Chris Rock Monologue

Chris Rock

[Starts with SNL monologue intro]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Rock!

[The band is playing music] [Chris Rock walks in and to the stage.] [cheers and applause]

Chris Rock: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you all. Hey, hey! I’m so excited. It’s great to be back. Great to be in New York. Great to be at Saturday Night Live. It’s great to be here the day after Halloween. I can’t believe some of y’all made it. [audience laughing] You know, yesterday was Halloween. Tomorrow’s the New York city marathon. Yes, scary.

What could go wrong there, right? New York’s gonna be fine. Just like Boston’s fine after the marathon. That Boston marathon was scary. That was scary, man. I love Boston. I love the people there. But that was probably the most frightening, sadistic, terrorist attack ever. Just think about it. 26 miles. 26 miles! [audience laughing] 26 miles is a long drive. [audience laughing] If you call up one of you friends and say, “Hey, man, I need you to pick me up.” “Where you at?” “About 26 miles away!” “You better get Uber!” 26 miles! People jogging for 26 miles. 26! Their knees are hurting. Their feet are killing them. If you’re a woman, your blood is coming out of your tities. [audience laughing] 26 miles! You’ve been training for a year. You finally get to the finish line and somebody screams, “Run!” Wow!

That is horrible, man! But hey, the good people of Boston bounced back. That’s right. And New York bounced back. That’s right. In New York, we had our own terrorist attack. And we bounced back. That’s right. Now, we got the Freedom Tower. Have you seen the Freedom Tower? You can see it no matter where you at. If you cannot see it from here, then you’re at Connecticut.

Freedom Tower, anywhere you look. They should change that to the Freedom Tower to “Never Going In There Tower.” Because I’m never going in there. [audience laughing] There is no circumstance that will ever get me in that building. Are you kidding me? [cheers and applause] My god! What do they have? Does this building duck? [audience laughing] What are they thinking? Who is the corporate sponsor? Target? [audience laughing] Stop it! In the same spot, they put another skyscraper? What kind of arrogant Floyd Mayweather crap is this? In the same? What businesses are they going to put in the Freedom Tower? They better put some mandatory stuff in there. Stuff that you can’t get out of, like IRS, family court, [audience laughing] DNV. Because if they put sunglass hut in there, it’s going to be empty. [audience laughing] I am never going in the Freedom Tower, man. Are you kidding me? The same spot! Hey, I got robbed in 48th about 20 years ago. I have not been back there. No. I am never going in the Freedom Tower. I don’t care if Scarlett Johansson is butt naked on the 89th floor in a plate of ribs, I’m not going in there. [audience laughing] No, no, no.

People are like, “Come on, man! Don’t joke about the Freedom Tower.” That’s has something to do with 9/11. Hey, I’m not joking about 9/11. I’m not! But you got to realize, we are in America. And in America, there are no sacred days because we commercialize everything. We’re only 5 years away from 9/11 sales. [audience laughing] That’s right, you’re going to hear it on the radio, “Come on down the Red Lobster. These shrimp are $9.11.” That’s right. It doesn’t matter what the holiday is. Martin Luther King day, it’s gotta be the same thing. You’re gonna be watching TV like, “These Toyotas are practically free at last, free at last!” [audience laughing] “These Toyotas are practically free at last.” This MLK birthday, Madias gotta dreams.”

It’s America. We commercialize everything. Look what we did to Christmas. Christmas! Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. It’s Jesus’s birthday. I don’t know Jesus. But from what I’ve read, Jesus is the least materialistic person to ever roam the earth. No bling on Jesus. Jesus kept a low profile and we turned his birthday into the most materialistic day of the year. Matter of fact, we have the Jesus’s birthday season. It’s a whole season of materialism. Then, at the end of the Jesus’s birthday season, we have the nerve to have an economist come on TV and tell you how horrible the Jesus birthday season was this year. “Oh, we had a horrible Jesus’s birthday this year. Hopefully business will pick up by his crucifixion. Yes! [audience laughing]

But you know, you try to help. Jesus tried to help– [cheers and applause] Jesus tried to help. Hey, I tried to help. You get hurt for helping. That’s what happens. I went down to Washington DC for a anti-gun event. Okay? Anti-gun thing at White House. I’m not big anti-gun but I just think there should be some regulations, just in case. The same way I can’t drive any nascar down the street, I shouldn’t be able to have a machine gun in my house across the street from the school, okay? It’s simple, right? [cheers and applause] No, no, no.

I go to this thing and there’s me and a bunch of celebrities. And we speak out against guns. Then I come home and I check out my website. I look at my website and there’s all these threats on there. “I’mma kill you. I’mma put one in your head. I’ll slit your throat. Don’t you dare come between me and my weapon.” And I realized, “Oh, my god! I need a gun!”  [audience laughing] I need a gun. And from that moment on, I said I will never get involved in any charity or cause for the rest of my life. You on your own. I don’t care what disease it is, I don’t care if it’s protecting kids, the environment, I don’t care. If you see me talking about disease, I got it! [audience laughing]

Hey, we got a great show for you tonight. Prince is here. Stick around, we’ll be right back.

[cheers and applause]