stronger case with some other stuff.

Becca: I can’t [beep] believe this.

Robert Mueller: I know. Well, I’m just– I’m trying to be honest with you and tell you I can’t commit to collusion right now.

Becca: But you indicted 13 Russians and like, everything that happened in Seychelles, that means nothing?

Robert Mueller: No. No. I mean, the Seychelles were amazing and like, it’s definitely something. It’s just like the more time that goes by, the more that I keep thinking about obstruction.

Becca: This is so [bleep] embarrassing. Collusion is literally the only thing I’ve been looking forward to for the past year.

Robert Mueller: I know. But just at this point, I honestly feel like I’m only half in with collusion.

Becca: So what? You’re gonna be half in with obstruction?

Robert Mueller: No.

Becca: Oh, my [bleep] . Okay, I’m done.

[Becca stands and leaves. Robert Mueller follows her. Becca starts packing.]

No! I don’t–

Robert Mueller: No, no. Um, you can stay. I’m gonna go. So…

Becca: I’m not gonna give you a hug goodbye.

Robert Mueller: I know.

Becca: I was ready, Bob. I was ready to do the damn thing.

Robert Mueller: I know. Do you want a few minutes to yourself? Or do you just want me to go?

Becca: I want you to go.

Robert Mueller: Okay.

[Robert Mueller walks out. Becca gets in the bathroom. She is crying. Robert Mueller walks in agin. He knocks the bathroom door.]

Hey, are you okay?

Becca: Just leave. What are you still doing here? Just go.

[Robert Mueller walks out of the room and sits on the sofa. Becca walks out of the room to talk to Robert Mueller.]

So that’s it? He just gonna be president?

Robert Mueller: I honest– I don’t know how to answer that.

Becca: [bleep]

Robert Mueller: Can you just like– Can you just come talk to me for like, two minutes please?

[Becca sits on the sofa too.]

Becca: I let my walls down for you.

Robert Mueller: I know. And I love that.

Becca: Oh my god. So I have to wait two more years for him to be out of office?

Robert Mueller: Honestly, probably six.

Becca: [bleep] Well, at least you finally got to see me cry.

Robert Mueller: I’m so sorry.

Becca: So, Stormy Daniels. That’s nothing?

Robert Mueller: No, I mean that’s definitely fun. It’s just not what I’m doing.

Becca: Do you have any good news for me?

Robert Mueller: Do you own American Steel? [Becca shakes her head no] Then no. I don’t–

Becca: Just leave.

Robert Mueller:¬†Okay. I’m gonna go. I feel like we just need to come together as a country right now. Like, stop hoping for things that might not happen.

Becca: Honestly, you have to get out.

Robert Mueller: Okay. I’m gonna go. [hesitating to leave] I mean, it would be Pence. Do you want Pence?

Becca: Get out!

Robert Mueller: Okay. [Robert Mueller walks away. Becca is sobbing. But after few seconds, Robert Mueller walks to Becca again.] Look, if it makes you feel any better, the Kush is cooked and also you’re the next Bachelorette.

Becca: Oh! Oh, that’s great. Well, I’m fine.

Becca and Robert Mueller:¬†And live from New York it’s Saturday night.