Ego Nwodim

Amy… Megan Thee Stallion

Devon Walker

Punkie Johnson

[Starts with students playing music and dancing in the classroom at school.] [The teacher walks in and throws her bag on the table]

Ego: Turn that music off and sit in your seats. My name is Ms. Fink. And I will be your substitute tecaher today. Now, I don’t know what your regular teacher does during this class, but I am here to instruct and you are here to learn. And there is one more thing you should know. I believe in you. Now, I don’t care what you’ve been told your whole lives. You are not dumb. You are not a lost cause. Maybe everyone in your live thinks it’s high school, then the streets, then prison. But not me. When I look at this room, I don’t see thugs. I don’t see dummies. I see a group of young people whose is only fault was being born the wrong color in this country. So yes, you may be dumb today, but what you are tomorrow starts right here in this classroom. Am I understood.

Devon: Yes.

Amy: Yes.

Punkie: Okay.

Ego: ow, don’t be embarrassed. How many of you can read?

Punkie: All of us.

Amy: Miss, this is an honors level physics class.

Ego: This class is that?

Devon: Yeah. Every class at this school is honors level.

Amy: This is a STEM school.

Ego: Okay.

Amy: We all had to take a college level test to get in here.

Ego: Okay.

Devon: Did the principle not tell you?

Ego: Not.

Punkie: And wait, who is calling us dumb?

Ego: [singing] Nobody.

Amy: But when you came into the class, you gave that long speech and you said people were saying we were dumb. Who said that?

Ego: Okay.

Devon: And who said we were born the wrong color? What was that about?

Amy: Yeah. That sounded racist as hell.

Ego: It does now, yes. What kind of school did you say this was again?

Punkie: It’s a STEM school, miss.

Devon: Stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Ego: Um, all subjects I know very well. S-T-E-M. But I’d like to say it stands for Students Together Achieving Much.

Amy: But miss, the word ‘Achieve’ starts with an A.

Ego: Exactly. Did we all hear that? Let’s all try to be more like Laquan Tisha.

Amy: My name is Amy.

Ego: Quiet unless called on. Now, let’s begin the lesson. Where did we leave off in the text?

Amy: Chapter 237, particle behavior and wave mechanics.

Ego: Big old book. I will read. A photon can behave both as a wave and a particle. This… da… hmm.

Punkie: Miss, it’s ‘duality’.

Ego: Now, one more time for me, baby?

Devon: It’s ‘duality’.

Ego: Detention. And that concludes the reading. Students, here’s some truth for you. Sometimes the teachers are the ones who are dumb. And sometimes they take a job not realizing it’s at a STAM school.

Punkie: It’s a STEM. With an E.

Ego: Detention. And sometimes, that makes them say and do racist. But you can’t hold them against them. Because some of these teachers did not go to college.

Amy: But miss, I thought you had to go to college to be a teacher.

Ego: Detention. The point is I believe in you. And that is why I should still get paid today. Class dismissed.

Amy: But the bell didn’t ring.

[Ego breaks the fire alarm]

Ego: Believe in yourself. [Ego is trying to run away, but she can’t open the door.] What the hell is wrong with this damn door?

Devon: Miss, the door opens in. You got to pull in.

Ego: Detention!