Zoom Catch-Up

Dave… Beck Bennett

Connie… Aidy Bryant

Laura… Melissa Villaseñor

Ripleyk… Kenan Thompson

Deidre… Heidi Gardner

Ripley… Martin Short

Dave: Well, guys, it’s been four hours. We got anything else to talk about?

Connie: Yeah. I’m sorry but who makes their friends wait four hours for Zoom?

Mark: Well, I can think of two people. Deidre and Ripley.

[Deidre and Ripley join them. They’re speaking in Italian accent.]

Deirdre: Hi, my little kitkats.

Ripley: Hi, dollies. Hi dolly babies. I miss you.

Deirdre: Oh, how are you? What’s new, my precious kitkats?

Dave: Hi Deidre and Ripley. Um, we’ve actually been waiting for you guys for four hours.

Ripley: Oh, please forgive us. We just got back from Milano.

Deirdre: Yeah. Losianto. We’re still on Italian time.

Laura: Oh, my god! You guys were stuck in Italy?

Deirdre: Stuck? No. Use your brain. We traveled there.

Ripley: For la quarantina.

Connie: Sorry. So, you guys voluntarily traveled to the epicenter of the pandemic quarantine?

Deirdre and Ripley: Si. To quarantina.

Deirdre: Oh, the food, the people, the wine.

Ripley: We saw none of it. The streets were mutto emptissimo.

Deirdre: There’s nothing like la quarantina in la springa.

Mark: You will not call it quarantina. Not while my ears can hear.

Dave: Yeah. It’s not exactly carnivale.

Ripley: No, no, no, dumb dummies. Carnivale is in Brazil.

Deirdre: So, quarantina is the celebration of all things pandemico global.

Connie: Okay. Well, our quarantine hasn’t really been a vacation.

[Now Deirdre and Ripley are speaking in Atlanta American accent.]

Deirdre: Oh, in Atlanta?

Ripley: You’re all in quarantine down in Atlanta?

Deirdre: How y’all holding up in Sweet Georgia quarantine?

Mark: Stop that.

Laura: Anyway. Great news, you guys. My grandma has completely recovered. She’s back home now.

All: Oh, that’s great.

Deirdre: What does that have to do with anything, girl?

Ripley: Why would we care about that? That’s useless.

Deirdre: Ripley, tell them about our Italiano adventure.

[starts speaking in Italian accent again]

Ripley: I definitely will. So, one night, we just wanted to roam the streets, smell the mozarella air. And lo and behold, I see an authentic Italiano.

Deirdre: So, I ran full speed at him. I mean, I had to hug a local.

Ripley: And I grabbed him really aggressively and he was very old, a horrible cough. I gave him the double kiss to show my amor.

Deirdre: And you know, he went like this. [showing palm] And this in quarantina means the same as this in quarantine.

Connie: Are you guys okay? Like, in the mentals? Like, are you talking to anyone?

Ripley: And this really old wrinkled dude gets really upset with me. And he starts spanking us towards the boat. “Pronto, pronto, get to the boat.”

Deirdre: Oh. And we figure it’s quarantino, why not? So, we grabbed a couple of boxes and we get on the cruise.

Ripley: Oh, it was so gorgeous. There’s barely room to move. Wooden crates everywhere you look.

Deirdre: Oh. Stamped with the word ‘ventilators,’ ‘surgical maskos.’

Ripley: And the captain kind of a peach. Breath wasn’t perfect but, you know, it is Italy. And he comes over and he says– Oh, I wish I could speak Italian. How does he say it?

Deirdre: Just say it in English.

Ripley: Alright. He was a Somali smuggler of medical gear.

Dave: Okay. I’m sorry. Just to be clear, you guys were helping ship PPE out of Italy?

Mark: Yeah. Sounds exactly right for you guys. Okay, bye. [logs out.]

Dave: Yeah, bye guys.

[Everybody signs out.]

Deirdre: Ciao.

Ripley: Ciao.

Soda Shop

Connie… Sasheer Zamata

Vanessa Bayer

Louise… Cecily Strong

Aidy Bryant

Sam… Louis C.K.

Johnny… Pete Davidson

Leslie Jones

[Starts with girls walking into a soda shop]

Connie: Gee, gang, that math test was the bees knees.

Vanessa: Honey, you’re such a nerd. Isn’t Connie a nerd, Louise? Louise?

Louise: Oh, sorry. I wasn’t listening. I was moping.

Aidy: Louise, are you still upset about not getting asked to dance.

Vanessa: We know what will make you feel better.

Aidy: Hey, Sam, how about a root beer float? We got someone down in the dumps.

Sam: Sure thing, girls. But speaking of ice cream, what’s the scoop? Who is the pouty penny?

Louise: It’s me. I’m the only girl who didn’t get asked to the spring fling bepop and sock hop.

Sam: Well, sounds to me like those boys are making a whooper of a mistake. I’m gonna give you an extra scoop of vanilla on the house.

Louise: Aw, thanks Sam. I wish all the boys to be more like you.

Girls: Sam’s the best.

Sam: Well, heck, if I were 20 years younger, I would ask you myself. I mean it. And geez, I’d even ask you right now, the age I am right now.

Louise: Ha-ha, Sam. Very funny.

Connie: Sam tells the best jokes.

Sam: Ha-ha-ha. So, what do you say?

Louise: To what, Sam?

Sam: The dance. Are we doing it or what?

Louise: The spring fling, Sam?

Aidy: Ha-ha. That’s for teenagers, Sam.

Sam: Well, then wouldn’t it wow the crowd to show up with an older man on your arm?

Vanessa: I would go with Sam if he asked me.

Sam: Well, I didn’t ask you, stupid. I asked Louise.

Louise: Sam, you’re being awfully nice, but I wanted to go to the dance in a normal way, like with a boy my age instead of an older married man.

Sam: [laughing] Married? Please. The next time I kiss my wife will be at her funeral.

Louise: Neato, Sam.

Sam: Hey, you know what would be fun if we did a test run?

Louise: Of what?

Sam: Our date.

Louise: We’re still talking about that?

Sam: Well, sure. Let’s pretend that this booth over here is a car. [Sam pulls Louise and puts her in a booth with him.] Just for pretend.

Louise: You sure are cookie, Sam.

Vanessa: Hey, this is fun. Can we be a part of the scene?

Sam: No, so shut up.

[Sam is pretending like he’s driving]

Louise: Sam, this is nice and all. But…

Sam: Wait. Get down, Louise. [pretending like he’s shooting people outside the car] Bang, bang. Did you see that?

Louise: What?

Sam: I killed two people.

Louise: Why? Why did you do that?

Sam: Well, I didn’t like they way they were talking about you. They were saying stuff like, “Louise thinks she is better than all of us now that she has fallen in love with a married man and I hear they are running way to get married some place where the rules are different.”

Louise: Okay. Thank you, Sam, but I would like to get out of the car now.

Sam: You can’t. We are in a tunnel.

Aidy: Where is there a tunnel on the way to school?

Connie: I don’t think he’s taking her to school.

[Johnny walks in]

Johnny: Louise, I have been looking all over for you.

Louise: For me? Why, Johnny?

Johnny: Well, coz I’ve been trying to do this. Louie Marie Conolioly, will you be my date for the spring fling?

Louise: Oh, Johnny, of course I will

[Sam stands]

Sam: So, um, what does that mean for me?

[Leslie walks in]

Leslie: Connie? I made dinner and you are here at the pervert’s soda shop?

Vanessa: Um, Louie made us come. She always makes us come here because she knows Sam is going to make inappropriate sexual advances towards her.

Louise: It’s a game I like. I like knowing that I could get Sam in big trouble for the things he says, but he does it anyway. Makes me feel powerful. I know it sounds silly, but I do want to be a dominatrix when I grow up so it’s not as hair brained as it sounds. Anyway, [holds Johnny’s hands] see you, Sam.

[Everyone walks out]

Sam: OH, well, I guess it’s just you dancing alone again tonight, Sam.

[Sam hits the glass in Jukebox and cuts his hand]

Oh, I cut the heck out of my hand.

Should You Chime In On This?

Allen DeGeneres… Kenan Thompson

Connie… Aidy Bryant

Ned… Matthew McConaughey

Tristen… Kyle Mooney

Hillary Clinton… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with GSN video bumper]

Male voice: You’re watching the Game Show Network. Thank you so, so, so much.

[Cut to the game show stage]

Announcer: And now it’s time for unnecessary new game show. Should You Chime In On This? And here’s your host, Allen DeGeneres.

[Allen DeGeneres walks in]

Allen DeGeneres: Yes. I am Allen DeGeneres. I got this job by accident. Now let’s do this. The game is simple. We bring out three idiots and give them hot button issues and ask them, Should You Chime In On This? The answer should always be ‘No’. Okay, let’s meet the idiots.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Hi. I am Connie. I used to volunteer at a quilt shop. And then I stopped after they said it wasn’t helpful to have me there. I’ve never traveled and I don’t watch the news but ISIS needs to be stopped and I know how.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Hi. I’m Ned Ferbach. And I want to be heard. So, I brought 20 of my own microphones. For fun, I like to travel town to town and vote ‘No’ on school budgets.

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: I’m Tristen. I go to NYU. And I may be white but I’m proud to say I have a friend that’s one of each, except Asian. As for work, I’d like to call myself a political activist but I can’t because I’m a waiter.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres looking speechless]

Allen DeGeneres: You see? Idiots! Okay, Connie, you are first. Your issue is the Syrian refugee crisis.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Okay. Perfect.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Do you know anything about it?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Ha- I do not.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Have you read anything about it?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: I have not and I barely can read.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: And when did you first learn that Syria was a country?\

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Just this morning.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Okay, great! So with that in mind, here is your question about this very complicated crisis. Should you, Connie, chime in on this?

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Yes, I absolutely should. Now, what they need to do is–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No! No, Connie! You are not equipped in here. [pointing the brain] Alright Ned, you’re up. [Cut to Ned] Your issue is that Charlie Sheen has HIV. Should you chime in on this?

Ned: Hmm… This is tough.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No, it’s not.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well, on the other hand, that is a personal, private health matter for someone that I do not personally know. But on the other hand, I have a mouth that can talk. So yes, I should chime on this. HIV was invented–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No. Ned, no!

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: Hey, Tristen here. I’d like to say that I get this game and I’m ready to just answer no.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, my god! Finally. Well Tristen, your issue is women’s reproductive rights. Should you chime in on this?

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: No. [looks around proudly] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, okay!

[Cut to Tristen]

Tristen: And the reason I said no coz we as a society need to spend more time listening and less time talking.

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, Tristen, no! That was a sneak attack chime. That’s the worst chime of all. Alright, it’s time for the photo round. This is a woman breastfeeding in a coffee shop. [A woman breastfeeding her baby appears on the screen] Connie, should you chime in on this? Hint, the answer is no.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Hmm, let me think. Do I know this woman?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Does this affect me in any way?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: But am I near my computer?

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Yes.

[Cut to Connie]

Connie: Then yes, I chime in. The bare nipple has no place in a–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, shut up, Connie! What gives you the confidence to keep chiming in?

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well Allen, for me it’s my long brown braid. [pulling his long braid forward] Coz if you have one of these, you’ve got to chime in.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres looking disgusted]

Allen DeGeneres: Ew! I didn’t even see that back there. Well okay Ned, here is your photo. [A picture of a woman holding a football appears on the screen] This 15 year old just became the first girl on her high school’s football team. Should you chime in on this?

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Hmm… I’m not connected to that school in anyway, but I do have this big long braid. So yes, I am going to chime in. Female bones are not–

[wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: No. Wrong, Ned! So wrong.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: Well, you didn’t let me finish.

[Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: Oh, okay. Go ahead.

[Cut to Ned]

Ned: In conclusion, all lives matter.

[emergency siren goes off] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres]

Allen DeGeneres: And there it is, the all lives matter siren. Somebody always says it. Well I guess that means we skip to our final round. We’re gonna put some time on the clock and bring out a special guest. And all you have to do is not chime in and you’ll win $100,000. Okay, here’s the special guest.

[Cut to everyone. Hillary Clinton walks in.]

Hillary Clinton: Hi, I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Allen DeGeneres: Okay, let’s put one second on the clock! Don’t talk for one second. And go!

[Cut to the contestants. They all make hate comments on Hillary Clinton.] [Wrong answer buzzer] [Cut to Allen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton]

Allen DeGeneres: They couldn’t even do it for a second. Well this has been Should You Chime In On This. I am Allen DeGeneres saying everybody, shut the hell up.

[The End]