Issa Rae

Kyle Mooney

[Starts with Issa Rae looking at her phone in SNL hall way. Kyle Mooney walks to her.]

Kyle: Hey, Issa.

Issa: Hi, Kyle, what’s up?

Kyle: Um, just hanging there. [Kyle just starts dancing.] How has the week been?

Issa: Um, what are you doing?

Kyle: Nothing. Just chilling. [Kyle starts dancing again]

Issa: Seems like you’re dancing pretty hard over there.

Kyle: Really? Hmm. Not that I’ve noticed that. [starts dancing again.]

Issa: Stop. Is this just because Justin Bieber is here?

Kyle: Justin?

[Cut to Justin Bieber’s practice sessions where Kyle is dancing at the backstage.]

Oh! Yeah, Justin Bieber. The kid singer or whatever?

Issa: Wait, did you think that if I saw you dancing, I would be so blown away that I’d tell him about it?

Kyle: No. [Issa looks at Kyle funnily] Yes.

Issa: What? I’m the host. I don’t recommend dancers.

Kyle: Um-hmm. Got it. [starts singing and dancing]

Issa: Stop. I’m not going to let you do Aretha like that. Look, even if you were a backup dancer, he’s not into something like that. Coz he’s more into something like this. [Now Issa starts singing and dancing]

Kyle: Wow. You dance well.

Issa: Well, just a little something.

[Kyle and Issa start staring at each other in a challenging way.] [Music video starts. Issa and Kyle are wearing black leather outfits.] [music playing]

Issa and Kyle: [singing] Funk jam in the future
funk jam to survive

[Cut back to Issa and Kyle in the hallway. They’re dancing. Chance the Rapper walks to them.]

Kyle: Oh, Mr. Rapper the Chance.

Issa: We were just–

Kyle: Rehearsing them all up.

Issa: Yeah. You might know me from my show “Insecure”.

Kyle: Yes. I really like that.

Issa: Thank you.

Chance the Rapper: Cool. Could you guys let Justin know that I came by?

Issa: Oh. Aren’t you performing with him?

Chance the Rapper: Yeah. But he doesn’t know I can do this. [he starts singing and dancing, but unlike Issa and Kyle, he is dancing really well.] [Chance the Rapper leaves]

Issa: We have no chance against Chance.

Kyle: Well, but if we combine forces.

Issa: Yeah, what was that thing you did earlier?

Kyle: It was that “Gotta bring that funk with it.

Issa: Yeah!
[A man walks to them]

Man: Mr. Mooney, I have your covid results. You’re positive. [Issa walks back] Yeah, so you have to leave.

Kyle: Right. “Get down with it.”

Man: No. You have to leave now.

Kyle: Hey Issa, “What you want?”

Issa: Hey, you gotta go, man.

Kyle: Right. Bring it in? [trying to hug Issa]

Issa: Not gonna do that.

Kyle: Okay.

Man: Okay, here’s your stuff. Please leave, sir.

Kyle: Well, what can I say? My life is random.

Man: Okay, don’t talk to the camera.

Kyle: Sorry about that.