Cut for Time: Twinings Extreme | Season 44 Episode 20

[Starts with a clip of a UK flag] [Cut to a clip of football stadium] [Cut to Alex Moffat playing as a keeper]

Alex: In England, we don’t know when to quit. [Alex couldn’t save the ball] [cut to Emma Thompson]

Emma: We don’t say enough is enough. [Emma misses the tennis shot] [Cut to Mikey Day with a cricket bat] Mikey: In England, it’s all or nothing. [Mikey misses the cricket ball hit]

Announcer: And English athlete needs and English sports drink.

[Cut to Alex drinking sports drink in a tea cup]

Introducing Twinning’s Extreme, tea for sport.

[Cut to Mikey pouring his tea in the changing room]

A brewed hot tea designed for peak performance. Available in 3 lively blends. Engineered to keep Britain’s best at the top of their game. Refuel with the English Breakfast XL.

[Cut to Emma] Emma:  And come out swinging. [Emma hits the tennis ball hard] [Cut to Alex preparing his tea]

Announcer: Replenish with Darjeeling Octane.

[Alex saves the ball from opponent’s goal] [Cut to Mikey with his cricket bat]

Announcer: Recover with with Earl Grey RX.

Mikey: So I can be my best for entire 3 to 5 days of a cricket match.

Emma: It’s ready to serve faster and so am I.

Narrator: And with our portable sport kettle, you’ll never be far from a fresh pot. Simply unscrew the base and light the sterno lamp with the attached flint. When the water in there is boiled, unscrew the cap, drop in the bag of Twinning’s Extreme and wait for it to steep, add the pouch of milk and allow ample time to incorporate. Don’t rush. Some things take time. When the tea and milk are fully blended, pop open the sport cap and  crack on like a champion. Twinning’s Extreme, tea for sport. Cool down with a hot tea.

[Cut to Kenan Thompson being burnt by hot water]

Available wherever sport teas are sold.