Airbnb Commericial

Chloe Fineman

[Airbnb commercial starts with Chloe making up the bed, gardening and decorating the house]

Chloe narrating: There’s so many people I haven’t met yet. Why not start at my own home? Being an Airbnb host has been one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had.

[A guests walks in]

Uli: This is the nicest house I have ever stayed. [taking selfie video] This is the kitchen. [pointing at the things in the kitchen] How cool? Pretty cool. Look at all the stuffs she has. [she opens the fridge and eats the cookies]

Chloe: narrating Uli was supposed to stay for three days. And then the quarantine happened.

Uli narrating: I get to stay another month. [she uses the juice mixer]

Chloe narrating: And she is still here.

[Uli is making noise in her room with loud music and dancing]

Chloe: Hey, Uli, can you do your dishes?

[Uli uses the garden hose to clean her dishes]

Uli: Pretty clean! [she breaks the bowl]

Chloe narrating: I love helping people. You know, what is more powerful than opening your home to a stranger?

[Chloe is video calling her mother]

Chloe: I know mom. Well, they laid off half the company.

[Uli slowly gets in]

Uli: We’re out of toilet paper.

Chloe: My roommate.

Uli: We’re out of toilet paper.

[Uli receiving the home delivered things]

Uli: Hey, you can just leave the package right there. [at the garden] Yeah, right over there.

Uli narrating: So, I can only pay with Swedish black market money. But, I’ll pay her back.

[Chloe finds her cookies plate empty]

Chloe narrating: I’m providing a home. My whole home.

[Chloe is video calling her grandmother]

Chloe: Hi, grand mom.

[Uli is making too much noise]

Uli narrating: I think we’re gonna be best friends forever.

[Chloe walks out of the door. She finds Uli stretching her body naked on the garden.]