Cut for Time: Jeans Commercial

[Starts with Will sitting at a bar booth] [Cut to Kate and Ego sitting across the booth]

Will: [Flirting] Hey, send them a round on me.

[Cut to Will]

I’m a guy. Yeah, I like to flirt a little bit, show my sassy side. That’s why when I hit the town, I give my regular jeans a night off.

[Cut to Kate and Ego] [Cut to Will raising his glass to the ladies]

And put on my Wrangler Peekaboos!

[Will stands and walks away. There’s a hole on his jean’s back side. His butt is showing.] [Will starts dancing]

Announcer: Introducing Wrangler Peekaboos for me. The all purpose male denim jeans will a fun flirty peekaboo window. To show a little extra crack.

[Cut to Bowen]

Bowen: It’s 2019. And I wanna feel sexy too. Is that so wrong?

[Bowen is wearing a Wrangler Peekaboos too]

Announcer: Finally a male pants with tasteful rear cleavage. Get them in styles like heart-shapred, key hole and football.

[Cut to Alex playing snooker]

Alex: I feel like me, and I like it. 8 ball, corner pocket.

Announcer: Now available in whale-tail.

Alex: I win.

Announcer: Don’t wear ’em with undies, don’t wear ’em backwards. And don’t be afraid to show your wild side. You’ve got it, now flaunt it. Crack is back.

[Ego is flirting with Alex]

Alex: Oh! Bull’s eye!

[Cut to an office]

Announcer: And coming soon to the work place, Peekaboo Pros, with business in the front, and party in the back. Wrangler Peekaboos, stop hiding and start saying, “Peekaboo.”